How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Basement

Bright basement laundry room

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When you’re in the basement, you’re literally underground. Any parts of our homes that are fully or partially below grade (like cellars and basements) prove to be a bit challenging when it comes to feng shui.

Energetically, because you’re underground and mostly surrounded by earth, you may tend to get stuck. Earth element out of balance creates stagnation, and a basement a lot of earth. You may even “always” feel stuck. But there’s hope! Here are some #basementgoals to create good feng shui in your basement and lift your qi, so you can get unstuck. 

Avoid Living Spaces in the Basement

Feng shui wise, the basement best used for storage. It’s also a great location for guest bedrooms and laundry. We want to avoid rooms that you spend a great deal of time in, like bedrooms, in the basement because it’s not an ideal place for the living. There is a reason why many cultures bury their dead in the earth.

In general, basements have low ceiling heights. This creates an oppressive feeling, and can exacerbate depression and ill health. Basements are often damp, which not only is unhealthy (think mildew and mold), energetically it’s cold and low vibration. There is very little, if any, natural light which affects our mood and physical health. Overall basements are an major qi (life force) drain.

We can all agree that a basement bedroom is not desirable. Understandably, sometimes there’s no choice and you end up with a living space in the basement. But we really urge you to keep the bedrooms above ground if possible.

Ways to Improve the Feng Shui

Declutter the Storage

Let's start with storage, since most people use their basements for this purpose. In fact, the best feng shui way to use the basement is for storage.

The first thing to do is to organize! Let go of what you don’t need anymore. It may be a daunting task, but ask for help and take it slow. Please consider that energetically all of this “stuff” is buried and it is literally part of the foundation or your home, a.k.a. your life! The process of decluttering and letting go is critical to improve the feng shui of your home. 

Look at what you might be holding onto (from your past). Do the things you store here bring joy or bring weight? Do these things hold you back?

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Uplift with color

Raise your aura with color. Light colors, especially white, are reflective and visually uplift a space. Painting the ceiling white is also recommended.

Bring in nature imagery

Try bringing in nature imagery like rainbows, tall trees, or a even a forest scene. There are gorgeous large scale murals that can be used like wallpaper. Even smaller prints on the wall will do a lot to bring in more life qi.

Repair any water or plumbing issues

Basements (which tend to be damp) should be monitored for any water issues. It’s important to mitigate any problems as soon as possible. If required, the addition of a dehumidifier also helps.

Space clearing 

In regards to space clearing, the energy in a basement tends to need more attention than the more active areas of the home. A regular smudging is recommended to refresh the space.


Electric lights invoke the fire element. Using lighting, such as torchieres or sconces, that face upward can help to uplift and expand the energy of a basement.

Stir up the Qi

Qi is life force energy. Feng shui is all about creating a good qi flow. You can do this in your basement by literally moving things around in the basement at least once each season. This can be as simple as shifting a few boxes around every few months. Pro-tip, put it on your calendar so you don't forget!

Wood element

The wood element is connected to life energy. It’s uplifting, like the branches of a tree growing up towards the sun. The roots of trees and plants are also nourished by the earth. So, having wood element in the basement (within the earth) will bring life and positive vibes to you home.

A simple way to bring in wood element is with colors such as green and teal in furniture, paint, rugs or any other accessories.

You can also add living green houseplants. If natural light is limited, you can use fake plants. Just make sure that they are of high quality and look realistic. Plants are a great addition any basement to improve the energy and indoor air quality