Crochet Collar Patterns

Carol emailed me the following:

Remember the old days when everyone had a white add-on collar with a hook or clasp to wear on a nice cashmere sweater. I have tried in vain to find a pattern for same. Can you refer one to me?

Thanks, Carol

My Response: I know of quite a few interesting collar patterns available on the Internet. I haven't actually crocheted any of these, but they look like lovely patterns. I hope you'll find one that looks exactly like what you want to make.

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    This classy collar is a contemporary design with retro-vintage charm. It's an intermediate-level crochet project that you can work in crochet thread. This collar was designed by Lorna Miser. The free pattern is posted at the Red Heart website.

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    This pattern makes me smile every time I look at it. The designer has shared several different ways for making it up, and each version manages to look different and unique. The look is really retro and fun; it'll definitely take you back in time to those carefree cashmere sweater days. Yet the look is also fresh, wearable and up-to-date.

    This free pattern is by Shara Lambeth; it's posted at her website.

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    This is a free pattern with photo tutorial. It's posted at the Softspoken blog.

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    This cute collar is classy without being frilly or lacy. The free pattern is posted at the "Mel P designs" blog.

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    This free pattern is posted at the "Kel Goes Crafty" website.

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    Free Collar Pattern Downloads at Ravelry

    The free patterns for these collars are downloadable from; you will probably need to be a Ravelry member to access the free patterns.

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    Japanese Crochet Collar Patterns

    The following collar patterns are written in Japanese; they also include symbol crochet charts which enable you to crochet the patterns even if you don't know Japanese.