40 Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

labeled glass canisters for storing bulk items in the kitchen

The Spruce / Kevin Norris

If you feel like your kitchen is a cluttered mess, that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. There are myriad kitchen organization ideas to suit any lifestyle—from large to small kitchens and from professional chefs to casual cooks. Tackle a few of your trouble spots, and before you know it you'll have the momentum you need to organize even the messiest of kitchens. 

Here are 40 ideas to improve your kitchen organization.


The Simple Way to Double Your Under Sink Storage

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    Choose Canisters That Double as Decor

    Glass and copper kitchen canisters against a white tile wall
    Sincerely Sara D

    One way to keep basic dry products organized is to pick canisters you love to look at. Implement a design that will function in an organizational capacity but also act as decor for your kitchen. That way, you don't have to take up space with supplemental decor.

    Inexpensive Glass Kitchen Canisters from Sincerely Sara D

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    Tack Up Inspirational Quotes and Important Notes

    Mini cork board bulletin boards hanging in a kitchen
    A Joyful Riot

    To recreate this stylish and functional look, hang up circular cork boards on a kitchen wall. Next, print some fun and inspirational quotes. Finally, tack up important notes, shopping lists, and reminders to keep you on task. 

    Ron Swanson Kitchen Quotes, Free Printable from A Joyful Riot

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    Fold Kitchen Towels and Stack Them Vertically

    Kitchen towels folded in a drawer
    Just a Girl and Her Blog

    Stacking dish towels horizontally might seem like an excellent way to keep them in order, but you'll save yourself a lot of digging if you line them up vertically instead. Use a divider to store potholders and other kitchen linens. A word of warning: There will be wasted space if the drawer is deeper than a vertically folded dish towel, so try to pick a drawer that's the right size for your folded towels.

    How to Organize a Small Kitchen from Just a Girl and Her Blog

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    Label Contents Inside Your Pantry

    DIY pantry labels on several containers
    Southern Curls and Pearls

    Using bold, simple pantry labels is an effective way to keep dry goods organized. Keep the labels consistent. And label everything, even the items you don't think require a label. That creates a uniform look and ensures that everything will stay in its place.

    How I Organized My Pantry from Southern Curls and Pearls

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    Add a Basket to Store Cleaning Products

    Products stored under a kitchen sink.
    Sarah Hearts

    Under-the-sink storage can easily go from under control to chaotic. To keep things orderly, attach a small basket to the inside of the cabinet door using damage-free picture hanging strips. Store items such as dishwasher tabs, sponges, and other everyday objects that you don't want to dig around to find. 

    How to Organize Under the Sink from Sarah Hearts

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    Keep Plastic Bags Tidy and Out of the Way

    Plastic bag storage container with blue and cream pattern
    Sunny Day Family

    The most functional kitchens are the ones where there is a designated place for everything. Does your kitchen have a spot for plastic bags? If not, create this clever and compact storage solution out of an oatmeal container. If any bags don't fit inside the container, be sure to recycle them.

    How to Organize Plastic Bags from Sunny Day Family

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    Organize Tea in a Drawer

    Tea organization drawer

    @ashleyjoneshatcher / Instagram

    Tea lovers know how easily an entire cabinet can get filled with bulky cardboard tea boxes. Keep your tea, coffee cartridge pods, and other necessities organized inside a drawer instead. Narrow plastic bins will work well to keep your tea in full view. 

    Tea Organization Drawer from Ashley Jones Hatcher

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    Convert an Open Wall Into a Vertical Storage Unit

    Vertical kitchen storage containers
    A Beautiful Mess

    Utilizing every square inch of space is important in a small kitchen. If you love to cook but have nowhere to put all your utensils, tackle this DIY vertical wall storage project. If this aesthetic doesn't appeal to you, change out the containers to better fit your style. 

    Vertical Kitchen Organization from A Beautiful Mess

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    Organize the Fridge Using Zones

    A well-organized refrigerator
    Suddenly Simple Organizing

    If you throw food in the fridge when you get back from the grocery store without much thought—stop. Some areas of the fridge work better for certain items. For instance, keep items you use often at eye level. Also, milk and other perishable items should be kept on the lowest shelves or shelves nearest the freezer that are the coolest. Organizing the fridge is important because once everything has a spot, scanning for items you need will be a much quicker process. 

