Creative St. Patrick's Day Snacks

Recipes for St. Patrick's Day Snacks

Check out these creative St. Patrick's Day snacks. These snack ideas and recipes are a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with family and friends of all ages. 

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    Leprechaun Pudding Snack Recipe

    Spoonful of pistachio pudding
    James And James/Getty Images

    This recipe explains how each member of the family can make their own serving of green pudding using a plastic sandwich bag.

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    Cloverleaf Dessert Buns Snack Recipe
    Cloverleaf Dessert Buns Snack Recipe. Elizabeth Yetter
    These sweet rolls are great for an after dinner treat and can be decorated using green sprinkle for St. Patrick's Day or changed up for any occasion.
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    Grasshopper Pie Snack Recipe

    Frozen grasshopper Pie
    Alison Miksch/Getty Images

    Make this fun, green pie for a St. Patrick's Day snack. The kids might say yuck when they hear the name of it.

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    Green Popcorn Snack Recipe
    Green Popcorn. Carroll Pellegrinelli
    Most people love popcorn so how about mixing up some green popcorn for a fun St. patrick's Day snack!?
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    Green Smoothie Snack Recipe

    Green Smoothie
    Rosy Outlook Photography/Getty Images

    The kids will surely enjoy this healthy smoothie which is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

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    Irish Mint Brownies Snack Recipe

    Stack Of Mint Chocolate Fudge Brownies
    Gchutka/Getty Images

    What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's day then adding a fun green twist to this chocolate snack.

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    Irish Soda Bread Snack Recipe

    Irish Soda Bread
    Dave Bradley Photography/Getty Images
    Bake up a loaf or two of Irish soda bread and serve it for a more traditional St. Patrick's Day snack.
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    Mint Twists Green Snack Recipe

    Mint Twists Green Snack Recipe
    Mint Twists Green Snack Recipe. Elizabeth LaBau

    Learn how to make fun, pulled taffy with a green and white striped appearance.

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    Pistachio Cake Snack Recipe
    Pistachio Cake Recipe. Carroll Pellegrinelli

    Learn how to use a boxed cake mix and a package of pistachio pudding to make this moist, green cake.

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    Potato Pinwheels Candy Recipe
    Potato Pinwheels Candy Recipe. Elizabeth LaBau
    Learn how to make candy out of mashed potatoes.
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    Shamrock Fudge Snack Recipe
    Shamrock Fudge Snack Recipe. Elizabeth LaBau

    Mix up a couple of batches of this green, clover-shaped fudge everyone will surely love.

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    St Patrick's Day Cookies
    Rona Proudfoot/Flickr/CC 2.0

    If you don't have a fancy shamrock cookie cutter, follow these tips to make your own St. Patrick's Day cookies.

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    St. Patrick's Day Snack Cupcakes

    Green Cupcakes
    Jan Herbert/Flickr/CC 2.0

    These green cupcakes would make a fun holiday snack for kids or anyone.