15 Creative Nursery Wall Ideas

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    Show-Stopping Nursery Accent Walls

    Photos (clockwise) via Bower Power, Project Nursery and Kristen & Dave.

    An empty nursery is like a blank canvas. With a little inspiration, you can create almost anything! Need a creative boost? Check out these show-stopping, DIY nursery wall ideas.

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    Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

    Photo via Bower Power.

    Bring rich, rustic appeal to your nursery with the worn textures of reclaimed wood. Not so handy with a power tool? Get a similar look with this authentic-looking peel and stick paneling.

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    Stone Accent Wall

    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Made using lightweight, faux-stone brinks, this texture-rich accent wall makes an ideal focal point for a nature-themed nursery. 

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    Sharpie Accent Wall

    Want a beautiful, patterned accent wall without the cost and effort of wallpapering? You won’t believe what this clever mama did with a ruler and couple of Sharpies!

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    Library Wall

    If you’re looking for beautiful, inexpensive nursery art, look no further than your favorite storybooks! By installing simple, DIY book ledges, you can transform an empty wall into a colorful gallery featuring all your favorite titles. Don’t forget to add a cozy reading space where you and your little one can share a good book!

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    Magnetic Letter Wall

    This handcrafted alphabet wall is as eye-catching as it is educational. Want to bump up the fun factor? Paint the wall with magnetic paint, and glue magnets to the back of each letter for hours of interactive, alphabet play.

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    Car-Themed Feature Wall

    Photo via Homedit.

    Mini Matchbox cars and magnetic paint also make for playful wall décor. Create a simple roadway or a whole village!

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    Music Mural

    Photo via

    Does your little one put a song in your heart? Why not put that song on the wall! It’s an elegant and inexpensive way to make a meaningful statement in the nursery. 

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    Galaxy Wall Galaxy Wall Galaxy Wall

    Photo via Lemondrop Life.

    This hand-painted galaxy wall featuring simple, sewing-hoop planets couldn’t be more adorable! 

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    Easy Mountain Mural

    Photo via Wills Casa.

    Dreaming of a nursery room with a view? Try recreating this bold and beautiful mountain range using this incredibly helpful tutorial by Wills Casa. 

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    Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

    Photo via Honest to Nod.

    Not much of an artist? That doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful, vintage-inspired wall mural like this one! All you need is an old-fashioned paint-by-numbers kit, a projector and a little patience.

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    Chalk-Paint Mural

    Photo via Kristen & Dave.

    As beautiful as they can be, nursery murals are not the best of investments. Looking for something with a little more staying power? Instead of paying a fortune for a hand-painted mural, use chalkboard paint to create an artistic accent wall and hire an art student to draw something up using a chalk-paint pen. (These semi-permanent markers look like chalk but won’t rub off without chemical treatment.) When your child outgrows the mural, simple clean the wall, and invite them to decorate their own space. 

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    Map Mural

    Photo via Apartment Therapy.

    Bring a sense of wonder and adventure to your nursery with a beautiful, mural-sized wall map. You can pick up the map pictured above from the National Geographic Store for just $99.95. For a finished look, try framing your map with a wood-trim frame. 

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    Tasteful Tapestries

    Tapestries are making comeback! These warm and texture-rich fabric hangings make for fabulous feature walls when hung behind a bed or crib.

    You can find this beauty at Restoration Hardware for $599. Looking for a budget-friendly option? Pick up an inexpensive rug and transform it into a wall-mounted tapestry using these simple instructions

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    Framed Wallpaper Panels

    Photo via TheZhush.

    These pretty panels bring a touch of playful pattern and color to this simple and sophisticated nursery space. 

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    Wood Trim Molding

    A little woodwork can make a dramatic difference to your nursery space and for less than you might imagine. This stunning, DIY feature wall cost only $115 and a day’s work to make! Get the full tutorial from Infarrantly Creative.