Creative Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Bash

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    A Monster Bash

    Black and White Table Decor
    Halloween in Black and Right.

    Pumpkins are appearing on your neighbors doorsteps and the candy corn is making its grand return at the market. Signs are all pointing to the fact that Halloween season is upon us. There will be parties for children and adults alike to dress up, let loose and have some Halloween fun. Forget bobbing for apples and trick or treating (well maybe not trick or treating) we have come up with some creative ideas for the spookiest halloween bash on the block. All the monsters and goblins will know the...MORE party is at your house this year and won't want to miss out. From delicious Halloween inspired recipes, to cocktails for the adult Halloween celebrations, costumes, decor and party games we have you covered. Get out your pen and paper to start your own checklist, you won't want to miss any of these ideas for a Halloween party to remember.

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    Googly Eye Stickers

    Googly Eyed Stickers
    Googly Eyed Invites. Real Simple

    Googly eye stickers are a perfect throwback idea for party invitations. If you are helping your children prep Halloween cards for their school or just like to a good old fashion paper card, googly eye stickers are your best friend for this holiday. These stickers from our youth just put an immediate smile on anyones face. Googly eye it up, get them in all sizes from small to large and get creative with your handmade invites this year. Guests will love the kooky reminder that this holiday is all...MORE about fun.

    Buy googly eyes to your hearts content here. Here are most creative ways to use your new purchases on an invite to send to friends.

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    Black and White Palette

    Black and White Table Decor
    Halloween in Black and Right.

    A black and white palette keeps things simple and unfussy for Halloween. From cupcake wrappers, table decor, skeletons, ghouls and witches it's pretty easy to stay within this color scheme for a happening Halloween gathering. Most of your the iconic Halloween symbols fall in this category. Fun pops of orange through pumpkins, string lights and other decor throughout the party adds an appropriate splash of color but still keeps the decor feeling focused. Having a basic colors to incorporate...MORE into party details helps streamline the look of your event and helps make your job as the host less work. 

    Ideas for a black and white table scape can be found here. Love this additional table scape inspiration from Brit + Co to elevate your event. 

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    Eight Legged Cornhole

    Spidey Cornhole Halloween Party
    Spidey Cornhole Halloween Party. Tried and True Blog

    Corn hole Halloween edition! Spider beanbags are the cutest addition to a ghoulish Halloween event. Decorate the targets with cobwebs using paint and pulled strings of cotton to create a festive look for outdoor entertainment. Children and adults will both love the competitive but relaxed nature of this Halloween event. Fear of spiders aside people will be lining up for their turn at the eight legged corn hole station. They might find spiders to be sweet party companion in this case.

    Find...MORE instructions on how to create your own spidey friendly cornhole game for your Halloween bash from Tried and True blog.

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    Mummified Votives

    Mummified Votives
    Mummified Votives. Real Simple

    Standard candles would suffice but get spooky this Halloween with mummified decorative votives. Mummified votives are a fun family project or something beautiful to create on your own. These wrapped candles are subtly scary but eerie enough with the perfect candlelight. Use the candles as a table center piece, on a mantle or in a hallway to guide guests to the party! Mummified candles look best in groupings of all shapes and sizes so don't skimp on the mummification process. The more the...MORE merrier here.

    Find the DIY instructions here for how to make your own gaggle of mummified candles.

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    A Ghoulish Bar Cart

    Halloween Bar Cart
    Ghoulish Bar Cart. Style Me Pretty

    A ghoulish party deserves an equally ghoulish bar cart. A few painted ghourds, some spiderwebs, a couple of decorative spiders are an easy way to add some creepy crawly magic to your serving station for beverage options. Think outside Halloween's orange and black when adding some glamour to your the drink center of your party. A crimson colored bouquet of seasonal blooms in shades of blood and some magic spell books will set the mood for your Halloween gathering.

    Style My Pretty has a gorgeous,...MORE ghoulish Halloween bar cart to spark ideas for your own problem. 

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    Halloween Movie Night

    The Addams Family
    The Addams Family. Bustle

    Projecting a Halloween themed movie on an open wall is an entertaining way to get guests into the spirit. Make sure to turn down the volume so guests can still chat and catch up with one another. If you have a wifi connection in the house Netflix has some amazing halloween movies options to put on queue at the party. Here is a list of the 10 best Halloween movies you can tap into for the big night. Our picks are a mix of throwback classics Scream, The Blair Witch Project, The Adams Family and...MORE Rosemary's Baby for the spooky visuals to keep you through the night. 

