Crochet Mother's Day Gifts

Free Patterns for Craft Projects That Mom Is Sure to Love

Want to delight a special Mom with a handmade gift this Mother's Day? If so, we invite you to browse through our free crochet patterns to find the perfect present. Here we've presented a roundup of our best ideas for Mother's Day crafts and Mother's Day crochet projects; we hope you'll find these suggestions helpful.

Crochet is the perfect technique for crafting a unique handmade gift for mom; whether her style is feminine and froo-froo or totally practical, crochet can go...MORE either way.

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    I Love Mom -- Free Chart for Designing Many Different Types of Gifts

    I Love Mom Chart
    I Love Mom Chart. I Love Mom Chart, © Amy Solovay

    This chart helps you to express your love for Mom; you can use it for helping her visualize the special place she has in your heart.

    You can use this chart to make just about any type of project:

    1. First, you use this chart as the guideline for crocheting squares.
    2. Then you cross stitch the sentiment onto the squares.
    3. Then you create the projects using the squares. It could be afghans, pillows, linens, garments, bags, totes or other things that you create.

    What a fun way to personalize a unique gift...MORE just for mom!

    There are several other similar charts in this series, so feel free to explore the entire gallery for even more gift ideas.

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    Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant
    Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant. Crochet a Beaded Necklace, or Other Jewelry, for Mother's Day -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    If mom enjoys wearing beautiful jewelry, be sure to take a look through our list of free jewelry patterns. You'll find patterns for crocheted bracelets, necklaces, and more.

    Pictured at left: A beaded necklace crocheted using metallic fiber. If you would like to try making a necklace like this one, I've posted the free crochet necklace pattern for you to work from. For those of you who want to see more details about the project, I've also published a step-by-step necklace tutorial with...MORE complete instructions, including pictures of each step.

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    Crocheted Bags Make Fantastic Mother's Day Gifts
    Crocheted Bags Make Fantastic Mother's Day Gifts. Crocheted Bags Make Fantastic Mother's Day Gifts -- Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay

    You could crochet a special handbag or purse for mom. Remember that you can personalize her new bag just for her; when you gather your supplies, feel free to choose yarns or threads in her favorite colors.

    Pictured here: an easy striped bag crocheted in afghan stitch. That one's great, but if you want to see some others, we've posted plenty more options for interesting crocheted bags. We hope you'll check 'em out.

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    Crochet Daisies
    Crochet Daisies. Crochet Daisies. Photo and Free Daisy Pattern are © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

    Fresh flowers are a lovely Mother's Day present, but unfortunately, they wilt and die. Wouldn't it be better to give mom a floral gift that lasts and lasts?

    There are lots of different ways you can use crocheted flowers to create fabulous gifts for moms:

    • Stitch bunches of blooms to t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets or other garments.
    • Attach a single flower to a hair clip or headband. Find free headband patterns here.
    • You can use flower appliques to decorate just about anything, whether...MORE store-bought or handmade, from slippers to notebooks to jeans pockets.

    This is an especially great idea for moms who are allergic to garden fresh flowers!

    Pictured at left: crochet daisy appliques. Yellow is the main color in my mother-in-law's kitchen decor, so I think I'll be incorporate these into some kitchen accents for her. I could applique them onto potholders and dishcloths.

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    Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Holder for Mother's Day
    Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Holder. Crochet a Cell Phone Holder for Mother's Day -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    If mom has a cell phone or a favorite gadget, she'd probably enjoy having one of these chic little crocheted pouches to put it in.

    My favorite gadget cozy is pictured at left. I just can't resist all the pretty details -- beads, ribbon and a dainty edging at the top. I originally designed it to fit the iPhone, but it's also a great camera case, and there are plenty of other gadgets and goodies you could use it for. It would also make an interesting little gift bag if you'd like to...MORE wrap up some gourmet candies, or perhaps some pretty jewelry, for mom.

    If you think this little cozy is a project you might like to try, you can click here to get the free crochet pattern. Want to see more options? Check out our free crochet pouch patterns.

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    Crochet a Pretty Scarf for Mother's Day.
    Crochet a Pretty Scarf for Mother's Day. Crochet a Pretty Scarf for Mother's Day -- Photo © M. Solovay

    Crocheted scarves make lovely Mother's Day gifts. The one pictured at left is a great choice for wearing in the springtime; it's a cotton scarf crocheted using a lacy stitch pattern.

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    "Pamper Me!" Gifts for Mom

    Handmade Crocheted Washcloths Make a Fabulous Mother's Day Gift.
    Handmade Crocheted Washcloths Make a Fabulous Addition to a Home-Spa-Style Mother's Day Gift. Handmade Crocheted Washcloths Make a Fab Addition to a Home-Spa-Style Mother's Day Gift. © A Solovay

    Who wouldn't appreciate a bit of extra pampering? Pretty soaps, body lotions, and scented shower gels all make lovely Mother's Day gifts. If you're planning to give a gift like this to mom, you can make it even more special by including any of the following items along with the gift:

    • Luxurious hand-crocheted cotton washcloths like the ones pictured at left -- These are sooooo soft and pretty. They're also pleasantly textured, which makes them great for exfoliating. Mom will love...MORE 'em! We suggest making several of these washcloths and tucking them in with any other spa-friendly gifts you might be giving Mom this Mother's Day.
    • A fluffy crocheted bath puff -- Don't settle for the cheapie bath puffs you can get at the dollar store. No, no, no. You could make a really nice puff for mom instead.
    • A combination soap holder / scrubber -- This is one of those creative little goodies that mom might never think of buying for herself. So if you think she'd like one, it would be nice if you could make it for her. A bonus: it's a quick, easy crochet project too. These soap holders are wonderful to have and use. They're also a great way to present gift soaps.
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    Create a Bedspread or Afghan Just for Mom

    You Can Customize Your Own Crocheted Afghan With Our Free Pattern and Instructions
    You Can Customize Your Own Crocheted Afghan With Our Free Pattern and Instructions. Photo © Amy Solovay

    Bedspreads and afghans are ambitious crochet projects, but if anyone is worth the effort, it's Mom.

    Some ideas:

    • Customize an afghan just for her, with colors and motifs you know she'd love. (One design possibility is pictured at left, but there are zillions and zillions of different ways you could crochet this pattern.)
    • Crochet a delicate bedspread in crochet thread or fine yarn.
    • Make a timeless classic granny afghan for Mom to snuggle up in. See our granny square patterns for ideas!
    • Choose...MORE any of these beautiful crocheted afghans to create -- whichever one would best suit her personality and decor.
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    Handmade slippers make a thoughtful gift for just about anyone, including Moms, Grandmas and everyone else in the family.

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    Wrapped Gift
    Wrapped Gift. Wrapped Gift -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Need more ideas? We invite you to visit our main directory of free crochet patterns to see bunches more projects you could make for mom, or for anyone else on your gift list. You might also want to visit our main hub of gift ideas, which includes ideas for presents you can give to just about anyone, on Mother's Day and other gift-giving occasions.