Creative Ideas for Your Something Old

Bride and groom and their shoes
Getty Images/JovanaT

If you're following the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, don't go for the obvious choices. Find a creative and fun way to incorporate this tradition with these new ideas.

Interesting Ideas for Your "Something Old"

  1. Something old can be a great way to remember family members who have passed away and can't be at your wedding. Take a favorite vintage photo, such as your grandparents on their wedding day, and make a small photo charm of them. Then attach that to your bouquet with a beautiful ribbon. If it's a small photo charm, most people won't even see it, but it will be a personal reminder to you of their love.
  2. What about your underwear? If you've got a pair of lucky undies (or perhaps the pair you were wearing when you first met) wear them on your wedding day with a smile. For modesty's sake, you might want to pretend something else is your something old when your old Aunt Matilda asks.
  3. There are so many ways to wear antique or vintage jewelry, one that's unique is in your bouquet. Turn sparkly rhinestone earrings into accents, using floral wire to attach them to a wooden floral pick. Interspersed amongst the flowers, your vintage jewelry will add a twinkling shine to your bouquet, or if you are on the crafty side, you can create an entire brooch bouquet.
  4. Who says you have to buy new shoes for your wedding day? Your favorite pair of heels (newly polished), or even a pair of comfortable sneakers (hidden by your dress of course), can work just as well. They'll already be broken in, and you know that they won't pinch. Plus the pennies you've saved on your feet can be put to good use elsewhere.
  5. Though a bride carrying flowers dates back to ancient times, some Christian brides choose to carry a Bible instead, to symbolize their devotion to God. If your family has an heirloom Bible or prayer book, carrying it is not only a way to show your faith and incorporate your family heritage, it's also your something old.
  6. Some women change perfumes like they change their shoes, and for them choosing a new wedding cologne might be a no-brainer. If you're loyal to a signature perfume, it can be your something old. If your signature scent is one of the first things your future husband noticed about you on your first date, you may want him to have that same scented memory on your wedding day. Who says your something old has to be something you can see?
  7. Not many Americans know that the rhyme traditionally goes, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New, A Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe." Slipping this English coin into your shoe gives you another element of good luck, honoring a quaint tradition that goes back hundreds of years. You can purchase vintage sixpence from online websites or you can Americanize that tradition and find a dime older than 1965 when they were made primarily of silver. 
  8. Wearing your mother's pearls works well for old-fashioned brides. A more modern way to wear your something old is to re-purpose antique jewelry as hair accessories. Ask your hairdresser to add removable bobby pins to brooches, or wind necklaces through your updo.
  9. If you're a woman who loves vintage fashions and bygone eras, consider wearing a vintage wedding dress. You might be able to find a gown with beautiful antique lace, delicate details, or just a silhouette that suits your unique figure better than modern dresses. If it's your mother or grandmother's dress, you'll be adding some extra sentimental history. Can't find a vintage dress you like? Consider an antique veil instead.
  10. Taking inspiration from a Victorian wedding, consider using an antique tussy mussy holder. Typically made of silver, they hold a smaller sized bouquet. You may find one with a stand, called an epergne, which will allow it to transform into a sweetheart table centerpiece for the reception.