25 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Pink and Blue Birthday or Gender Reveal Surprise Box
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There are so many tried-and-true ways to announce the sex of your baby. Gender reveal parties have become so popular that there are entire sections in party supply shops dedicated to the theme.

These innovative gender reveal ideas will go through some of the popular antics but will also provide some unusual ways you can tailor this special moment for you and your family.

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    Fill a Black Balloon With Colored Confetti

    Gender reveal ideas
    @familyfizz / Instagram

    There are specially designed thick black balloons that will hide either blue or pink confetti for the big reveal. Blow up the balloon as large as you can for a better photo op.

    Common gender reveal sayings on balloons:

    • He or She? Pop to See
    • Sister or Brother? We're Having Another!
    • Baby is a...
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    Bake Mini Cupcakes With Colored Filling

    Gender Reveal Ideas

    @thestripedapronbakingco / Instagram

    Mini cupcakes are a cute and delicious way to unveil the baby's gender to your guests. To make your own, simply bake the cupcakes like you usually would. Once cooled, carve out a round section on top, leaving it intact. In the crevice, fill with colored frosting or filling. Cut off part of the cupcake lid then replace. Frost as usual.

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    Fill a Wrapped Box With Pink or Blue Balloons

    How to reveal the sex of a baby

    @liziereyglam / Instagram

    This idea is pretty inexpensive and can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. You can fill a box with balloons that you and your partner open at the same time. You can also mix it up by hanging the box upside down from the ceiling with a dangling rope to open the flaps.

    Another option is to decorate two boxes but only fill one with balloons and streamers of the sex. Have both parents open and dump the box at the same time. One box will be empty, and the other will reveal the gender. 

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    Fill a Fake Sports Ball With Powder

    Gender reveal ideas

    @anastezia16 / Instagram

    Pink and blue colored powder has become very popular as far as gender reveals are concerned. To keep it simple (and messy), throw the party around like you would at a Holi party.

    For sports fanatics, the powder is especially fun. There are a variety of breakable balls you can use and then break for this purpose, or you can decoupage your own. 

    Some sports-related gender reveal ideas include:

    • Kicking a soccer ball
    • Hitting a baseball
    • Swinging at a golf ball
    • Slam dunking a basketball
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    Make Either Strawberry or Blueberry Cake Pops

    Gender Reveal Ideas

    @justdessertsbyjess / Instagram

    Cake pops are easy to make and are fun to use as a decorative accent at a gender reveal party. Since the entire pop is covered in opaque icing, the flavor inside can be the giveaway color. No special filling required.

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    Drop a Colored Bath Bomb in a Tub of Water

    Unusual gender reveal ideas

    @outerhappiness / Instagram

    This gender reveal idea is a little more unusual but would work well for a spa or rubber duck themed party. The colored bath bombs would also be an intimate way to reveal the gender in private with just your partner and a bathtub. 

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    Announce the Gender on Sugar Cookies

    Gender reveal cookies

    @cookielligraphy / Instagram

    Who needs a grand unveiling? Spill the beans on some sugar cookie desserts that your guests can see as soon as they arrive. 

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    Spell Out the Gender in Balloons

    Gender reveal ideas
    @allerliebeanfang / Instagram

    For those who don't wish to throw a party, revealing the gender using balloons and a photo is a cute way to share the news with family and friends that are near and far. 

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    Bake a Creative Cake

    Gender reveal cake ideas
    @kaydejaye / Instagram

    One of the most common ways to reveal a gender is cutting into the cake. It used to be that just the filling or the cake batter was colored. Now there are pinata cakes where hundreds of mini candies flood out of the cake when its cut into. Get creative with your gender reveal cake and have it fit in with an overall theme. 

    Some common gender reveal sayings for cakes include:

    • Stashes or Lashes
    • Touchdowns or Tutus
    • Wheels or Heels
    • Baseballs or Bows
    • Beards or Bows
    • Buck or Doe
    • King or Queen
    • Lures or Lace
    • Cupcake or Stud Muffin
    • Mermaid or Pirate
    • Witch or Wizard
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    Opt for Pinata Cookies for a Surpise Reveal

    Gender reveal Ideas

    If baking or buying a pinata cake is too elaborate, try this recipe for pinata sugar cookies instead. If you like to bake, these should be relatively simple to replicate. 

    Gender Reveal Cookies from Craftstorming

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    Set the Mood With a Color Changing Candle

    Gender Reveal Ideas
    Banter and Bliss / Etsy

    This unusual gender reveal idea is somewhat magical. Once you light the candles, the wax will eventually change either blue or pink. If you're looking for immediate results, this may not be the idea for you. The wax takes about twenty minutes to change. 

    Gender Reveal Color Changing Candle, $10.64, Banter and Bliss

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    Fill Balloons With Paint and Create Art

    Gender Reveal Ideas

    This gender reveal idea utilizes the same balloons as the confetti idea. However, instead of popping on the spot, the balloons are filled with paint and thrown at a canvas to create a one of a kind piece of art. 

