8 Creative and Silly Kid Lunches

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    8 Creative and Silly Kid Lunches

    Silly Apple Bites
    Fork and Beans

    Make going back to school exciting and fun for your kids by spicing up their lunches! Instead of a boring PB&J, try making one of these silly sandwich faces or creative snacks. Your kids will come home with an empty lunchbox and a full stomach. These are all really fun and easy ideas from awesome blogs. 

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    Star Wars The Force Awakens Bento Lunch

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Bento Lunch
    Lunchbox Dad

    Any Star Wars fans in your home?? I know my kids would LOVE opening their lunch to see this fun idea!

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Bento Lunch from Lunchbox Dad

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    DIY Back-to-School Silly Face Sandwich Bags

    Back-to-School Silly Face Sandwiches
    I Heart Crafty Things

    I love how easy this lunch idea is! No need to cut the sandwich into any shapes. Just draw silly faces directly onto the plastic bags.

    DIY Back-to-School Silly Face Sandwich Bags from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Monster Sandwiches

    Monster Sandwiches
    Chocolate & Carrots

    Watch out for these scary monster sandwiches! Their sharp cheese teeth will try and get little fingers. Pop one of these sandwiches into your kid's lunch for a fun surprise. This would be a great idea for Halloween too.

    Monster Sandwiches from Land O'Moms

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    Grape Caterpillars

    Grape Caterpillars
    A Thrifty Mom

    Super easy lunch snack idea to put into your child's lunchbox.  They will eat every last grape when they see these grape caterpillars. Simply put green grapes onto skewers and add little candy eyes.

    Grape Caterpillars from A Thrifty Mom

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    Cow Face Lunch Idea

    Cow Face Lunch Idea
    Marvelous Mommy

    Use olives to make this adorable cow face for your kiddo's school lunch. I love how cute this turns out with just a little bit of work. It looks yummy too.

    Cow Face Lunch Idea from Marvelous Mommy

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    Funny Salad Face

    Funny Salad Face
    Lisa Storms

    This salad definitely has a personality of it's own. Salad has never looked better!

    Funny Salad Face from Lisa Storms

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    Silly Apple Bites

    Silly Apple Bites
    Fork and Beans

    Everyone at school will be wanting to try these silly apple bites out of your kid's lunch. Healthy, yummy, and lots of fun- these apple bites are a winner and kid-approved.

    Silly Apple Bites from Fork and Beans

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    Celery Snails and Caterpillars

    The Spruce

    These sweet snacks are the perfect healthy lunch box item to get your kids excited about lunchtime! This is a great one to have your kids help out with the night before - they'll love creating these creepy crawlies!

    Celery Snails and Caterpillars from The Spruce