10 Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

Make reading more fun with handmade bookmarks!

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Crochet bookmarks are useful and beautiful too. You can keep a stack of them on any side table or mantle, allowing them to serve as beautiful display until you need to grab one and mark your spot in a book. Adding a crochet bookmark to the gift of a book is also a really great way to make your presents for others a little bit more personal. Here are ten free crochet bookmark patterns to, well ... to bookmark!


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    Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark

    Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark
    Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark. Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark -- Photo © 1998 Sandi Marshall

    Sandi Marshall designed this bookmark pattern; she calls it the "Crossing Paths" bookmark. You'll crochet this lovely bookmark in thread, and then add a ribbon embellishment for a little bit more detail. This is the kind of simple crochet pattern that you can make in many different colors, one to match any book cover! 

    Sandi Marshall has also created several other beautiful free crochet bookmark designs.

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    Gingko Leaves Free Bookmark Crochet Pattern
    Gingko Leaves Free Bookmark Crochet Pattern. Drew Emborsky

    Drew Emborsky, known better as The Crochet Dude, has created some great crochet bookmark patterns including this one, which is designed to look like Gingko Leaves. It is just a combination of simple shells and straight "vines", which makes it a great example of how beautifully decorative crochet patterns can be even when they are just small rectangles like most bookmarks are.


    Gingko Leaves Crochet Bookmark by The Crochet Dude

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    Angle Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern
    Angle Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern. Suzie's Stuff

    Of course, just because most bookmarks are rectangular doesn't mean that there is any rule stating that they have to be. You can make bookmarks in any shape, which means that you can take basically any small motif or appliqué pattern and turn it into a bookmark pattern. This angel-shaped free crochet pattern is a bookmark design by Suzie's Stuff.


    Angel Crochet Bookmark by Suzie's Stuff

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    Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern
    Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern. Fiber Flux

    Another option is to take a very small motif and make several versions of them then stitch them together in a row to make a crochet bookmark. That is what Fiber Flux did here with this great floral crochet bookmark free pattern. It can be made in a single color or in all of the colors of the rainbow. This is a great stashbuster project!


    Flower Crochet Bookmark by Fiber Flux

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    Single Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern
    Single Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern. Poetry in Yarn

    A single flower can also make a great crochet bookmark pattern. Just add a long tail to mark your pages in the book! This colorful free crochet pattern is from Poetry in Yarn. It's a great design on its own and is a great starting point for creating your own more elaborate crochet flower bookmark patterns.


    Flower Bookmark by Poetry in Yarn

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    Granny Square Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern
    Granny Square Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern. Woodhill Design

    As with the flower, a bookmark can be made by crocheting a single granny square and adding long chains to create the bookmark length. This free pattern from Woodhill Design ends in a tassel to give it more weight.

    Alternatively, you could stitch a set of small granny squares together vertically to make a beautiful, colorful bookmark.


    Granny Square Bookmark by Woodhill Designs

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    Shell Thread Crochet Bookmark Free Patterns
    Shell Thread Crochet Bookmark Free Patterns. Undisthreadness

    Undisthreadness offers two similar free crochet bookmark patterns, each slightly unique from one another. They are each made with a repeating shell stitch. The one shown here is a set of shells stacked on top of one another, while the alternative option has a wavier, side-by-side shell pattern. These are both cotton thread crochet patterns.


    Thread Crochet Bookmark by Undisthreadness

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    Beaded Chain Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern
    Beaded Chain Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern. Melissa Mall

    Perhaps the simplest crochet bookmark of all is just to crochet a chain. As long as it is long enough, it will mark the spot in your book and make it easy to come back to the page that you were reading. However, a simple chain can be pretty flimsy and therefore it can easily fall out of books. The solution given here by designer Melissa Mall is to add a few crochet beads to one or either end of the chain to give it the weight it requires to stay safely tucked inside of your books.


    Beaded Crochet...MORE Bookmark by Melissa Mall

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    Easy Scalloped Crochet Bookmark Pattern
    Easy Scalloped Crochet Bookmark Pattern. Scrap Yarn Crochet

    This is a really simple crochet pattern that essentially consists of a repeating stitch worked along one row on both sides of the foundation chain. This is a free pattern from Scrap Yarn Crochet, and indeed it is a great scrap yarn project!


    Easy Crochet Bookmark by Scrap Yarn Crochet

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    Lace Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern
    Lace Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern. Crafting Hard

    There is something so exquisite about the lace design of this free crochet bookmark pattern. It is a bilingual crochet pattern with written instructions in English that are also accompanied by a detailed symbol chart. This comes from Crafting Hard who notes that it's the perfect accessory for any book lover.


    Lace Crochet Bookmark by Crafting Hard