    Real Simple has another great list of viewing options and another expanded Netflix choices from Bustle.

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    Haunted House Party

    Haunted House Party
    Night of the Haunted House. Martha Stewart

    If you have the time and energy it's really a wonderful feat to transform your home into a bona fide haunted house. To turn your own home into a once a year haunted adventure is legendary. If you are doing the party for your children, adult friends or a combination of both there are many ways to get the job done. Party queen Martha Stewart has some of the most haunting tips to turn your home into a memorable night on all hallow's eve. 

    Find out how Martha creates a spooky atmosphere for party...MORE guests.

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    Silhouette Curtains

    DIY Silhouette Curtains
    DIY Silhouette Curtains. Martha Stewart

    Do you ever see creepy bodies hanging from your neighbors window around Halloween? Chances are they are not real, but you probably already knew that but did you know how to create the spooky effect yourself? The silhouette of scary bodies in the window are a simple way to develop that eerie mood this holiday is about. The body could be the shape of Frankenstein, a ghost or the most wicked witch you can dream possible.

    Here is the DIY for silhouette curtains for October.

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    Repurpose Potions

    Potion Labels
    Make Your Own Potion. Real Simple

    Also known as juice and cocktails depending on who you are serving. Many websites have printable labels for potions and tinctures. If you have a bit of time to scour Pinterest you will discover printable Halloween labels and ideas that are DIY for potion bottles and usually free to print. This low cost decor will add glamour and fun to your ghoulish bar cart or in the kitchen wherever you will have drinks served. You can't get playful with the names of the potions depending on the age group...MORE of the guests. Children might prefer Zombie Juice or Pixies Pee where adults could be more interested in love and voodoo potions.

    Here is another large selection from Flickr that uses elegant handwriting with clever names and descriptions for your bottles.

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    Spider Whoopie Pies

    Spider Whoopie Pies
    Spider Whoopie Pies and Friends. Real Simple

    Spiders are usually guest that are not welcome at any party most times of the year. When Halloween rolls around the spiders come out to play and are suddenly considered the best creepy, crawly companions. Spiders typically don't fall under the adorable category but when it comes to Halloween desserts these spider whoopie pies take the literal cake. Pair with some cute meringue ghosts for a sweets table that cannot be denied.

    Here is a recipes for spider whoopie pies from Tasty Kitchen that...MORE won't disappoint. 

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    Frightening Face Bags

    Frightening Face Bags
    Frightening Face Bags. Real Simple

    Scary face bags make everything more fun. Simply use a black marker, paint pen or pull out those googly eye stickers and let your imagination run wild. Frightening face bags can be filled with Halloween candy for trick or treaters, Halloween trail mixes with sweet and gooey gummy worms, or simply a classic bag of candy corn or popcorn. For best results for a Halloween party fill a variety of these bags to satisfy guests sweet and savory needs throughout the night. The snack bags are low...MORE maintenance and so much fun as takeaways from the fun night to remember. Another fun option for a children's party is to let them make their own frightening face on the bag as a crafting station. Letting the children get creative and make their own scary drawings could inspire the adults in the process.

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    Mirrors with Glowing Eyes

    Glowing Eyed Mirror
    Glowing Eyed Mirror. Martha Stewart

    From your local dollar store buy some cheap mirrors you don't mind turning into crafts to create a spooky attraction for your night of haunts and horrors.  A little glow in the dark glitter enhances your mirror to turn it into a special Halloween decoration to add to the night. With some scary tunes in the distance your guests will be spooked on their way through dark halls of your home. Fun places for glowing eyed mirrors are bathrooms, corridors or a quiet corner of the party room

    Find the DIY...MORE for mirror glow eyes here.

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    All Cobweb Everything

    Home Made Cobwebs
    Homemade Cobwebs. Martha Stewart

     Have you ever been to a Halloween party without the cobwebs. Your party should have all cobwebs everything. Besides a smoke machine some cotton ball cobwebs are the first rule in throwing a happening Halloween bash. The cobwebs could live on your table as a centerpiece, along the bottom of your bar cart, in a corner of a wall. Basically they can live anywhere in your home that could use a bit of an antique look. 

    Here is a how-to to make some realistic, subtle quick-spun cobwebs with a simple...MORE glue gun at home.