    The Most Overlooked Area You Need to Organize Now from Suddenly Simple Organizing

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    Conceal a Command Center Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

    Hidden organized kitchen command center
    Eleven Magnolia Lane

    Command centers that house family calendars, important papers and mail, and charging stations can get busy fast. Keep everything organized and out of sight until you need it by stationing the center inside a kitchen cabinet. Use magnetic chalkboard paint to get started. 

    Pantry Makeover from Eleven Magnolia Lane 

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    Fill a Blank Kitchen Wall With a Chalkboard

    Chalkboard kitchen wall with grocery list on it
    Almost Makes Perfect

    If you have a blank wall in your kitchen that is serving no purpose, paint it with chalkboard paint. It can serve to keep grocery lists and meal plans organized. And it can keep young children distracted while you cook.  

    Chalkboard Kitchen Wall from Almost Makes Perfect

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    Use Trays to Keep Countertops Organized

    Organized kitchen counter top and shelves
    Swoon Worthy

    Some people like to keep their countertops bare, but those surfaces can be used for kitchen organization opportunities. The key to keeping countertops looking polished and neat is to use trays and stands to organize different groupings. In this kitchen, all the coffee items are on one tray, fruit sits on another tray, and dry good canisters are on a third tray. 

    8 Secrets for a Tidy Home from Swoon Worthy

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    Use Removable Storage Bins Inside a Lazy Susan

    An organized lazy Susan with dry food products

    Inspiration for Moms

    Lazy Susans are common kitchen organization tools that are used in a variety of ways. You'll often find them in awkward corner cabinets. To make better use of a Lazy Susan, incorporate some removable bins and organize like items in each bin. This idea will help prevent things from falling over and getting lost when you dig through the cabinet. 

    Organizing the Corner Lazy Susan from Inspiration for Moms


    Lazy Susan Life Hacks You Need to Know About

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    Divide the Inside of Drawers Into Sections

    Organized food storage containers inside kitchen drawers
    Organizing Made Fun

    It might seem easier to throw all your container lids inside a drawer and call it a day. Even if you stack them neatly, opening and closing the drawer will eventually cause them to become disorderly. Prevent this mess by sectioning off the inside of your drawer and organizing the containers by size using drawer dividers

    The New Kitchen: Organizing the Drawers from Organizing Made Fun

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    Add Mug Hooks Underneath a Kitchen Cabinet

    Coffee mugs hanging from hooks in kitchen
    Dream Green DIY

    Leaving things out in the open that you use every day isn't cluttering—it's practical. Keep coffee mugs organized and within reach by adding hooks to the bottom of open shelving or kitchen cabinets. Make sure you position this DIY project close to the coffee pot. 

    DIY Custom Photo Mug Rail from Dream Green DIY

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    Keep Dish Brushes Together in a Vintage Container

    Kitchen sink with dish washing brushes in a vase
    Miss Mustard Seed

    There are plenty of items to keep clean and organized by the kitchen sink, including brushes, sponges, and dish soap. Keep all your dish brushes together in a stylish way by incorporating a vintage porcelain container that you can keep next to the sink. Or select a container that meshes with your kitchen style.

    The Enameled Kitchen Sink from Miss Mustard Seed

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    Utilize All the Vertical Space in Cabinets

    Mugs organized in a kitchen cabinet
    Just a Girl and Her Blog

    Cramming plates, glasses, or mugs into your cabinets can result in chipped and broken cups, especially when they're stacked too high. That type of stacking makes them hard to reach, too. Fix this common problem with inexpensive cabinet risers. These kitchen helpers create valuable extra shelf space for cabinet organization.

    How to Organize a Small Kitchen from Just a Girl and Her Blog 

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    Free Up Counter Space by Hanging Paper Towels

    DIY copper paper towel holder
    Squirrelly Minds

    Many paper towel holders sit directly on the countertop wasting valuable space. Hang paper towels underneath your kitchen cabinets or open shelving instead. If you can't find a holder that matches your decor it's easy enough to make your own. 

    Suspended Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder from Squirrelly Minds

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    Get Creative With DIY Spice Racks

    DIY organized spice rack

    If your spices need a place to go, there are hundreds of spice rack options on the market. If you are lacking space and want to build something, consider making a custom spice rack. Get creative with spice storage. Use the space by the stove, at the end of a cabinet, or inside a drawer, for example. 

