7 Creative Ways to Display Those Beautiful Buds

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    How To Stylishly Display Those Gorgeous Stems

    Tulips in vase
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    Maybe you treated yourself to a bunch of supermarket flowers. Or maybe your beau surprised you with stems from the florist. Whichever the case, now you need to do those beautiful buds some justice. The following seven creative ideas will show you how to arrange those gorgeous flowers.​

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    Create a Submerged Flower Centerpiece

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    If you are looking for a super simple idea, that's also drop dead gorgeous, this one is it. Here's how to DIY:

    • Trim the stems so each flower fits inside the transparent vases.
    • Fill the vases halfway with water.
    • Add flowers to each vase and arrange.
    • Finish filling each vase with water until flowers are submerged. 
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    Create a Fresh Flower Lamp


    This DIY pendant lamp will virtually light up any room. To create you'll need a wire basket, which you'll weave fresh flowers around, and a hanging light cord kit, which is essentially an electrical cord with a light socket. You'll find the rest of the DIY deets here

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    Create a Flower Display Using Unconventional Containers

    When it comes to flower arranging, you can use any container in your home to create a lovely display. 

    Mixing up glassware is an excellent example. Drinking glasses and fancy stemware work just as beautifully as traditional vases. Here's how to do:

    • Work with different drinking glass styles and sizes. For kicks you can throw a couple of glass bottles into the mix. 
    • Trim flower stems. Vary the height of each one slightly. It will make it easier to create a pleasing arrangement.
    • Place your flowers in the glasses.
    • Bundle the glassware with a beautiful ribbon or rustic cord.
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    Make a Color-Coordinated Pedestal


    How can you effortlessly work that expensive bouquet you received with your home's color scheme?

    Here's a neat trick: Create a pedestal for your display using several color-coordinated books. To pull this look off, the color of each book cover should complement your flowers and your décor. 

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    Go Vertical With Hanging Vases

    Beautiful Mess

    If you want to create a stunning arrangement there is nothing like going vertical. Hanging vases are a great way to liven up blank walls. There are plenty of ways you can make them, but this DIY is our favorite.

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    How to Make a Bunch of Flowers Appear Perky

    Cup of Jo

    You know that rubber band that comes with supermarket flowers? It can be used to help you create a beautiful arrangement.

    After trimming the stems to the desired height, you'll want to crisscross the stems at the bottom, which will keep the flowers looking upright and perky instead of droopy and lifeless. If needed, you can tighten things up using twine. You can learn more here.

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    What to do When Your Flowers Start to Wilt


    You don't have to ditch your flowers the moment they start to wilt. Hanging them up to dry will allow you to keep enjoying them. For the full skinny go here.