10 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

Get warm and cozy with these crochet wraps!

A crochet shawl is the perfect item for every single season of the year. An openwork shawl can be the perfect swimsuit cover-up in summer while an oversized shawl can keep your neck warm on the coldest days of winter. There are many different ways to crochet a shawl, including different shaping options such as triangle shawls and rectangular shawls. Here are ten free crochet shawl patterns to help you explore all of the ways to get warm with wraps!

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    Shawl Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn
    Shawl Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn. Erica Jackofsky

    Here is a free crochet pattern for a unique, colorful triangle shawl you can make using your leftover yarn. This is a great way to practice making wraps while using up the materials you already have in your stash. And since most people have a wide range of colors in their collection, this is a great way to make a crochet pattern that incorporates many shades of the rainbow. This is definitely a fun and easy crochet pattern.

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    Crochet Lace Wrap
    Crochet Lace Wrap. Erica Jackofsky

    Erica Jackofsky designed this pretty crocheted lace wrap, dubbing the pattern the "January wedding stole." This is a lovely crochet project that's perfect for dressy occasions but it also works well for just wearing around when you want to ward off the chill. It is a simple crochet pattern with an easy stitch repeat and no need for advanced shaping since it's a rectangular crochet shawl.

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    Easy Trellis Lace Stole
    Easy Trellis Lace Stole. Easy Trellis Lace Stole -- Photo © Rick Jackofsky

    This is another rectangular crochet shawl pattern that is super simple to crochet. What makes it special is the incorporation of beads on the edges. It is a great pattern for people new to bead crochet. This is the kind of crochet shawl that works really well when you want to dress up your outfit a little bit!

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    Autumn Leaves Filet Crochet Shawl Free Pattern
    Autumn Leaves Filet Crochet Shawl Free Pattern. ABC-Knitting

    Filet crochet is a beautiful technique that allows you to create complex designs while working only with chains and double crochet stitches. It's the perfect technique to practice while making a shawl. This particular shawl uses the colors of fall to create a luxurious wrap great for the season. This pattern has a graph and symbol chart to make it easy to work.


    Autumn Leaves Shawl free pattern by ABC Knitting

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    Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl pattern
    Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl pattern. njSharon AND DebiAdams, Ravelry

    One of the most special kinds of crochet shawls that you can make is a prayer shawl, a wrap that has been imbued with special intentions to help the recipient heal or experience compassion. This particular prayer shawl has the beautiful crochet butterfly stitch worked into the design, making it a great choice for people undergoing change and transformation. Of course, this is also just a pretty crochet wrap that would work well with springtime fashions.


    Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl crochet...MORE pattern by DebiAdams

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    Pineapple Doily Shawl Free Crochet Pattern
    Pineapple Doily Shawl Free Crochet Pattern. Laura Garsten

    Many crochet shawls incorporate the beautiful pineapple motif into their design. It is a great lacy option that is showcased wonderfully in accessories like wraps. This particular shawl is unique because it is worked almost as an entirely complete circle, giving this wrap a particularly feminine design.


    Pineapple Doily Shawl free crochet pattern by Little Laura

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    Crochet Shawl Pattern. Jessie Rayot

    This unique crochet shawl has a completely round design, making it a a poncho-inspired shawl that you don't have to worry about slipping off of you even if you're wearing it while being active. The beautiful blue-green color makes this a stunning accessory that catches attention whenever it walks into a room. The stitches are simple but are worked in a combination that makes the design of the shawl really stand out.


    Juliette Shawl crochet pattern by Jessie At Home

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    Crochet Heart Shawl Free Pattern
    Crochet Heart Shawl Free Pattern. Gypsy Cat Crafts

    This is a fun crochet pattern because it combines three different shapes in one design. The shawl itself is a triangle crochet shawl. The motifs that make up the shawl are squares. The design within each square is a heart. This is a perfect accessory to wear on a Valentine's Day date and a fun one to wear at any time of year. 


    Crochet Heart Shawl free pattern by Gypsy Cat Crafts

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    Macrame Knot Fringe Shawl Free Crochet Pattern
    Macrame Knot Fringe Shawl Free Crochet Pattern. Undeniable Glitter

    This is a straightforward openwork triangle shawl. What makes it a little bit special (besides that stunning coral yarn color!) is the macrame knot fringe that lines the edge of it. It is always fun to add fringe to your accessories!


    Coral Fringe Triangle Shawl crochet pattern by Undeniable Glitter

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    Pink Cotton Candy Crochet Shawl Pattern
    Pink Cotton Candy Crochet Shawl Pattern. American Crochet

    The beautiful pink color on this cotton candy inspired creation is sure to stand out when you first see it. This makes it a great pattern for October (breast cancer awareness month) or for anyone who enjoys wearing pink. This crochet shawl is made using cozy mohair yarn!


    Cotton Candy Shawl free pattern by American Crochet