How to Creatively Furnish Your Vacant Home

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    Consider Buying New Furniture to Stage Your Home

    Blue Dining Room Ideas
    Get creative with minimal furniture in your vacant home. Carla Aston

    If you’ve put your house on the market but don’t live in it, furnishing it to attract more homebuyers is essential. Choose furniture to define rooms and to prevent buyers from seeing every tiny imperfection. A home without furnishings is cold and barren; it is neither warm nor inviting. Buyers can’t judge room sizes and may think the rooms are smaller than they actually are. In addition, they also find it hard to imagine how to position their furniture. Look at these staging ideas when choosing furniture for your vacant home. This dining room by Designer Carla Aston is a perfect example of minimal yet classy furniture for a staged home.

    Consider Buying New Furniture

    This is arguably the best way of getting furniture for your vacant home. It gives you freedom of choice as you can pick the specific furniture you want. You can choose furnishings that complement the style or age of your home. However, buying new furniture can be costly so it’s important to make a list of the most vital things. Don’t buy a lot of furniture to stage every room. Since the house is unoccupied, just show buyers how each room is used. Buy major furniture pieces and one or two accessories. This option is best if you are only staging a few rooms in an affluent home — as you can justify the expense of the new furniture. This is also a great option if you want to the next owner to keep the furniture and the price could be worked into the final sale.

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    Renting or Borrowing Furniture Is a Good Option

    Dining Room Minimal Furniture
    Used furniture is a great option for staging your home. Susan Serra

    Rent Furniture From a Local Company

    For sellers on a budget, renting furniture is more viable than buying for your vacant home. They don’t have to visit many furniture stores looking for the right furniture, they simply call furniture rental companies. Renting updates your home instantly and helps you to save money. It is also ideal for smaller homes which don’t need a lot of furniture. Experts say that on average, buyers take 3 to 6 minutes to view a house. Rental furnishings can make those few minutes count.

    Advantages of Renting Furniture for Home Staging

    Most furniture rental companies deliver to homes making your job easier. Another advantage of renting furniture is you don’t have to worry about extra storage after selling your home. Designer Susan Serra shows how this minimal kitchen/dining room uses furniture to highlight this space. 

    Borrow Furniture From Your Neighbors or Family

    If you can’t rent furniture or buy new pieces, borrow your friends or neighbors. Many people have unused furniture in their basements, garages, or storage units. If you find some pieces you can use in your vacant home, you’ll save a considerable amount of money and use it on other crucial expenses. You can also borrow home accessories to stage your empty home during showings. Borrowing furniture is the most inexpensive way of getting furnishings for your home. Also, consider visiting garage sales and consignment shops that have quality second-hand furniture options.

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    Hiring a Professional Home Stager Could Save You Time

    Kitchen and dining room furniture
    Susan Serra

    If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, hire an expert. Professional home stagers have contacts of local furniture stores and can equip your home with everything it needs. They can also recommend paint colors and inexpensive, striking props like lamps, cushions, and plants. A few green plants, coffee table books, and lamps can transform your home into a buyer’s dream. Hire a staging expert if you want to create an appealing fantasy that will lure buyers.

    The longer buyers stay in your home, the more they will find things they like. They will focus on the features and remember them long after they leave. A vacant home does not encourage buyers to linger. Even if your home is the most gorgeous in the entire neighborhood, it will look dull and boring without furniture and accessories. While you may not be able to stage an empty home as one that is already furnished, the upside is that you can stage it however you want. Buyers don’t expect your home to be fully furnished but they expect to see how every room is used. The furniture also helps them to envision how their furniture will look in the space. Stick to these home staging ideas for vacant homes and you’ll be sure to please potential homebuyers as they walk into your home.