Create a Time Management Plan to Get More Out of Your Day

Moms Can Gain Minutes With an Effective Time Management Plan

With 1,440 minutes in a day and 168 hours per week, you need a time management plan to make the most of every second. Start managing your time today instead of letting time manage you. Create a time management plan to get more out your day in five easy steps.

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    Track Time Wasters

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    You pop onto Facebook for a few minutes. You search for your keys. You check email just one more time. Knowing what's eating the minutes out of your day is the first step to making time work for you. Play private investigator and log your activities for a week. You'll be able to pinpoint exactly where your time is going so you can reclaim those lost minutes.

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    Establish a Time Management Strategy

    A strategy is key to creating a successful time management plan. Instead of writing endless lists day after day, create a game plan that includes downtime for you, enlisting help from your family and breaking up large chores.

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    Identify Top Priorities of the Day

    It's easy to fill a To-Do list. Scratching items off the list is the challenge. You're then frustrated at the end of the day because you didn't get half of what you wanted accomplished.

    Give yourself priorities every day. What must you get done and what would you like to get done? Once you can cross out the tasks you have to finish for the day, you can work on the less important ones as time allows.

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    Set Realistic Time Management Goals

    We wake up with high hopes that we'll be able to get the kids off to school, clean the entire house, declutter the junk drawer and sneak in a power nap all before noon. Don't set yourself up for failure.

    Limit yourself to 10 activities per day. Any more than that and time takes the upper hand, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
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    Evaluate Your Time Management Plan

    Tweak your plan often and make it work for you. Everyone will find different methods that work for them. Your time management plan will be unique to your family.

    Re-evaluate it often and make changes. Once you get in the habit of following your time management plan, you'll roll through the day with ease and get more done too.