    How to Build a Space Saving Spice Rack from Remodelaholic

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    Store Food on the Pantry Door

    storage on pantry door
    Four Generations One Roof

    Use the backs of your kitchen cabinet or pantry doors for storage. Specially designed door racks hold more than shelves in some cases. Use this area to store food that you want readily accessible, such as snacks for the kids.

    Our Organized Kitchen Pantry Reveal from Four Generations One Roof

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    Use Furniture as Pantry Storage

    lockers as a kitchen pantry
    The Shabby Creek Cottage

    Storage and organizing become much trickier when a kitchen lacks a pantry. To make up for the lost space, opt for a freestanding pantry. Repurpose a piece of furniture, such as a storage locker, chest of drawers, bookshelf, or armoire, that will give you all the space you crave.

    Creating a Pantry When You Don't Have One from The Shabby Creek Cottage

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    Store Baking Pans Vertically

    Baking pan and utensil storage
    Polished Habitat

    Any organizer that has vertical slats, such as a sturdy mail or file organizer, will work to keep your baking pans accessible inside a kitchen cabinet. Also look for inexpensive vertical cabinet dividers in a home improvement store that you can easily install. This will keep your baking pans easily accessible and less prone to breaking than if you stack them.

    Real Life Kitchen and Pantry Organization Update from Polished Habitat

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    Keep Coffee on a Cart With Limited Counters

    DIY coffee cart idea

    @angelamariemade / Instagram

    Sometimes it doesn't make sense to keep a coffee pot on a counter crowded with other appliances. It might be more practical to store coffee-related items on a small rolling cart. You can roll the cart to guests and return it to the kitchen when finished. 

    DIY Coffee Cart from Angela Marie Made

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    Store Fresh Produce in File Holders

    Storing fresh produce in file holders

    @homesort / Instagram

    File holders and magazine organizers are the perfect desk accessory to use for kitchen organization. If you plan on storing produce in them, opt for wire holders that have plenty of openings for air circulation. Plus, adding labels can ensure that everything is in its place.

    Organized Fresh Produce from Home Sort

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    Create a Tea Caddy on a Tiered Tray

    DIY organized tea caddy
    The Happy Housie

    Tiered trays (especially if they twirl) work well for storing everyday kitchen items. Keep items, such as snacks and teas, on tiered trays to give your kitchen a bit of a café vibe. It prevents little items from becoming clutter, and it makes good use of vertical space.

    Our Kitchen Tea Station and Tiered Trays for Kitchen Storage from The Happy Housie

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    Style Open Shelves With Everyday Items

    Organized open shelving in a kitchen
    The Green Eyed Girl

    There are pros and cons to having open kitchen shelving. The benefits include quick and easy access to items and a place to show off your prettiest kitchenware. One big con: dust. Avoid the problem by using open shelves for items you use frequently. That way dust doesn't have too much of a shelf life because items are quickly rotated.

    Three Ways to Style Open Kitchen Shelving from The Green Eyed Girl

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    Hang Measuring Cups on a Cabinet Door

    Organized measuring cups

    @nest.in.birdland / Instagram

    Many measuring cups and utensils already have a hole for hanging, so attach them to the inside of a cabinet door for easy access. Make this setup even more useful by adding common measuring conversion graphics to the door. It looks cute, and you'll have the correct measurements at your fingertips.

    Hanging Measuring Cups from Nest.In.Birdland

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    Keep Cooking Utensils Organized

    Drawer of organized kitchen utensils

    @extra.ordinary.home / Instagram

    A typical utensil drawer is a mishmash of various sized spoons and whisks that require digging to find. Fix the issue by adding dividers to the utensil drawer, just as you have in the silverware drawer. You'll have an easier time reaching for what you need in the middle of cooking.

    Organized Utensil Drawer from Extra Ordinary Home

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    Organize a Tray With Cooking Essentials

    Kitchen turntable with utensil holders

    Inspiration for Moms

    Cook like a chef by keeping a tray or basket next to the stove that holds your frequently used cooking items. Items you might keep nearby include olive oil, salt and pepper, vinegar, and common cooking utensils. Arrange them all tidy and grouped on a tray. 

