6 Creative DIY Home Lighting Ideas

Light up your home with a DIY pendant or chandelier.

Get inspired to create some show stopping light fixtures for your home with these easy do-it-yourself projects.

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    Round Yarn Pendant

    Yarn Pendant
    Round Yarn Pendant. Wednesday Custom Design

    Create a rustic yarn pendant by inflating a balloon and wrapping the balloon in yarn that has been coated in a mixture of corn starch, white glue and warm water. Once the yarn has dried pop the balloon and hang your yarn pendant.

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    Colorful Ping Pong Lamp Shade

    Colorful Ping Pong Lamp Shade
    Colorful Ping Pong Lamp Shade. Poppytalk

    Paint 180 ping pong balls so that you have 30 painted balls per color. Drill a small hole on opposite sides of the ping pong ball. Using nylon thread long enough to wrap around the lamp shade, thread the ping pong balls through the holes until the thread is filled with ping pong balls. Attach each row of ping pong balls to the 45 cm lamp shade until the lamp shade is fully covered 6 rows of ping pong balls.  

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    Ruffled Coffee Filter Lantern

    Ruffled Coffee Filter Lantern
    Ruffled Coffee Filter Lantern. Two Zero One

    Take coffee filters and fold them into a quarter and hot glue the base to a paper lantern. Continue gluing coffee filters until the entire paper lantern is covered in coffee filters and you will end up with a ruffled lantern that cost next to nothing.  To hang the lantern use an affordable light cord set, such as the Hemma cord from Ikea.

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    Marquee Letter

    Marquee Letter
    Marquee Letter. Grey Likes Nesting

    Using a large cardboard letter and a craft knife cut off the bottom of the letter. Punch small holes on the back of the letter that are large enough for the light bulb sockets to go through. Put the light bulb sockets through the punched holes, then attach the light bulbs and hide the cords in the back of the letter.

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    Feather Pendant

    Feather Pendant
    Feather Pendant. A Beautiful Mess

    Take strips of white feathers and hot glue them to a paper lantern starting from the bottom of the lantern. Once the lantern is fully covered in feathers use a pendant light kit and hang the light fixture as directed on the pendant kits instructions.

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    Brass Urchin Light Fixture

    Brass Urchin Light Fixture
    Brass Urchin Light Fixture. Paper Blog

    Take large package of bamboo skewers and spray paint them brass. Using an old flush mount light base use air dry clay to make a ball the size of an apple. Cut the ball of clay in half and stick wooden bamboo skewers cut to various lengths into the clay. Attach the clay balls with the skewers to the top and bottom of the flush mount light base. Hang the light fixture to the ceiling and add the light bulbs, and you will have your own urchin light fixture.