Free Crochet Basket Patterns

There are many reasons you might want to crochet a basket. Storage baskets are popular right now, and baskets make great catch-all containers for yarns or other craft supplies. You could make gift baskets for different holidays and occasions: Christmas gift baskets, Easter baskets, Halloween candy baskets, etc.

Here are some ideas for crocheting different baskets using a variety of different techniques. Links to the free crochet patterns are included.

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    Christmas Gift Basket

    Christmas Gift Basket
    Christmas Gift Basket. Christmas Gift Basket -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    You can crochet this pretty basket and then fill it with Christmas cheer to give to a friend, family member or colleague. If you need ideas for what to put in it, don't worry, I've included plenty of suggestions along with the free basket pattern.

    If you aren't working on Christmas projects at the moment, feel free to crochet this basket in different yarn colors because it would work well for other occasions (and non-occasions), too.

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    Everyday Baskets

    These baskets could be decorated, or used, any which way you want them to be.

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    Tapestry Crochet Baskets

    Carol Ventura's tapestry crochet baskets are intriguing (and useful!) projects.

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