40 Creative and Super Adorable Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Create new traditions with these innovative ideas

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Filling Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow treats, and jelly beans is usually a given. However, there are many fun Easter basket ideas that go beyond candy. Easter basket gifts don't have to be extravagant or expensive. Consider a simple theme that highlights something your child enjoys, and they're bound to love digging through the basket for treasures. Be sure to keep in mind your child's age, so you can find the perfect present for toddlers and preschoolers to tweens and teens.

Some may spark new yearly traditions and others will offer toys and activities to complete throughout the year as you wait for next Easter. These ideas are guaranteed to impress at your Easter party between adults and kids alike.

If you're looking for some new ways to fill those baskets this year, here are some creative Easter basket ideas.

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    Play Doh

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    Coordinate the colors of your plastic eggs with different colored Play-Doh or clay equivalent. Then, on Easter, your child can open different kinds of clay and mold bunnies, chicks, eggs, and more. This is a lasting gift they can use daily that won't make a big mess and tests their creative thinking.

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    Adorable Accessories


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    Purchase fun Easter-themed accessories your little one can play dress up with. This could include bunny ears, funky sunglasses, a spring-colored hat, or even a new pair of shoes. Pick something practical they can wear all season or use as a picture-perfect prop for the ultimate Easter photoshoot.

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    Fidget Toys

    Fidget Toy

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    Filling an Easter basket with brightly-colored fidget toys is guaranteed to impress any child in your life. These simple toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are designed to reduce anxiety and keep tiny hands busy during school, appointments, or other activities.

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    Stuffed Animals

    Stuffed Animals

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    Kids of all ages can enjoy the comfort and aesthetic benefits of stuffed animals. Opt for one that fits their interests and age range to add to their collection. Or, pick something Easter-themed, like a plush bunny or stuffed baby chick that they will cherish until next spring.

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    Puzzles Galore


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    The great thing about puzzles is that there is a perfect design and difficulty level for every age and preference. Toddlers will love simple puzzles that test their matching and motor skills, while older kids might enjoy jigsaw puzzles with 100 to 1000 pieces.

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    Newborn Essentials

    Newborn Theme

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    Pick out a cute spring-themed onesie and maybe a stuffed animal for baby, but throw in some diapers, bibs, and bottles for a practical and pretty Easter basket (that would also make a great gift for a new mom).

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    Lego sets are a perfect way to practice STEM skills and often create something beautiful to display for years. For a fun challenge, include different small builds in each egg in your child's basket. Or, fill each egg with loose pieces and challenge them to create something from their own imagination.

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    Cookie Jar

    Ester basket with egg and bunny shaped cookies

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    What kid doesn't love cookies? Create a cookie-themed Easter basket filled with cookie cutters, measuring cups, a spatula, and maybe even some chocolate chips. The entire basket itself could even be a cookie jar. Include a few age-appropriate recipes to get your little baker started.

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    Flower Power

    Wooden basket with spotted watering can, gloves, shovel and small plant

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    Gardening season is kicking off around Easter. And what better way to celebrate than create a basket that has everything your child needs to grow their own garden? Include seed packets, gardening tools, and gloves. You can even use a flower pot or watering can as the basket itself.

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    Memorable Merch

    Peppa Pig

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    Celebrate your child's interests by purchasing merch from their favorite shows and movies. Whether your basket is filled with Disney princess items, Peppa Pig figurines, or Fortnite accessories, your child will love the recognizable characters and personalized touch.

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    Mystery Boxes

    Girl Opens Birthday Present

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    Instead of filling eggs with surprise toys, fill your child's basket with mystery toys or blind boxes, so they have a bunch of new mini toys or figurines to unbox and discover. These mystery items can fit within any interest or hobby. Many include figurines from popular franchises like Blume or Hatchimals, while others are fidget toys or squishies.

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    Coloring Books

    Coloring Books

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    Most kids love coloring books, and they're generally inexpensive and easy to fit in an Easter basket. Include a few different coloring book options, along with some crayons or colored pencils. For older kids, check out coloring books made for adults, which tend to be a little more complex but just as fun.

