Creating Decorating Show Style in Your Home

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    "Show Stopping" Style on a Budget

    It's possible to copy high-end designer rooms on a budget. All you need is a bit of creativity!. Photo © Gatsby's List/flickr

    If you’ve always wanted to recreate your favorite decorating show’s style in your own home but not sure how, our style guide can help. Many of the celebrity designers utilize high-end design, but there are ways to recreate their decorating styles on a budget. Many stars of decorating shows also fashion their own budget-friendly furnishings and decor, and share how they do it.

    Discerning a celebrity designer’s decorating style is not easy, for oftentimes they are popular because they have...MORE developed their own, unique style. And oftentimes the “designers” themselves don’t stage the homes on the top decorating shows. (For example, the hosts of the popular decorating shows “For Rent,” staring Jodi Gilmour, and “Income Property,” starring Scott McGillivray, don’t necessarily stage the homes featured.)

    Continue on for a few of the most popular decorators and shows, and our tips for bringing these popular decorating show styles into your own home - on a budget, of course!

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    Antonio Ballatore of The Antonio Treatment

    Antonio Ballatore constantly thinks outside of the box in a style similar to this bright and bold living room. Photo © Nanimo/flickr

    Antonio is a design rebel and a follower of none. His rooms often remind one of a Richard Hamilton collage, with a variety of elements put together in a surprising, sometimes shocking, but totally pleasing way. Antonio’s utter lack of style makes him the epitome of pure eclectic style, which also originally prided itself on being a follower of none.

    How to get the Antonio Treatment…
    Antonio’s rooms make one stop and think, and always contain a shock factor. He often incorporates pop art elements...MORE and embraces bold color, which appears contemporary, though Antonio doesn’t fear adding French antique chairs or a huge Moroccan chandelier to push the design over into eclecticism.

    Consider your space as a work of art, and think big and bold. Choose a main focal point and carry the color palette around the room to keep things from getting overwhelming. Antonio often creates a feature wall for emphasis.

    Antonio also uses a lot of texture in his spaces. Create contrasts by adding a shaggy rug, a nubby fabric ottoman, grass shades, a high gloss coffee table or a rough wooden bookshelf. For a variation, also consider industrial style elements, furnishings or decor.

    If your town doesn't offer much outside of traditional design stores, it may be hard to find quirky design elements like Antonio uses. Try shopping online for contemporary or eclectic style furnishings and home decor, or check flea markets for retro and vintage finds.

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    Candice Olson of Divine Design

    This dining room mimics Candice Olson's elegant transitional style with its use of neutral color, expensive lighting and chic finishes. Photo © Gatsby's List/flickr

    Candice’s calm, chic interiors are the epitome of the transitional, a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional elements. In fact, Candice does transitional style so beautifully that her show, Divine Design, has pushed the transitional style out of the design shadows and into the forefront of the American design-at-home scene.

    How to get divine design…
    Candice’s line of designer goods has been available since 2005. However, it’s possible to incorporate the transitional style into your home...MORE without designer splurges, even on a tight budget. (Even Candice has been known to shop at Pier One!)

    If possible, splurge on lighting and fabrics, and cut back in other areas. Choose neutral fabrics with sheen, mirrored surfaces, metallic finishes, and light stone and tile combined with dark woods.

    Candice loves sophisticated yet comfortable design, and achieves a high-end look by combining traditional, classic elements alongside the bold look of contemporary.

    To have a bit of authentic divine design in your own home, shop Candice's line of home decor.

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    David Bromstad of Color Splash

    The bold color and custom addition of the screen between this kitchen and dining area are similar to David Bromstad's chic Miami spaces. Photo © Inti St. Clair/Getty

    David is not only a strong designer but also a talented artist, and with his love of color and unique design, David’s spaces strongly reflect the eclectic style. But some of David’s spaces also embrace the bold contrast and sophistication of contemporary design. Perhaps David’s ability to work so well within these styles and combine the best of both is what has propelled him so quickly to celebrity status.

    How to get color splashed…
    Choose bold colors that complement each other, like fuchsia and...MORE mustard yellow, but don’t overdo it. David has a talented way of using strong color to the max without it feeling overwhelming.

    Paint and inexpensive fabric is the most frugal way to add color on a budget. Choose two or three colors and build your room’s palette around that. Use white, khaki or gray as a neutral for balance. Follow David's lead and try something unexpected, like painting a design in a bold color on a wall or ceiling.

    Don’t forget to use handmade artwork or custom furnishings (your own, of course!) or exotic decor to pull your room together.

    If you feel color challenged but love David's style, read our article for more ideas on how to decorate with color.

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    Lisa LaPorta of Designed to Sell

    The neutral tones, symmetry and calm order in this space is a perfect example of a traditional living room. The traditional style is Lisa LaPorta's choice for staging. Photo © JAGwired/flickr

    Lisa is a fabulously traditional girl, and that is certainly how she so easily creates a home that is designed to sell. Traditional is the most versatile and well-loved style, and appeals to a wide range of homeowners. But Lisa is not without surprises. (Remember her navy living room?) And she does it all on a tight budget, too!

    How to design to sell (or to keep!)…
    Pleasing furniture arrangement is often lacking in the Designed to Sell homeowners’ spaces and is an important part of traditional...MORE design, so start there. Arrange furnishings around a focal area in your space and create areas for conversation, as well.

    Traditional style is the most popular style, and it should be easy to incorporate Lisa’s style on a budget. Choose furnishings that appear timeless yet comfortable, and purchase chairs in twos. Celebrate symmetry in your decor, as well. For example, flank your fireplace mantle with two large candles and hang artwork in the center.

    Molding can be an inexpensive way to dress up a space, and painting it in an ivory tone softens the look. Colors should be neutral or warm and inviting. A rug can define a space and create a welcoming feel. Adding tassels to doorknobs or lamp pulls is also a budget-friendly way to incorporate a traditional touch.

    If you aren't sure where to begin, try looking at traditional furnishings and decor online to gather more ideas.

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    Sarah Richardson of Sarah’s House

    This geometric patterned chair with the country cottage style pillow is something that one might find in Sarah's house. Photo © JAGwired/flickr

    This Canadian girl has captured our hearts with her quirky but comfortable cottage-transitional style. Sarah often looks to the home to guide the style, and tweaks her interior design to conform to a home’s lines and features. Though her design most commonly reflects the cottage style, she often adds surprise and contrast through the use of dark woods, shiny finishes, bold color and graphic prints.

    How to get Sarah’s house…
    Since Sarah’s look combines such a wide variety of styles, she often uses w...MOREhite or ivory to tie everything together. Sarah is big on color, and often chooses the cottage style color palette with its soft, almost pastel tones.

    If you prefer something bolder, follow Sarah’s style by keeping your color scheme simple. Combine white or ivory with one soft color and one bold color, and spread your bold color in small amounts around your room.

    Sarah’s homes are high-end, but you can get close to the same look on a budget. Shop liquidation and closeout stores to score great deals on marble and hardwood. For additional savings, choose marble or granite tile. Sarah often incorporates antiques or reproductions, so shop used to save even more.

    Fabric is easy to find on a budget. Unless your furnishings get heavy use, skip the more expensive home fabric section and head to the bargain bin. Or choose a small amount of an expensive fabric and use it to make a throw pillow or recover a lampshade. Try mixing fabrics to achieve the look that you want.

    To incorporate a bit more of Sarah's style, shop for vintage decor online.