Creative Projects Using Molted Feathers

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    Creative Projects Using Molted Feathers

    Patricia Sund

    When I got my first bird, it seemed such a waste to throw out his feathers so I saved them. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I thought one day I’d find some way to use them in some project or another. And I’m glad I saved them because all of those feathers came in handy for some projects I completed to raise money for parrot adoption and rescue organizations. The feather projects I have completed over the years have raised thousands of dollars for parrot adoption organizations...MORE and they continue to do so because people will donate the scarf out yet again and someone else will purchase it. This cycle has happened repeatedly for several of my scarves. 

    I know that I’m not the only one who saves feathers for one reason or another. 

    There was an organization that collected feathers and donated them to Native American tribes for use in their rituals. But unfortunately the project has been halted, the gentleman that headed it up has retired and no one else has picked up the organization and got it going again. 

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    My First Scarf

    Patricia Sund

    When I went to the Houston Parrot Festival for the first time, I read what the events were and learned that on the first weekend night, there was a cocktail party and attendees were encouraged to dress up in costume if they liked. I thought this would be a fun thing to do and I thought about using those feathers  somehow. The event was called “Blue Jeans To Black Tie.” So I decided to make a feather scarf to go along with my dress pants and black jacket. I made it out of my African Grey’s gray...MORE and red feathers. The scarf wasn't executed very well because I didn't know what I was doing and I had only meant to to be a costume piece.  Nevertheless it was a hit and I was even asked to auction it off for the National Parrot Rescue And Preservation Foundation. (NPRPF) They made about three hundred dollars on my scarf and that money went straight to helping the NPRPF with veterinarian bills, food, toys and other needs that this organization has. 

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    The Debut Of The Skinny Scarf

    Patricia Sund

    I then thought of other things I could make besides a scarf. I had made smaller scarves that looked nice on more petite people. They looked simply wonderful with a blazer and they flew out the door at auctions for different fundraising events I donated them to. People really seemed to enjoy wearing these scarves and they raised quite a bit of money. But I thought that there were more ideas and other ways to use my feathers in order to raise money for the many adoption organizations that could...MORE use the support through auctioning off these items. 

    ​I added little glue-on crystals to this skinny cockatoo scarf. It looked really pretty when the model moved because the crystals twinkled when light hit the scarf. Crystals come in a wide range of colors so you can use these if the mood strikes you. 

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    Help! I'm Running Out Of Feathers!

    Patricia Sund

    I began asking friends to mail me their parrot’s molted feathers so I could branch out using different colored feathers from different species. When I asked people for those feathers and explained why I wanted them, the feathers came flying from everywhere. It was amazing! Due to this, I was able to raise money for Phoenix Landing as well as even more money for the Houston Parrot Festival’s NPRPF. 

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    On To Making A Pillow

    Patricia Sund

    From there, I branched out and decided to try and figure out how to make a pillow. I used the same method of weaving the feather through monk’s cloth, but I simply stuck the feathers in at an angle before gluing them in tightly with super glue. I then stitched the feather covered material around a pillow form. It worked!

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    Another Pillow

    Patricia Sund

    I actually made quite a few of them. I think this one was for The Houston Parrot Festival. 

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    And Yet Another!

    Patricia Sund

    They got to be quite popular at fund-raising auctions. This one is made from Blue and Gold Macaw and cockatoo feathers. This was at a fund raiser for The Oasis Sanctuary in Benson, Arizona.

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    More Scarves

    Patricia Sund

    These two scarves were a big hit once again at the Houston Parrot Festival. Made from cockatoo and guinea hen feathers, these scarves raised hundreds of dollars for the NPRPF. 

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    The Dream Catcher

    Patricia Sund

    I have a friend who made me a dream-catcher for Christmas. She told me she wanted a few of my feathers for her sister for a project. I gave her some and I got a dream-catcher for Christmas. Well, she had to tell a white lie so she could get those feathers! And the end result? It’s absolutely beautiful. It has simple lines and as you can see, it’s very eye-catching. I’m sure these could be easily made and they would make a nice gift or a donation to your favorite adoption organization. 

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    Different Species, Different Color Combinations

    Patricia Sund

    I used to do them in strictly African Grey, but I branched out when people began sending me their molted feathers. They wanted to help out with raising funds and they knew this was a good way to do it.  

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    The Possibilities Are Almost Endless!

    Patricia Sund

     This scarf made from African Grey and Eclectus feathers turned out to be a winning combination. This captured a few hundred dollars for a parrot addition organization. 

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    I'm Ready For My Closeup!

    Patricia Sund

    This is a closeup of an African Grey scarf using both the molted gray and red tail feathers, but as you can see, I added some silver and black thread and yarn that has an interesting texture. This one was also a winner and raised a few hundred dollars for an adoption organization. I've also added pearls, charms, yarn and crystals on other scarves. If you decide to make one of these items, simply use what works best!