21 Creative Bedroom Ideas for Boys

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    Focus on Fun

    Your little man is growing up. His interests are changing, and so are his needs. If you haven’t updated his space since his nursery days, chances are, your son’s room could use an upgrade.

    Wondering where to start?

    The best way to create a room your little boy will love is to zero in on his passions. Start with the things he loves, add a healthy dose of fun, and leave plenty of room to grow.

    If you’re working with a budget, aim for a versatile space—something that incorporates your son’s current interests, but has enough sophistication to carry him all the way to college. Have a little more time and money to work with? Consider going all out with an elaborately themed space. Whatever you choose, remember to keep the focus on play. After all, they’re only young once.

    Need a little design inspiration? These 21 fun and creative boys’ room ideas will have you wishing you were a kid again! 

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    A Playful Space

    Boy's room with play structure and soccer theme
    Photo: Aranzacje

    This fun-filled attic space, designed by the Polish architectural firm, Razoo and spotted on the architectural design site, Aranzacje, is perfect for the action-loving boy who just can’t keep still! There’s a swing, a climbing rope, and a rope ladder leading to a suspended hammock. A sturdy wooden desk with a net frame backing doubles as a soccer goal and comfy bean bag chairs offer extra seating that can be easily pushed out of the way when the game begins. 

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    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Taking the understated approach, this Star-Wars-inspired boy’s room, created by Mallory and Savannah of Classy Clutter, is the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, incorporating timeless movie quotes, favorite characters, and cool collectibles into a clean, bright, contemporary design that this little Jedi is sure to love for years to come.

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    Lego Station

    Legos are a vital part of boyhood, but keeping those tiny toe-assailants under control can be a hassle. This gorgeous Lego station, complete with built-in storage and a Lego board surface, couldn’t be a more elegant solution for a messy problem.

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    Out of this World

    The lucky tenant of this space-themed boy’s room may just have the coolest digs this side of Pluto!

    This elaborate design, created by Hobus Homes, features an entire solar system’s worth of hand-painted planets, moons, asteroids, and comets suspended from a stunning, custom-painted ceiling.

    Beautiful bedding (“All Solar Systems Go” by Land of Nod) brings the ceiling motif back down to earth, providing the perfect place for the little guy at the center of this universe to lay back and enjoy an out-of-this-world view.  

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    Boho Boy’s Room

    In case you haven’t noticed, ​boho is back and better than ever!

    This modern take of boho traditions, designed by interior stylist, Estelle Williot, integrates bold color, rustic textures, and natural accents into a clean, contemporary space that’s perfect for a boy or girl.

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    Play Now (Sleep Later)

    Boy's room with play structure loft bed
    Photo: My Home Project.

    Part bunk bed and part play structure, this attractive and imaginative built-in, spotted on My Home Project, is all fun.

    Don’t have the budget for a built-in bed? Turn a second-hand bunk bed into a copycat design by nailing plywood directly to the bed frame. (Just be sure the bed is properly anchored first.)

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    The Great Camp-in

    Does your little one love nature? Bring the great outdoors in with a campout-inspired boy’s room like this cozy bedroom spotted by Daisy May Belle on the Nashville Parade of Homes! Reclaimed wood and organic branches give this unique bed canopy masculine appeal, and rustic colors and fabrics add the perfect woodsy touch

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    Room With a View

    Boy's room with custom graphic mountain mural
    Photo: A Cup of Jo

    A striking mountain vista dominates in this bold and rustic space designed by Stylist Meta Coleman and spotted on the popular design blog, A Cup of Jo.

    The custom wallpaper mural, designed by the talented graphic artists at Rebel Walls, was created using a vintage black and white photo of the Matterhorn that Meta found on eBay.

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    Just Doodling

    Science themed boy's room
    Photo: Anita Roll

    This playful space, created by Anita Roll, makes math and science extra fun! The chalkboard paint walls, featuring adorable scientific doodles, add the perfect touch. Don’t forget to leave one wall free for your little Einstein to scribble his own scientific diagrams and mathematical formulas!

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    Action-Packed Fun

    With its ceiling-mounted cargo climbing net and cool skateboarding/surfing theme, this amazing boy’s room, designed by So-Cal artist and interior designer Caryn Owen, is the perfect place for an growing boy to just hang loose and chill.

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    Super Hero themed boys room idea
    Photo: Anita Roll

    Every superhero must have his domain. This young crusader spends his nights basking in the glow of his own personal Metropolis. The cleverly constructed cityscape, created by artist Anita Roll, features soft back lighting, bringing the silhouette city to life with a flick of a switch.

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    Costume Corner

    Super hero costume station for boy's room
    Photo: Home Decor Pictures

    Who says playing dress-up is just for girls! Help your little man bring his heroes to life with a creative costume corner that’s all boy!

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    Loft Room

    This built-in loft, complete with comfy seating and a simple pulley system for hauling up snacks and treasures, is a boyhood dream brought to life. The black, white and green color scheme, pulled together by the designers behind Kemp Hall Studios, delivers a subtle nod to another of their clients’ passions: Soccer.

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    Game On

    With its polished wooden floors, flush interior lighting, and wall-mounted hoop, this creative sports-themed space, seen on Architectural Art Designs, looks more like a championship basketball court than a little boy’s bedroom! Slick, stylish, and built around fun, this clever design is a straight-up winner!

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    Train Time

    Nothing sets the mood for a train-themed space like the clickity-clack on tiny wheels on miniature tracks!

    By adding shelving to the perimeter of her boy’s bedroom, Mom and design-lover, Kate, of Chic on a Shoestring, found the perfect way to incorporate her son’s passion for all things train into a sophisticated space that will take him beyond boyhood and on to the next stop. 

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    Truck Bed

    Vintage Truck bed in car-themed boys room
    Photo: Sorta

    What little boy wouldn’t love this one-of-a-kind cot built into the salvaged truck bed of a vintage truck?

    Spotted on Pinterest, this richly themed space, featuring a rustic accent wall and a number of terrific vintage finds, is loved by kids and grownups alike!

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    Tire Chair

    If anything can put a little boy’s behind in a chair, it’s these cool and totally creative DIY tire seats created from real, salvaged car tires.


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    Magnetic Car Mural

    Rainbow car mural/ magnetic car storage idea for boy's room
    Photo: Honest to Nod

    Have a Matchbox devotee on your hands? Keep those miniature rollers in order with this clever and attractive storage idea. Simply mount magnetic strips to your child’s wall, and organize the cars however you want.

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    Points for Color

    Give your little guy’s room a color boost with this fun and easy wall treatment. A gallon of paint and some masking tape is all it takes to recreate this playful space featured on Hibou Homes.

    Starting roughly two-thirds up the wall, use tape to create a dramatic, mountain-like divider line. Then paint the area below the line in a bold shade, leaving the last third of the wall white. 

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    Home on the Range

    This rugged, Western retreat is the perfect place for a weary cowboy to rest his little head after a hard day’s play. Wide-paneled, reclaimed barn wood applied to both the walls and ceiling lends an authentic cabin-feel to the design.

    “The wood paneling makes it cozy and adds character,” designer Jeanie Claughton explains, “and the classic, era-appropriate accessories, such as the antique saloon sign, proved to be the perfect finishing touch.”