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    Games for Rainy Days


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    Based on your child's age and preferences, stock their basket with a host of different board and card games. This is a perfect pick for all ages and can be used at any upcoming birthday parties or family game nights. This idea will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

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    Baby Doll

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    Dolls are a versatile gift that can be adapted to fit any child's taste. Fill your child's basket with Barbies, baby dolls, and more with all of the accessories and clothing to provide hours of play and entertainment. You can even fit the dolls around the theme of spring and Easter.

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    Pet Theme

    Pet Toys

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    While gifting your child a new pet on Easter morning may not be a reality, fill their Easter basket with fun items for their furry friend. Whether it be dog treats, cat toys, or animal themed toys for them to connect to their favorite pet more. They will love spoiling the special friend in their life.

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    School Swag

    School Theme

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    After a long and relaxing spring break, get your little one excited to go back to school with some new swag. This could be a new backpack, a fresh pack of pens and pencils, colorful highlighters, or a new outfit for the first day back in the classroom.

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    Photography Essentials

    Photography Theme

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    Gift your budding photographer all the essentials they did to take photos of their Easter celebrations. For those just starting out, opt for an easy-to-learn polaroid camera, some film, and some new frames for displaying their art. Older teens and tweens may appreciate a more high-tech camera or lens attachments for their phones.

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    Travel Theme

    Dad and Daughter Overjoyed

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    If you have a family vacation coming up, get your little traveler ready with a new bag, passport holder, or plane activities. If not, get your little one dreaming of different places with a new globe, travel books, or geography lessons that will spark their wanderlust and get them planning their new getaway.

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    Spring Crafts

    Wicker basket with felt flowers

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    Celebrate Easter and springtime with a spring-themed craft basket. Provide materials for your child to make spring-themed garland, felt flowers, and other crafts that evoke the spirit of the season. For good measure, include a colorful pair of sunglasses.

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    Palm Craft

    Palm leaf folded like a cross on painted Easter eggs

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    Palms play a major role in Easter and are often seen in the form of crosses. Include some palms in the basket for your child to fold into their own cross or other shape. It's a simple craft that most kids of elementary school age and above should be able to do.

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    Musical Theme

    Musical instruments for kids

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    If you have a musical child, play that up in their Easter basket. Include an assortment of small instruments, such as a harmonica, recorder, tambourine, or maracas. And add a music lesson book appropriate for your child's age and skill level.

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    Small wicker basket with white beaded jewelry hanging

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    If your child loves bling, a jewelry-themed basket is sure to excite them. Include an assortment of inexpensive jewelry and potentially one nicer item that's appropriate for the child's age. You also could add a jewelry-making kit for your child to create their own handmade designs. As a bonus: Most jewelry will fit nicely in plastic Easter eggs that your child can have fun opening.

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    Coins filling and surrounding small basket

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    Many kids love collecting items, whether it be baseball cards, coins, or cool rocks. If your child already has a collection going, add some related items to their Easter basket to further bolster it. Or get them started on a new collection based on their interests.

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    Art Basket

    Basket with different paint brushes near window

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    For the budding artist, a potential Easter basket idea is to fill it with an array of art supplies. For young children, that might mean lots of crayons and washable markers. And for older children, you might want to get them nice paintbrushes, paints, small canvases, or even an art easel.

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    Baking Tools

    Easter bunny cookie cutter by wicker basket and woven egg

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    Let your child do some Easter baking by creating an Easter basket full of baking tools. You could include some cute oven mitts, an apron, and small kitchen tools that are age-appropriate. Add a cookbook made for kids, and your child will be excited about helping in the kitchen.

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    Gift Cards

    Eater basket with painted eggs and wrapped gift card

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    Older kids—and even some younger kids—might not prefer an Easter basket filled with small toys and other items. But you can still put together a thoughtful basket with gift cards. Include cards to things they love—whether it be a streaming platform or their favorite store or restaurant—and you know they'll be put to good use.

