60 FREE Crochet Flower Patterns

Learn how to crochet flowers of all kinds!

Crochet flowers are among the best motifs to learn how to make. They can be used individually as appliqués or joined together to make any number of different types of projects. While crochet flower patterns are certainly perfect for springtime crafting, there are flowers that can be used all year long. Here are links to 60 of the best free crochet flower patterns for you to get started!

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    Easy Crochet Flower Free Patterns
    Easy Crochet Flower Free Patterns. Amy Solovay

    There are so many simple ways to make crochet flowers. This collection of 12 free flower patterns consists of primarily flat appliqués in different sizes, mostly worked in just a few rounds each. There are a few additional flowers here that are worked in layers, requiring slightly beyond beginner crochet skills but still considered to be easy patterns.

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    Wind Flower Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern
    Wind Flower Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern. MiyoCrochet

    Crochet flowers can be worked into the center of different shapes such as squares. These shapes can then be used as motifs in other larger projects like blankets. This roundup of hexagon crochet patterns includes at least three free flower hexagons.


    Image: Wind Flower Hexagon free crochet pattern by MijoCrochet

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    4" Crochet Flower Squares. Dedri Uys, Look At What I Made

    As noted, squares are another terrific shape that can have flowers at the center of the design. This roundup of 35 free crochet square patterns includes at least 9 designs that feature flowers.


    Image: Jack and Lydia 4" Squares by Look At What I Made

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    Crochet Roses Brooch Free Pattern
    Crochet Roses Brooch Free Pattern. Alla Koval Designs

    Roses are arguably the most popular of all flowers, perfect to gift to friends and lovers alike. Crochet roses last forever. They are great in a bouquet and perfect for accessorizing. This roundup features ten roses crochet patterns including individual roses and roses in projects such as a vintage crochet square.


    Image: Rose Buds Crochet Brooch free pattern by Alla Koval Designs

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    Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pattern FREE Video Tutorial
    Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pattern FREE Video Tutorial. mary j handmade

    During the Christmas season, poinsettias are the flower that everyone wants to crochet. There are a surprising number of different variations on the crochet poinsettia. This roundup brings together ten of those patterns, all free, to add yarn delight to your holiday decor.


    Image: Puff Poinsettia free video tutorial from Mary H Handmade

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    Bullion Stitch Flower
    Bullion Stitch Flower. B.hooked Crochet

    The bullion stitch is a very unique textured crochet stitch that is perfect for creating flower patterns. In fact, 7 of the 20 free patterns rounded up in this collection of bullion designs are flower patterns or patterns for flower projects (including a Valentine's heart, a vintage purse and a boho bag all featuring flowers).


     Image: Bullion Stitch Flower by B.hooked Crochet

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    Forest Candy Crochet Curtain Tie-Back Free Pattern
    Forest Candy Crochet Curtain Tie-Back Free Pattern. Fatima, Crochetology

    Curtain tiebacks can easily change the decor of your home. Floral crochet tiebacks are great for dressing up a home in the springtime. This roundup of 20 free patterns for crochet tie-backs includes five that have flowers in their design.

    Want to make a full curtain in crochet? This roundup of 8 free crochet curtain patterns includes two that are filled with flowers.


    Image: Forest Candy crochet tie-back pattern by Crochetology

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    Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern
    Flower Crochet Bookmark Free Pattern. Fiber Flux

    Little flowers are perfect for making crochet bookmarks. A single flower can be used with a chain stem to create a bookmark or a row of flowers can be stacked atop each other to make a pretty marker.


    Image: Flower Crochet Bookmark free pattern by Fiber Flux

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    Filet Crochet Flower Patterns

    Filet Crochet Rose
    Filet Crochet Rose. Sandi Marshall

    Crochet flowers can be worked in such a variety of different ways. They can be created in virtually any technique of the craft. Filet crochet is great for displaying detailed flower designs using only very basic stitches. In a roundup of 20 free filet crochet patterns, you'll find one beautiful tulip crochet pattern. You can also find a free rose filet crochet chart.