How Can I Create Good Feng Shui In My Basement?

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Please tell me it is possible to have good feng shui in the basement! I never liked our basement, and now I understand that if the basement has bad feng shui, then the whole house kind of has bad feng shui also. Please give me some easy tips for good feng shui in a neglected basement.


Yes, of course it is possible to have good feng shui in your basement, just like it is possible to have good feng shui in your laundry room, your garage, or your closets.

I do not know the state of your basement - it might be still unfinished - but no matter what the case is, good feng shui means a clean space with fresh energy. So, is your basement clean / clutter free and has fresh energy?

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Clean and clutter free is easy to understand, while fresh energy is a bit harder to define. Feng shui-wise, fresh energy means first and foremost good quality air, and fresh energy can exist only in a clean space. It also means you regularly clear the energy of your basement, which is easily done with basic feng shui space clearing tips.

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There are several other important feng shui factors in creating good energy in your basement, such as good quality lighting, for example, and they are all explored in the next feng shui article.

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