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    Spa Basket

    Basket with spa and self-care items inside

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    People of all ages love some pampering. For this Easter basket idea, pull together some fun toiletries and other self-care items. For young kids, that might mean bubble bath and bath toys. And for older kids, you might include lip balm, scented lotion, and body spray.

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    Children's Books

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    Fill an Easter basket with age-appropriate books for a gift that should hold your child's attention for more than a few minutes. You could even include books about Easter, so your child will learn about the holiday while exercising their reading skills. Consider a variety of storybooks for younger children or a collection of novels from a popular series for older kids.

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    It looks like the superhero craze isn't going away anytime soon. And that means there is a wide array of superhero-related items to include in an Easter basket. Consider some small toys and collectibles, apparel, comic books, and more.

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    Girls Reading Magazine

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    There are magazines available for all ages of readers. So consider subscribing your child to a magazine and including an issue or two in their Easter basket. It's a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year and allow them to have fun reading.

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    For young kids learning how to write or older kids who regularly pen their own prose, a journal can be an exciting gift to receive. Add a journal in a fun spring color plus a pen set to their Easter basket. And encourage them to write about what they did for Easter to get the ball rolling on their journaling.

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    Small Toys

    Easter basket with games and toys

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    Besides candy, Easter baskets are practically made to hold small toys. They fit perfectly in plastic eggs or buried in Easter grass, so your child can delight in discovering them. Some options include small stuffed animals, finger puppets, action figures, toy cars, and more.

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    Fashion Basket

    Ester basket with blue and pink headbands in basket

    Saktanong Chaipunya / EyeEm / Getty Images

    If your child is a little fashionista, this Easter basket idea is for them. Stick with the Easter theme, and add some bunny slippers, socks with baby chicks, or pajamas with spring flowers. Headbands and other hair accessories also are fun and conveniently sized for fashion-centric Easter baskets.

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    Activity Tickets


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    Rather than toys and other possessions, focus your child's Easter basket on an experience they'll love. Include tickets to a play, sporting event, concert, or whatever else your child is into. You also can include small items related to the event, such as a hat or T-shirt for their sports team.

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    Swimming Theme

    Pool Toys

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    Swim weather is right around the corner once Easter arrives. Feed your child's excitement for warm, sunny days with a swimming-themed basket. Include pool toys, goggles, and maybe even a new swimsuit. This is also a good time to sign them up for swimming lessons if needed, so their lesson schedule could be part of the basket as well.

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    Beach Basket

    Small basket on beach sand with colorful easter eggs

    davidf / Getty Images

    If you're lucky enough to live near a beach—or you have a spring break trip planned—consider turning your child's Easter basket into a beach basket. You could even use a straw beach tote or sand pail as the basket itself. Some potential items to include are sand castle molds, a beach towel, sunglasses, and flip-flops.

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    Outdoor Games

    Basket with small pieces of colorful chalk

    SibelAisha / Getty Images

    Encourage your child to get outdoors and enjoy what's hopefully nice spring weather on Easter with a basket focused on outdoor games. There are options for all ages. For instance, consider sidewalk chalk and jump ropes for younger children, or go for a game set like bocce ball for older kids.

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    Shopping Trip


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    Not all Easter basket ideas have to result in instant gratification. Make your child's basket all about a bonding experience between the two of you (or your whole family) via a shopping trip. Include a gift certificate to their favorite store, as well as menus for nearby restaurants for them to select where you eat after shopping.

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    Items for a Day Trip

    Easter basket on picnic blanket with food and water bottle

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    Make a plan for a day trip within your child's Easter basket. In fact, you could even use a picnic basket as the Easter basket, and take it along with you on your day trip. Include items related to the trip, such as mini toy bicycles if you plan to take a family bike ride, and have your child guess what you'll be doing. Or let them know the plan, and include items, such as a water bottle and map, that they can take on the trip.

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    Learning Theme

    Easter Basket Toys

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    Use your child's Easter basket to encourage them to develop new skills in a fun way. For instance, you could include some language or STEM toys that are age-appropriate. Or sign your child up for lessons in an activity they've been wanting to try, and gather items in the basket related to that activity.

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