Creative and Meaningful Bridal Shower Activities

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Let's face it, one of the most fun parts of getting married is all the great parties and celebrations that come along in addition to your big day. While you're engaged, it's customary to have at least one bridal shower leading up to the wedding. There are lots of different styles and themes you could incorporate for a wedding shower, and some even include a couples wedding shower to celebrate both the bride and the groom.

It's common at bridal showers to play games, but if you're not the game-playing type, here's a list of great and unique bridal shower activities for you to consider. Not only do these activities add a little extra fun to your event, but they also leave the bride with special mementos that she will treasure long after the big day is over. 

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    Create a Memory Book

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    Have the guests contribute memories to a sweet scrapbook for the bride-to-be. Set up a photo booth area where the bride can snap photos with each of her guests, and then have each guest fill out a notecard to insert into the book. The notes can include a favorite memory with the bride, advice for a happy marriage, or a promise to be there whenever she needs a girls' night out. After the shower, the hostess can have each of the guests' photos printed and placed within a book next to their note, for a special and meaningful keepsake for the bride to treasure forever.

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    Create a Keepsake Quilt

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    Ask each of the guests to bring a scrap of fabric of a certain size, (such as 6 x 6 inches) from a piece of clothing or item that reminds them of their relationship to the bride. Have each guest sign their fabric scrap with a bleed-free permanent marker. Then have the scraps sewn together to make a keepsake quilt. The bride will have a treasured heirloom item to remind her of all of the wonderful women in her life who were there to shower her with love before her wedding day. You could also pre-purchase fabric scraps in a color that matches her wedding color scheme, as an extra special detail. 

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    Create a Recipe Collection

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    Pick up a wooden recipe box or another type of decorative box from your local craft supply store that will hold 4x6 inch note cards. Have each guest bring a favorite recipe for each of the following categories: dinners, desserts, side dishes, salads, and appetizers. Have the guests write their recipes onto notecards you provide for them and make sure to have them sign their names to the recipes so the couple knows who shared each one. This will build a robust collection of recipes to cook together in their lives together once they are married. You could also take a similar idea to create an address book for the couple.

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    Create a Date Ideas Jar

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    Purchase some craft sticks, and have each of the guests write an idea for a date for the soon-to-be-married couple. Have the guests suggest ideas such as miniature golf, dinner, and a movie, rollerblading in the park, breakfast in bed or a picnic under the stars for creative date ideas that the newlyweds can pick from to keep the romance going far beyond the wedding day. Be sure to include a good mix of free, inexpensive and fancy date ideas to allow for the best assortment of options for the couple. 

    Not only will these activities take up some of the downtime at the bridal shower, but they will also leave the bride with a personal and meaningful memento to remember the day. Special touches like this help make the engagement period an even bigger celebration of love.