    Gender Reveal Ideas from Mumsy

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    Incorporate Black and White Photography With Special Flares

    Gender reveal ideas

    @r.photography17 / Instagram

    Smoke flares are a popular gender reveal item because they make for such great photo opportunities. This idea captures the moment perfectly by making the rest of the photo black and white.

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    Get Your Other Children Involved in the Reveal

    Gender Reveal Ideas
    Katie Toye

    If you want to reveal the gender of your baby with a photo story, consider involving your other children. Have them conduct the reveal and capture it on video. If your child is still too young to take direction, feed them a colored cupcake and let them have fun with it. The resulting photos will be adorable, albeit a little messy.  

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    DIY a Gender Reveal Pinata

    Gender reveal ideas
    A Lil Bit Fancy

    Who doesn't love a classic pinata? Make one with pull strings that can be quickly dismantled. If you're having a party with a lot of kids, DIY a traditional pinata and turn the reveal into a fun game

    DIY Gender Reveal Pull-String Piñata from A Lil Bit Fancy  

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    Don't Forget About the Family Dog

    Gender Reveal Ideas to try
    lcdezines / Etsy

    This cute gender reveal t-shirt is for the family pup and is a smart way to get the entire family involved.

    Baby Gender Reveal Dog T-Shirt, $29.26, lcdezines

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    Purchase Custom Fortune Cookies

    Gender reveal Ideas

    @thefortunatecookiees / Instagram

    Looking for something a little different? Think of a custom fortune and have it stuffed inside a large fortune cookie. To fully commit to this gender reveal idea, consider ordering Chinese takeout for the gathering.

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    Spell It Out on a Message Board

    Gender reveal ideas

    @nadia.in.love / Instagram

    This gender reveal idea works great if you're not planning on throwing a party. Stage a photo shoot that reveals the gender using a lightbox or message board. Include feminine or masculine trinkets in the photo to add more interest.

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    Stage a Reveal Based on Your Interests

    Gender reveal ideas
    Taylor Brooke / Pinterest

    The number of ways to reveal the sex of a baby is really endless. To make your idea stand out, think about something that you and your partner are really passionate about. This couple loved fishing so figured out a way to reveal the gender using that past time.  

    More outdoorsy gender reveal ideas include: 

    • Create a bullseye with a paint-filled balloon at center. Use an arrow, darts, or gun to pop.
    • Go camping and change the color of your campfire using special colorant.
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    Hand Out Confetti Canons

    Gender Reveal Ideas

    @favorlanepartyboutique / Instagram

    Have all your guests line up close together, hand out some confetti cannons, and on the count of three, shoot them off. Make sure you have someone on the other end catching the moment on video. 

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    Give Guests Cans of Silly String

    Gender reveal ideas
    Lively Happenings

    Feeling a little mischievous? Purchase cans of colored silly string, and when the time is right, start a silly string fight. 

    Creative Gender Reveal With Silly String from Lively Happenings

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    Throw a Themed Party for the Big Reveal

    Gender reveal ideas

    @nerdaymadre / Instagram

    For avid themed-party throwers, there are no limits when throwing a gender reveal party. The theme can be very baby-oriented, but it can also be more personalized to the parent's interests. This Game of Thrones-themed party reveals the gender using a custom dragon's egg. 

    Some other gender reveal party theme ideas include:

    • Dr. Seuss — One Fish, Two Fish, Pink Fish, Blue Fish
    • Bee Themed — What Will It Bee?
    • Harry Potter — Only the Sorting Hat Can See. Boy or Girl, What Will Baby Be?
    • Stars — Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are
    • Sports Themed — Will Baby Be a Quarterback or a Cheerleader?
    • Classic Baby Colors — Pink or Blue? We Love You
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    Buy or DIY Some Gender Reveal Confetti Eggs

    Gender reveal ideas
    Snuggle Works / Etsy

    Confetti eggs will take some patience to make on your own, but there are also a handful of shops selling them ready to be filled. Ever wondered what it would be like to smash an egg on your partner's head? Now you can find out. 

    Gender Reveal Confetti Eggs, $46.54, Snuggle Works

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    Whip Up a Batch of Gender Reveal Truffles

    Gender Reveal Ideas

    This gender reveal idea is bite-sized and fairly easy to make. Just make sure guests don't pop the entire truffle in their mouth. The secret is at the candy's center. 

    Gender Reveal Truffles from Momtastic

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    Have Guests Scratch for the Answer

    Gender reveal ideas
    A Crafted Passion

    If you like paper crafts, these gender reveal scratch offs will be fun to make. You can purchase the gold or silver scratch-offs online or at most craft and party supply stores. 

    How to Make Gender Reveal Scratch Offs from A Crafted Passion