10 Crochet Patterns for Roses

Make these flowers for yourself or someone you love

June is, among other things, National Rose Month. And June 12th is specifically Red Rose Day. It's always fun to crochet flowers so why not dedicate yourself to making some crochet roses this month. You'll find rose appliqués, granny squares and more in this roundup of ten crochet patterns for roses.

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    Easy Crochet Rose
    Easy Crochet Rose. Easy Crochet Rose -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Make a bunch of these crochet roses in a variety of different colors. Use creative buttons from your stash to embellish these designs. Then you can use them as appliqués on a variety of other items that you make throughout the rest of the year! See other crochet + button projects here.

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    Vintage Irish Rose Crochet Square Free Pattern

    Vintage Irish Rose Crochet Square
    Vintage Irish Rose Crochet Square. Photo Courtesy of Sandi Marshall

    You can use this free crochet pattern to make an Irish rose square to use as a doily or table topper. Alternatively, you could join a bunch of them together to make a flower blanket. It's designed as a thread crochet project but you could change up the yarn and hooks to make a thicker, cushier project.

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    Crochet Roses Brooch Free Pattern
    Crochet Roses Brooch Free Pattern. Alla Koval Designs

    Alla Koval Designs offers this adorable crochet roses brooch pattern free on her blog My Little City Girl. It can be pinned to other crochet items, like hats and shawls, or used as is.

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    Roses Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Roses Crochet Blanket Pattern. Tanya Sh

    This is the Rose Field Baby Blanket crochet pattern sold by Tanya Sh on Ravelry. What a beauty! This would make an amazing gift for anyone or a terrific addition to your own blanket collection. 

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    Yellow Crochet Rose Free Pattern
    Yellow Crochet Rose Free Pattern. KatiCrafts

    This crochet pattern inevitably makes me think of The Yellow Rose of Texas Song. It's a free crochet pattern from KatiCrafts that is worked in a long spiral row and then stitched together to create the three-dimensional shape of the flower.

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    Crochet Fashion Rose
    Crochet Fashion Rose. Craft-Craft.net

    This beautiful crochet pattern for fashion roses is available only as a pattern diagram or symbol chart. If you know how to read one, you can make this lovely design. It was included in Top Inspired's roundup of ten free crochet flower patterns.

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    Red Rose Crochet Pattern
    Red Rose Crochet Pattern. Siona Karen, Etsy

    This is the kind of crocheted rose that you could actually give to someone as a gift. Make a bouquet of them and tie them with a bow. Include one in a wine gift bag. However you share it, the recipient will surely smile. This crochet pattern is sold on Etsy by Siona Karen. 

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    Rosettes free crochet pattern
    Rosettes free crochet pattern. Tamara Kelly, Moogly

    Tamara of Moogly created this free crochet pattern for small rosettes and leaves. You can use it to make small bouquets for decoration, including wedding decor, or to add a floral touch to baby projects.

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    Roses Crochet Doily Free Pattern
    Roses Crochet Doily Free Pattern. LaceCrochet, Flickr, Womans Day Magazine

    This terrific crochet doily pattern was originally published in Woman's Day Magazine in the 1980s. It's still a cute pattern for contemporary homes and can be found free online from LaceCrochet on Flickr.

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    Crochet Roses Purse Free Pattern
    Crochet Roses Purse Free Pattern. Jessica, Mama in a Stitch

    Mama in a Stitch created the free crochet pattern for the roses that are used on this purse. Then she created the tutorial for the purse, too. It's lovely!