    Organizing the Kitchen Counter from Inspiration for Moms

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    Reposition Cabinet and Pantry Shelves

    If you have adjustable shelving in your cabinets or pantry, take the time to position the shelves at the heights that work best for the items you’re storing. Don’t just try to work around their preset heights. In this pantry, shelves got moved around, so breakable bottles could be up higher and out of the kids’ reach. 

    Pantry Shakeup from Extra Ordinary Home

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    Leave Some Breathing Room on Shelves

    Leaving some breathing room between items (or stacks of items such as plates) on kitchen shelves looks more aesthetically appealing than cramming everything together. And it also helps with kitchen organization. You'll easily be able to reach around items to get what you need, as well as replace items in their designated spots.

    DIY Open Shelving Kitchen from Lemon Thistle

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    Use Clear Food Containers

    While labeling containers can be helpful, investing in a set of clear food containers will quickly let you see everything you have stored in your fridge and pantry. Clear plastic containers are fairly inexpensive and can store food of all different sizes. Clear glass containers are usually more expensive, but they often can go in the microwave and sometimes even the oven, meaning they can serve multiple purposes in your kitchen.

    Food Containers from Veggies Boxes

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    Hang Pots and Pans

    When it comes down to it, pots and pans are an odd shape. They often don't nest well if you try to stack them in cabinets, especially if you have a wide variety of sizes. To have them easily at your fingertips, consider hanging them on a pot rack in your kitchen. Not only will this free up cupboard space, but it also will make use of vertical space.

    DIY Pot Rack from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

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    Turn Cutting Boards Into Wall Art

    Cutting boards can be stored in vertical dividers in cabinets for easy access. For even easier access, hang some of your beautiful wooden cutting boards as wall art in your kitchen. Simply take them down when you need to use them, and then replace them on their wall hooks once you're done.

    Tiny Kitchen from The Little House in the City

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    Use the Sides of Cabinets

    If you have a small kitchen (or a big kitchen with a lot of stuff) you'll want to maximize every square inch of its storage space. And that includes the sides of cabinets. Attach a small basket to the side of a cabinet, in which you can put items such as cutting boards, spices, utensils, and more. Just don't overstuff it, as that will diminish its kitchen organization potential.

    Cabinet Basket from cozy_corner_creations

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    Store Items on Top of Cabinets

    Just like the sides of cabinets are potential storage spots, so are the tops of cabinets. If you have cabinets that don't go all the way up to the ceiling, put that dead space in your kitchen to use. Place lidded bins (to keep out the dust) on top of them, where you can store items you don't use regularly. Or stack cookbooks on top of the cabinets. You also can display decorative pottery up there, as seen in this kitchen.

    Green Kitchen from tiny.kitchenette

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    Install a Tension Rod Under the Sink

    Adding a tension rod to a cabinet interior is a quick and inexpensive way to maximize its storage potential and improve kitchen organization. A tension rod under the kitchen sink is especially ideal for hanging bottles of cleaning products that otherwise would clutter the bottom of the cabinet. You also can add hooks to the tension rod for hanging reusable grocery bags, plastic bags, and more.

    Under My Sink from Jen Thousand Words

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    Hang Pegboard With Baskets

    Pegboards aren't just for craft rooms and garages. They can be a great way to organize small items in the kitchen. Simply hang a pegboard on an unused wall, and add baskets, hooks, and even small shelves to store items. The items on this pegboard coordinate so well that it feels like an art piece for the kitchen.

    Pegboard Wall from elisabethcolette

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    Frost Glass Cabinet Doors

    Glass cabinets are a nice way to display fine china, fancy platters, and other decorative items. On the contrary, seeing stacks of mismatched items behind glass cabinet doors can make a kitchen feel disorganized. If you don't have anything you want displayed, consider frosting your glass cabinet doors. You can use inexpensive contact paper to make the doors opaque and give your kitchen a cleaner, more streamlined feel.

    Cover Glass Cabinet Doors from Simply 2 Moms

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    Put Up a Magnetic Knife Strip

    Chunky knife blocks take up precious counter space. So to save room and still have your knives at your fingertips, consider hanging a magnetic knife strip. Position it as close as possible to where you do most of your food prep. Not only will that be convenient, but it's a safety factor, as you won't have to take extra steps around your kitchen while holding a knife.

    Knife Rack from Noyerdk