10 Creative "Something Old" Ideas for the Bride

Bride and groom and their shoes

JovanaT / Getty Images

If you're following the tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," have fun with it by finding new and creative ideas. You can use other items for "something old" besides the cliche handkerchief. The old English rhyme includes something old as a small good luck charm to wear or carry on the wedding day. It's also a symbol of the continuity of good luck from older generations. If you're looking for a different type of old token of good luck, you'll love these fresh ideas to use on your wedding day.

Make a Memorial Photo Charm

Something old can be a way to remember cherished and deceased family members who can't be at your wedding. Take one or more favorite vintage photos, such as your parents or grandparents on their wedding day, and create small photo charms. The charms will remind you that they're at your wedding in spirit.

  • Scan the photos to preserve them and so you can make them smaller.
  • Glue them on to pendants or miniature frames from a craft store.
  • Attach the charms to your flower bouquet with a beautiful ribbon.

Wear Vintage Undergarments

Chances are your mother or grandmother needed to wear a full slip under their dresses. Maybe you still have one of them. Vintage slips tend to look glamorous with pretty design details, such as bows and lace, and they're made of better-quality fabrics than modern slips. You may want to wear the slip under your wedding dress or incorporate a piece of it into the lining of your dress.

Incorporate Antique Jewels

There are many ways to wear antique or vintage jewelry on your wedding day. Slip one onto your bouquet by pinning it to the ribbon. Or, turn a pair of sparkly rhinestone earrings into accents for your bouquet by using floral wire to attach them to a wooden floral pick. If you have a collection of vintage jewels in floral shapes from a loved one, or you found a cache of them at an antique store, you can create an entire brooch bouquet.

  • Collect at least a couple of dozen of brooches, pins, and earrings to use in the bouquet.
  • Add wire to each piece and then cover the wire with green floral tape.
  • Insert the wired jewels throughout your bouquet yourself or ask your florist to do it for you.

Wear Old Comfy Sneakers

Who says you have to buy new shoes for your wedding day? A favorite pair of comfortable sneakers work just as well, especially for a casual ceremony. They're already broken in so you know you'll be comfortable. Jazz up oldies but goodies by adding gems and crystals, glitter, ribbons, lace them with ribbons, or embroider or paint on your wedding date and new name right on the canvas.

Carry an Heirloom Bible

If you're including Bible verses into your ceremony, it's fitting to carry an heirloom Bible or prayer book down the aisle. If your family has an heirloom Bible or prayer book, carrying it shows your faith and incorporates your family heritage into a most important day of your life. To carry a Bible down the aisle, your florist can create a bouquet to drape over the book so you can easily hold it as you walk.

Wear a Scented Memory

Your signature perfume can also be your something old. It's romantic to wear the same scent you wore on the day you met your groom or on your first date. If you prefer, wear the scent that your mother or grandmother wore. If they're no longer alive, the scent can be a beautiful memory that reminds you they're always by your side, even at your wedding.

Find an Old Coin

The traditional wedding rhyme includes adding "a sixpence in your shoe." Slipping this English silver coin into your shoe gives you another element of future prosperity while honoring a quaint tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Purchase a vintage sixpence from online websites or you use an antique coin. If someone in your family collects coins, it's a beautiful way to incorporate something old. Or find two coins stamped with your birthday year and your groom's.

The Full Poem

Here's the entire traditional old English poem that dates back to at least the 19th century. "Something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."

Wear Pearls of Wisdom

Family pearls are always a classic choice for brides who want to wear something old. If you prefer to keep your neck free of jewelry, have pearls woven into a hair updo, stitched onto your veil or dress, or crafted into earrings. You can even have them added as a flourish into your bouquet.

Dress in Vintage Style

Consider wearing a vintage wedding dress that your mother or grandmother once wore. If you can't find a vintage dress that's right for you, there are two options. Opt for an antique veil. Vintage wedding veils can be found online. Also, visit bridal boutiques for vintage veils. Likely, boutiques have properly preserved and stored the veils so they're ready to wear. Or, become inspired by royal weddings. At Prince William and Catherine's royal wedding, the bride's dress had flourishes of lace that were crafted using a technique from the 1800s.

Carry a Tussy-Mussy

Taking inspiration from a Victorian wedding, consider using an antique tussy-mussy (also spelled tussie-mussie) holder. Typically made of silver, a tussy-mussy is a type of small vase that holds a smaller bouquet. You may find one with a stand, called an epergne, which allows it to transform into a sweetheart table centerpiece for the reception.