20 Creative Ways to Store Books in Your Home

Book Storage Ideas

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Whether you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm or a casual reader, chances are you have a lot of books lying around. And just like any collection, they need a home — so you have easy access to them and never lose a prized title.

While you might turn to your average bookcase — which can be great — there are plenty of unique ways to store your books, too. Think color-coded spines, converted bar carts, built-in reading nooks, and more. Ready to take your collection to the next level? Check out these 20 book storage and display ideas for inspiration. 

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    Strapped Storage

    Book Storage

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    For a more stylish take on book storage, leather hangers certainly fit the bill. These easily create a chic display, with rich brown straps hanging from gold loops for added glamour and sophistication. There are variations you can play with to find the ideal setup for you — whether it's straight down like this in a hallway, a gallery wall of books, or some solo ones scattered around your home.

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    Tiered Cart

    Book Storage

    @booksandcharl / Instagram

    You don't need a shelf to get the job done. Instead, use any tiered carts you have on hand — or snag an affordable one from an online marketplace — and use it to house your books. It's the perfect option if you need a smaller selection nearby, and works great tucked in an office or by your bedside.

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    Front-Facing Books

    Book Storage

    @great_little_trading_co / Instagram

    Front-facing books are ideal for little readers, as they can easily scan the titles and images to find one that piques their interest. This table set-up is made to be shorter than the average one for easy access. Plus, it has a handy erasable label so you can change up the selection and genres with ease.

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    Shaker-Style Cabinets

    Book Storage

    Design by @jda_i / Photo by @lucy_w_photo​​​​​​​​

    A built-in bookcase always works wonders functionally and stylistically. This one is set in a deep mahogany hue with classic rectangular slats framing the door of the room. The maroon rug plays off the shelving, resulting in a cohesive and elegant look.

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    Hidden Titles

    Book Storage

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    A different take on baskets, this storage option helps tuck things totally away if you're looking for a more minimalist option. The baskets are tall enough to conceal most books, preventing visual clutter. Plus, the clean shape and jute material keep things feeling grounded and organized.

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    Vertical Bookcase

    Book Storage

    @at_the_mcgillens / Instagram

    Another great front-facing option, these shelves are mounted to the wall so that no books tip over. They even have a rod to keep the titles neatly in place. The clean lines and cream hue are an easy complement to most palettes, including pastels like in this kids' room.

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    Geometric Shelf

    Book Storage

    @thisaccountisfiction / Instagram

    This standalone shelving has a unique structure, with various cube compartments tucked into each other and some protruding out. The result? A visually immersive experience that lures you in. Note that some books are kept front-facing while others are organized by their spine — this provides contrast and more options for styling.

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    Monochrome Spines

    Book Storage

    @lacedindarkness / Instagram

    A one-color bookshelf is a bold way to display your titles. This one is all-black for a moody look, set atop white shelving to balance it out. A benefit of this monochrome setup is that it has a cleaner look and can complement accent colors in a space more seamlessly.

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    Low-Hanging Shelves

    Book Storage

    @livingwithsassygirls / Instagram

    These cute shelves are simple yet effective. The classic floating slats easily hold picture books, and the depth is enough to stack multiple titles over each other. The pairing of the bleached wood with lighter neutral tones throughout the space is instantly calming.

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    Playful Shapes

    Book Storage

    Design by @littlecrowninteriors⁠ / Photo by @david_fullspectrum

    Shelving is always more fun when it's designed in a unique shape. This piece, crafted like a tree, has enclosed nooks perfect to lean books in alongside toys and other decor. It's a great way to make reading feel fun for kiddos as well since it adds some whimsy to their space.

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    Floating Shelves

    Book Storage

    @autumnscorneruk / Instagram

    This front-facing storage option takes things horizontally, with long floating shelves spanning almost the entire width of the room. They are staggered to provide visual interest. Plus, the larger books are kept in the back with shorter titles in front of them so that everything is neat and tidy — and nothing gets lost out of sight.

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    Wall Shelves

    Book Storage

    @our_little_farmer / Instagram

    Perfectly symmetrical and literally squared-off, this storage option is proof that you can house lots of books without things looking cluttered. Its clean shape makes it easy to tuck between walls or in sectioned-off nooks. Each compartment is also tall and deep enough so that multiple titles can be stacked and shuffled around.

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    Framed Built-Ins

    Book Storage

    @uncommon_projects / Instagram

    These shelves are built around a bright window, creating the feeling of a private and dreamy reading nook. Because the titles are so many different colors, a neutral brown works well for the shelving. A bonus? The window isn't just a pretty feature — it also offers natural light to easily scan titles and read with ease.

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    Color-Coded Titles

    Book Storage

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    There are few things as satisfying as a color-coded shelf. You might find that a lot of your book spines share similar hues — so, why not group them together? These cube shelves offer the perfect compartment size and shape to section off the different tones. Don't forget to put the books in rainbow order, too!

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    Console Shelving

    Book Storage

    @kimberlyparkerdesign / Instagram

    A built-in console is an easy elegant way to house the literature you have lying around. Set in an olive green hue with oaky slats layered in between, this shelving strikes the ideal balance of earthy and elevated. Note that the titles don't have the spines sticking out — rather the pages are facing front, so it's a surprise every time a guest picks one and keeps the palette neutral.

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    Open Cabinets

    Book Storage

    @sortedsimplicity / Instagram

    Don't forget your cabinets. Any drawers that aren't getting their proper use are natural homes for books since they often already have tiered shelves inside. This one is left open for a pretty display of toys and decor up top, with color-coded titles underneath for easy organization and access.

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    Table Storage

    Book Storage

    @little_vintage_house / Instagram

    Tables can double as storage, too. This side table has an open bottom half, the ideal height for various books. It's a great option to keep in the living room for guests, or at your bedside for any titles you keep coming back to. Just make sure the books span the full length of the table — otherwise, they risk falling over.

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    Basket Shelves

    Basket Shelves

    @ayoungwritersworld / Instagram

    For a fun statement look, this setup takes the cake. Hanging wired baskets are perched beneath each ring of a decorative ladder, with several books stacked in each compartment. This is a great option to complement farmhouse and boho design styles in a space. It's also great for consolidating smaller collections of books or titles of specific genres.

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    Molded Built-Ins

    Book Storage

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    Molding instantly elevates any space — especially when it comes to built-in shelving. This butter-yellow variation has nooks of various sizes to store books as well as decorative items like mirrors and artwork. The large compartments work well for series or collections of books with matching spines — offering a truly regal display.

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    Perched Compartments

    Book Storage

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    Another cozy nook, this one has thickly-framed compartments tucked into the walls. The shelving spans not just the back wall but one alongside it for an expansive feel. The staggered rectangular compartments on the left wall offer visual intrigue like pieces of a puzzle, while the straight ones in the back offer balance and symmetry.