How to Create a Sexy Bedroom

Modern Bedroom
The International Photo Co./Stone/Getty Images

The bedroom is where you go to relax, recover, and recharge at the end of a busy day. But if you want your bedroom to be a little more, don't forget the most important R-word: romance. By adding the right personal touches and avoiding some common no nos, anyone can have a sexy bedroom, a space that is both romantic and relaxing.

Start With Sheets

Some of the most important elements of a sexy bedroom include soft sheets, dimmable lighting, candles, soft area rugs, and silk window panels. Out of these, the most important feature are the soft sheets. Once you get into bed the room fades away, so soft sheets are a must. Soft sheets have a high thread count and feel good against the skin. For some people that means silk, for some it's sateen, and for others nothing's comfier (or sexier) than the swank feel of Egyptian cotton.

Add Texture

Never ignore the use of texture in a room. There are many ways to introduce texture (other than soft bed sheets). Throws in cashmere, window treatments of silk, and soft chairs covered in velvets can all be layered together to create and reinforce an amazingly luxurious feeling. And don't rule out wall texture. A little depth here, whether tactile or visual, can add an alluring richness that surrounds you. In a bedroom, getting the textures right is even more important than the colors. Touch is a sense that overrides just about all of the others.

Go for a Layered Look

A layered look is great when you want to feel at home and comfortable in your space, not like you bought everything from the same store. Buy a few key pieces that will be classic and last a long time. These should be your larger ticket items. The bedding and window treatments should be luxurious, but comfortable, and offer great opportunities to add color and texture. Never forget to add yourself to the mix. Personal items can make the room a reflection of who you are.

Romance With Rugs

Rugs are just as important as the bedding. Go for silk if it's in the budget. But if the price tag is too high, opt for viscose (the poor man's silk); it feels just like the real thing. Make sure you can step onto the rug as soon as you get out of bed. In a bedroom, it isn't just how a thing looks but also how it feels.

Play With Lighting

You need layers of lighting with adjustable dimmers for the sexiest light. You want to be able to lower the lights to a glow when needed. Having multiple fixtures of different types allows you to change it up. Lamps on nightstands are for reading—when those go off, a floor lamp or sconces across the room can add just the right light for romance. And it never hurts to add a little bling with fixtures, such as crystals to make a room sparkle.

Color It Sexy

Colors can certainly be seductive, but you want to aim for romantic, not high energy. Where you might think deep reds are passionate, they are great for a few minutes until you need to go to sleep. Instead, opt for softer, more restful colors, such as rosy taupes, soft grays, and dreamy blues.

Don't Sweat a Small Budget

When cost is a concern and you have to choose among all of the above, go for bedding, candles, light dimmers, and wall colors. All of these can be purchased for under $200 and can turn a boring bedroom into any but.