Creative Printing with Kids

Crafts Made Using Printmaking Techniques

How to Do Sponge Printing
How to Do Printing. Sherri Osborn

Get creative with printing, and I don't mean writing; I am referring to printmaking. Find out how you can use printmaking techniques to create pictures, t-shirts, wrapping paper, and more.

With simple printmaking techniques, you cover one item (usually one with a lot of texture) with thick paint or ink and press it onto another item (such as a piece of paper, t-shirt, etc.) to make a design.

You can use a variety of supplies to print patterns and pictures onto different items.

Of course, you can go out and buy yourself an assortment of printmaking supplies; however, I would suggest you start out by using your imagination and objects laying around your house to try your hand at printmaking.

Here is a list of items you can use to try your hand at printmaking. You should also take some time to look around your home to find other items to try!

You can set out an assortment of these objects to play around with or just use one or two at a time. It may also be fun to use the same object to make prints using thick and thin paint and compare the differences. You can also experiment with dipping the item you are printing with into paint and also dabbing the paint onto the item to get more precise results.

The fun thing about printmaking is that you can use just about anything.

The ideas above will get you started; can you think of any other items you can make prints with?