Creative Ideas for Bathrooms

From frugal to extravagant, creative ideas for bathrooms abound. I’ve assembled a list of fun ideas for the bath that you could easily do on a budget. Many of these bathroom ideas use repurposed materials, which make these ideas good for our earth, too. Finding the materials may be a bit harder – check local Habitat Restore shops, estate sales, or reclaimed building material or architectural salvage shops for the best deals. Or curbside finds are always an option!

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    Window Box Towel Holder

    Photo via Pinterest

    I love this creative idea for bathroom storage found on Pinterest. Any window box would do. Simply mount (doesn't have to be under a window!) and stuff. For more creative bathroom storage ideas, see my article.

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    Fitted Pipe Fixtures

    Photo © Three Scoops of Love

    This industrial idea for a bathroom was dreamed up by Three Scoops of Love when she crafted sturdy towel rods and a toilet paper holder from galvanized pipes. The pipes could be painted any color or for rustic charm, leave them in their natural galvanized state. For another nifty idea for towel holders, check out these fun rope handles via Pinterest.

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    Shell Display

    Photo © Elle Decor

    I'm a beach girl, so I loved this coastal-style idea for a seashell wall found over at Elle Decor. Ledges in a bath could hold just about anything. Use them gallery-style for art and prints, just be sure to keep your Matisse out of the bath. I don't like Henri would like the humidity!

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    Mirrors on Ledges

    Photo via Desire to Inspire

    Here is another great idea for ledges in a bathroom via Desire to Inspire. Since a mirror - or mirrors - are an absolute necessity in a bath, these ledges are used to display a beautiful vintage selection. Ledges are super easy to craft on a budget. Simply purchase inexpensive pine, paint and hang!

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    Reclaimed Wood Wall

    Photo © Fun House

    I love Liz's bathroom wall that I found over at her blog, Fun House. Crafted from colorful reclaimed wood, it fits the look of her eclectic-style bath. For a more sedated look, choose reclaimed wood that has a natural finish.

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    River Rock Wall

    Photo © Peter Fox

    This gorgeous powder room was featured at Houzz and focuses on sustainable design - even the sink pedestal was fashioned from salvaged wood from a 200-year-old barn. But check out that river rock wall, which could be crafted from a bag of stone found at your local gardening store. Of course, a feature wall like this could really be crafted from anything, so feel free to get creative with your design.

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    Natural Wood Vanity Top

    Photo © BH&G

    This wood slab vanity top idea from Better Homes & Gardens is absolutely amazing, and with a bit of reclaimed wood, it would be easy to do on a budget and would certainly become a statement piece in any bathroom.

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    Scrap Tile Success

    Photo via Pinterest

    This gorgeous vanity and backsplash ​look like they are crafted from salvaged or miss-matched tile. What a great way to save and create a unique look for your bath at the same time. This look could be used anywhere you want a bit of pattern. To make installation easier, you may want to search out tiles that are the same thickness. However, if you have some experience in this area, even that may not be necessary.

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    Plans for a Vanity

    Photo © Plans Now

    Plans Now has come up with a creative way to avoid the mass-produced look of conventional bathroom cabinets by transforming an old desk or table into a custom-made vanity. You can download the complete instructions and plans for only $5.95. They'll take you through the entire project - from cutting the sink opening to mounting the table to your bathroom wall - so you can create your own unique piece.

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    Glass Mosaic Vanity Top

    Photo © Best-Design

    This gorgeous vanity topper pictured at Best-Design is crafted from glass tile, but you could create your own budget glass tile using the bottoms of bottles (similar to these amazing windows at Inspiration Green) or other repurposed glass.

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    From Old to New Vanity

    Photo © Midwest Living

    Here is another amazing reclaimed vanity idea via Midwest Living. This vanity was crafted from an old soda pop cooler and backed with a galvanized steel wainscoting. For another reuse idea, check out that wainscoting molding topper - it's wooden yardsticks!

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    Vintage Bike Vanity

    Photo © The Benjamin Collection

    When you get a bit creative, anything goes! This is an actual item featured at The Benjamin Collection and handcrafted by an artist. This unique vanity just proves how fun your bath can be when you think outside of the box.