Creative Ways to Reveal the Sex of Your Baby

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    Creative Ways to Reveal the Sex of Your Baby

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    There are fewer surprises that are more anticipated than finding out the sex of your baby. Gone are the days where you can simply call someone up and say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Now there has to be an impressive display of creativity.

    Families use this to heighten the surprise, to savor the thrill of the secret a little longer and for many other reasons that are varied as there are people. Some of the cute and creative ways that people choose to share are included here and there's...MORE even a spot for you to share your story.

    And if you're a member of the growing number of families who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, there are plenty of ways that you can still enjoy these ideas.

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    Baby Shower Reveal

    Group at a baby shower
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    This is a hard sell, but when you manage to make it work, it can be a lot of fun! Simply have the baby’s gender sealed in an envelope to be delivered to the hostess planning the baby shower. She will tell all the guests the sex of the baby and they can buy gifts accordingly (pink or blue). When you show up at the baby shower, the decorations can either give away the answer or it can be kept gender neutral until the presents. This makes a great couples shower surprise.

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    Let Your Belly Do the Talking

    Pregnant Belly with a Hello My Name is sticker
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    At a large family gathering, you can make your announcement by either painting on your belly or using stickers to spell out either the baby’s name or "It’s a girl!" or "It’s a boy!" Cover your belly with your shirt until it’s time for the big reveal. This one also works well in the summer with your favorite bikini.

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    Using a Mix Tape to Reveal the Sex of Your Baby

    Woman with her headphones on her belly
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    Invite your family and friends over for a party. Tell them that you will be announcing the sex of the baby at the party. Have your playlist be all songs that relate to the sex of the baby. 

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    Hide the Sex of Your Baby in a Blog Post

    Blue baby boy booties
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    If you have a pregnancy blog that you’ve been keeping, it would be normal to announce it on your blog. Consider making it a bit harder to find by hiding the message. One example might be to have the first letter of every sentence be part of the message. Here’s a girl example: Great news! It’s been determined that our baby is healthy. Really excited to meet our little one. Little did you know that you’ve already read the answer to the question of girl or boy!

    Alternatively, you could simply hide...MORE clues: Boy oh boy! We're so excited to meet our new little one this fall. Missing pregnancy will make me blue, but what's a new mom to do?

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    Make a Video to Announce the Sex of Your Baby

    3D Ultrasound 24 weeks
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    This is a great way to share the good news with family and friends far away. This can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be. You can add parts of your ultrasound video in your own video, you can have it be simply you and your partner talking. Perhaps a tour of a freshly painted nursery? The sky is the limit here.

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    Fortune Cookies Reveal the Sex of Your Baby

    Surprise! You're pregnant fortune cookie
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    Have the family over for dinner to share your good news. Serve Chinese food, maybe even play with the Chinese Gender Calendar. Then offer everyone a fortune cookie for dessert. Only these fortune cookies will have a special message that says “It’s a girl!” or perhaps hints about the sex of your baby. You can either pre-order special cookies or you can make your own fortune cookies. These also work really well for baby shower announcements as to girl or boy.

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    The Envelope, Please!

    Top Secret Envelope Gender Reveal
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    At your ultrasound, have the tech write down the sex of your baby without telling you. You can choose to open it in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’ll have a romantic dinner for two with just you and your honey, maybe you’ll auction the envelope off to the highest bidder and use the money to buy baby things, or one of my personal favorites, torture people by hanging it, unopened on your refrigerator.

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    Pink or Blue Cake

    Pink and Blue Cupcakes
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    This has been a very popular choice lately – bake cupcakes or a cake and have the actual cake be pink or blue, depending on the sex of your baby. You hide the cake with generic icing like vanilla or chocolate. This is a great one to do with older kids.

    If you're having one of each, twins, then you might even try to confuse people by having pink and blue cupcakes. Or if you do a layered cake, you could do one layer in pink and one layer in blue. This is easy to do with food coloring!

    You can...MORE also offer these up at your baby shower. Do the icing in pink and blue. Have one cupcake filled with a pink or blue filling to reveal the true answer.

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    Pink or Blue Balloons

    Pregnant woman holding pink and blue balloon
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    You can either make your announcement surrounded by pink or blue balloons or you can do something else. One idea is to have a bunch of various colored balloons and have one filled with a slip of paper that reveals the answer. Have a balloon stomp until someone finds the answer. This is a great one for photos for a blog or even as a movie for the video. The other way to is hold up a pink balloon and a blue balloon. Then in the next frame, you’ve got one blown up to show the sex of your baby.