Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

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    15 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests to Enjoy

    While planning your wedding, your family and friends will likely have varied opinions on just about every topic related to your celebration. And, whether or not to present guests with favors will definitely be part of the mix! Debates aside, we have a number of suggestions if you’re in the pro-favor camp:

    1. Provide an experience: If you’re debating about whether or not to offer favors, perhaps providing an experience to your guests might feel more authentic to the wedding you wish to create. Reallocating your dollars toward things like surprise food trucks or a photo booth is fun for everyone, including you!
    2. Consider food: Guests may think twice about taking trinkets home, but you will rarely find a guest who isn’t excited about any type of food. Desserts work wonderfully as favors, and so do more savory foods that have meaning to your family or relationship.
    3. Keep travel in mind: Although it may be tempting to present guests with heavy items, like glasses, or items to enhance their cooking, like olive oil, keep those who are traveling in mind. Guests don’t want to increase the weight of their luggage, and they also want to be mindful of TSA regulations. We recommend sticking to items that can be enjoyed right away or those that are small enough to stow in a suitcase.

    Continue on to see some of our favorite wedding favor ideas to help spark your creativity.

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    Donut Wedding Favors

    Donuts are a popular wedding favor because they can easily be boxed and at the ready for guests to take as they leave. Don’t be surprised if many of your guests opt to enjoy them on the bus ride back to their hotel or during the afterparty! 

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    Jars of Salsa as Wedding Favors

    If you and your partner have a secret salsa recipe or simply love Mexican food, salsa might be a great favor option for your guests! For an enhanced experience, pair each jar with a teeny bag of tortilla chips.

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    Luggage Tags for a Destination Wedding

    Wedding Favor Luggage Tags

    If you’re hosting a destination wedding, luggage tags are a great favor idea! Choose a design that provides a nod toward your wedding’s location, or opt for ones that coordinate with your color scheme. Luggage tags can be included with guests’ invitations so that they can use them while traveling to your wedding, or luggage tags can serve as escort cards. 

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    Photo Booth Wedding Favors

    Even the shyest guests can’t help but jump into a photo booth! Whether you opt for a DIY booth (think: Instax cameras or selfie sticks) or you hire a professional who has props, encourage guests to print two copies—one for them to keep and one to give to you as a fun guest book alternative.

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    Dog Treats as Wedding Favors

    If your pup is serving as your ring bearer or flower girl or your four-legged friend can’t attend your wedding, honor them with a dog treat bar. Guests can take treats for their own pups as they leave for the night.

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    Flip Flops or Flats

    Treat the ladies at your reception to a night of no heels! Have a basket of sandals near the dance floor so guests can kick off their uncomfortable shoes and dance the night away in comfort. An even more elegant option? Have Rescue Flats on offer. Rescue Flats arrive in a box that looks fabulous on display, and each box includes a variety of sizes. 

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    Custom Wedding Koozies

    Koozies are a classic, particularly for Southern weddings! Offer koozies to guests during cocktail hour. They will be popular with guests enjoying beer or soda, and you can even present your bartender with personalized stemless wine glasses so everyone has a unique piece for their drink at your wedding and beyond.

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    Pashminas for Guests

    Fall weddings can be tricky to dress for because it’s warm during the day but temperatures plummet at night. To make sure the ladies at your reception are comfortable, have pashminas at the ready. These scarves are also great for winter weddings or even early spring weddings.

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    Mini Bottles of Champagne

    Is there a more celebratory beverage than Champagne? We think not! Present each guest with a mini bottle to enjoy post wedding at their hotel or at a special night of their own.

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    Caricatures as Wedding Favors

    Many guests have been to fairs or theme parks and have seen caricature artists at work but probably haven't stopped to get their own, so why not treat them their own custom portrait? Have an artist at your wedding to draw guests’ portraits during cocktail hour, or save the surprise until your reception. This whimsical option promises to feel fun and unique.

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    Food Trucks

    Guests love late night food truck appearances because they usually offer fun choices (think: pizza, ice cream, or even tacos), and they feel like an indulgence. After a night on the dance floor, everyone will have built up an appetite for a late night treat.

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    Jam Wedding Favors

    Whether your family has a favorite recipe or you’re welcoming guests for a brunch reception, jam is a great option for wedding favors! Include your favorite serving suggestion or a punny note ("Spread the Love!" "Love is Sweet!" "Jam Packed With Love!" ) on the favor tag.

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    Cookies as Wedding Favors

    Wedding Favor Cookies
    DetailsOnDemand / Etsy

    If you have a favorite recipe or you and your love frequently enjoy cookies together, offer them to guests as a wedding favor! They’re easy to take as guests leave, and few people will shy away from enjoying a sweet treat. Tip: Companies like Insomnia Cookies will even deliver to your wedding for you so cookies are warm for guests to enjoy as they leave.

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    Coffee Wedding Favors

    Present guests with your favorite coffee roast. Another idea: offer tea bags or packages of loose tea leaves in addition to coffee to satisfy everyone’s morning beverage preference. (You know everyone will need a jolt the next day!)

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    Charity Donation

    In lieu of tangible favors, donate to your favorite charity instead. This is a great way to honor family members or friends who have close ties to the organization you proudly support.