How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

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Feng shui is an ancient Asian wisdom used to optimize the flow of energy in your home. One of those energies is the water element, which is related to wealth, wisdom, and social networks. This is why the bathroom is an area to pay attention to when it comes to feng shui. 

Modern bathrooms can be a stark contrast to what they were when feng shui was developed in ancient China. You can imagine that back then, bathrooms were unpleasant areas to be around. Bathrooms get a bad rap because of this and because of the water element (or cash flow) can be flushed down the drain. 

Nowadays, contemporary bathrooms are a room to rest, cleanse, and rejuvenate. A bathroom can be a luxurious and spa-like space that supports you. The traditional feng shui approach is definitely something to honor when it comes to your feng shui, but we can also update this wisdom to adapt to modern life. Here are some simple tips to create good feng shui in your bathroom.

Conserve Water 

Feng shui is the original green design because it’s a philosophy that connects our home to our environment and nature. On the most basic level, thoughtfully conserving the water that you use in the bathroom creates good energy. Your mindfulness and care in using this precious resource will trickle into the other areas of your life, including how others treat you. This can be as simple as installing water saving devices, taking shorter showers, and repairing leaks. 

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Close the Toilet Seat

The toilet has the function of washing away waste and water. It’s one of the areas to pay attention to in regards to your feng shui. In order to mitigate the loss of any resources, keep the toilet seat closed when not in use. As a bonus, this simple habit reduces the humidity and moisture in the bathroom which keeps mold and mildew at a minimum.

Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

Similar to the lid of the toilet, the bathroom door is also another way in which energy can travel into the bathroom and down the drain. In general, for overall good feng shui keep your bathroom door closed. It will help minimize the possibility of good qi from flowing away from you. 

Conceal the Toilet

If possible, it’s best to visually conceal the toilet for better feng shui. You can do this by keeping the door closed or designing a bathroom such that you can’t see it from the 

Mirror on the Bathroom Door

In most cases, if you can install a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door, it will improve the feng shui. The mirror will energetically erase the bathroom which also removes any feng shui issues.

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The main issue with the bathroom is the water flowing away. Since everyone loves plants, a living green houseplant is one of the most popular ways to improve the feng shui of any bathroom. The plant transforms the downward energy of water into vital life energy. Water feeds plants, makes them strong and grow. Plus, it bring in the nature element into this room. 

Declutter your Products

Regularly go through the products that you store in the bathroom such as cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines. These products have a shelf life, so let go of anything that’s expired or no longer required. First of all, you don’t want to use expired products. On a feng shui level, what you have stored in your home affects your health and well being. So even if you’re not using it, it’s affecting your energy.

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Replace your Towels

Towels can begin to accumulate bacteria and odors. If possible, deep clean them. But eventually you will need to replace them. Old towels are great to repurpose for cleaning rags. When you do replace your towels and other bathroom linens, opt for sustainable, organic, and non-toxic products. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and you absorb the energetics of the materials you put on it! Similarly, your home and feng shui is also affected by the quality of and life energy of the materials in the bathroom.

Deep Clean Regularly

Since the bathroom is a room to cleanse and purify the body, be sure to deep clean the room regularly. Use non-toxic and sustainable cleaning products as much as possible. It’s super easy to make your own DIY cleaning products and also many on the market. You can think about your bathroom like your body. Let’s keep it clean and pay attention to it!

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