Creating a Gym in Your Garage

We all know there are a million excuses not to make it to the gym and squeeze in a workout; let's get rid of one and create a backup plan for the days those excuses to leave the house are legitimate. You most likely won't need more than one parking space if you plan well. If you're looking to create a more complete setup, you'll definitely want to dedicate a bit more space.  

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    Garage Door Insulation

    Living in the Cincinnati area means we deal with some drastic temperature changes. Sometimes, we'll see the temperatures change 40 F in one day, so insulating a space we're going to spend any time in is a must. Not only will it help keep the climate in your garage and house more stable, it'll also help reduce the noise for your neighbors and family if you like to crank the stereo. 

    Insulation installation isn't hard, but you should wear gloves, mask, and long sleeves if you're putting in fiberglass insulation yourself. If your garage door isn't insulated, you can use a foam board insulation kit from places like Lowe's or Home Depot.

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    Heating & Cooling

    Ductless Heating & Cooling

    Heating & cooling your garage is definitely a luxury, but if you can squeeze it into your budget, it will be a luxury you won't regret splurging on. We've come across ductless units (sometimes referred to as mini-split systems), which are nice since they're not running on your house's heating/cooling unit and can be used only when you need them. 

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    Garage Fitness Flooring

    Options for adding flooring over concrete to reduce impact are almost endless these days. If you can put large puzzle pieces together, you can most certainly save some money and your joints by putting in some shock absorbing flooring yourself. A bonus to a few types of these floor tiles is you can park on them too. You don't have to permanently give up a parking space to have a place to workout. 

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    Equipment Storage

    Slatwall Fitness Storage

    From the most basic hooks to hang ropes to commercial grade racks that hold the heavy stuff, it's really up to you how much space you want/have to dedicate to equipment.

    We've used slat wall to store smaller pieces of equipment without problems, but realize everyone's needs are different so racks are a great option as well. Having open space to actually work is probably the most important part of getting set up, so putting a solid plan of organization together should be a priority. Make a space to easily put away the equipment you have now, then work the rest in as you accumulate new pieces. 

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    Garage Gym

    This part is less about storage and more about not buying more than you need. If you're using your new space every day, obviously you'll need a few more items to start with. Not everything has to be purchased on your first day, week, month, or even year.

    Equipment pieces can be accumulated through time as you determine how much you need and use them. Having your basic pieces of equipment available doesn't have to be expensive either.

    Used equipment is available in places like, Play-it-Again Sports, and local classified ads. Keeping an eye on sale ads (especially around January) also helps if you're looking for something specific or that has an expiration timeline (i.e. resistance bands).

Creating a Welcoming Space

Probably the most important part of setting up a place to workout at home is making it welcoming. Nobody wants to spend time in a dirty, dark, uninviting space while they're working out. That's why gyms are usually painted bright and inviting colors. Creating your space doesn't have to be a huge investment, a few small changes and/or additions and you'll be ready to go.