5 Creative Ideas for Bedroom Closets

Open cupboard containing neatly stacked clothing in untidy room
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When it’s time to decorate your bedroom, don’t forget about your closets. Closets might be utilitarian, but there’s no reason they can't be used to add extra decorative impact—an especially effective technique in a small room. For inspiration, here are some examples of ways talented designers, homeowners, and renters have jazzed up their closets. 

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    Replace Doors With Drapes

    Small closet door
    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    Using a fabric curtain in place of a traditional closet door gives the entire room a hefty dose of modern style. This is a great solution for apartment dwellers who are unable to make more sweeping closet changes. No matter what your decorating theme, you can achieve a similarly creative, customized and inexpensive effect in your own room just by choosing a fabric that matches your bedroom’s look.

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    A white chest of drawers
    Image Source / Getty Images

    If you live in a tiny apartment that’s short on closet space, get creative by adding an armoire or shelving unit with doors or drawers. Equipped with a large drawer unit, the studio apartment bedroom showed here has plenty of storage for clothing and other necessities. This is a great way to add style to a bedroom while providing functional storage space.

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    Create a Hidden Door

    Hidden closet door in eclectic bedroom.
    Sophie Azouaou / Sophisticate Interiors

    When closed, this hidden closet door blends into the wall, adding to the clean, sophisticated and slightly glamorous style of this bedroom designed by Sophie Azouaou of SophiSticate Interiors. This room also shows off the serene power of a monochrome palette.

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    Wallpaper the Door

    Wallpappered sliding closet door.
    Tamar Schechner / Nest Decorating

    Need an inexpensive, easy DIY for your closet doors? Then why not use wallpaper? There are nearly endless color and design choices available, and today’s wallpapers are super-easy to apply and to remove, making them suitable even for renters. Tamar Schechner of Nest Decorating created this colorful closet door by covering it with a patchwork of vintage wallpaper scraps. Adorable, easy, fun.

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    Add Mirrors

    Mirror on Closet Doors.
    Modern Craft Construction, LLC / Houzz

    Hanging mirrors on your closet doors is a wonderful solution for small bedrooms because it not only gives the illusion of a larger space but also bounces light throughout the room. These stylish doors were custom made by Modern Craft Construction, LLC, who glued beveled mirror inserts to flat panel Masonite doors, but any DIYer could achieve a similar effect. The old-fashioned crystal doorknobs give the room an extra ​touch of vintage flair.

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