Cub Scout & Boy Scout Clip Art

Scout Clip Art
Red Dog / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

Clip art is ready-made images that can be used to illustrate almost any medium, including websites.  In the past, clip art was available in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word.  It could also be purchased on a CD-ROM.  Today, however, clip art is readily available online.  

How to Use Cub Scout and Boy Scout Clip Art

Clip art can be used in a variety of ways for Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops.

  Scouting families may also use clip art.  Some of the most common are:

  1. Troop Websites - Many troops now have public websites and often want clip art to illustrate the site.  
  2. Newsletters - Whether they're printed or digital, newsletters can be "dressed up" with clip art images.
  3. Printed Programs - Clip art can be used for printed programs that can be handed out at Boy Scout Courts of Honor, Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquets or other events.
  4. Flyers, Brochures, and Informational Handouts - Boy Scout troops may print any of these materials to use for recruiting new members or promoting an event.  Clip art can enhance these.
  5. Scrapbook Embellishments - If a family has a scrapbook (either digital or traditional), Boy Scout clip art can be used to embellish the pages related to Scouting activities.

The internet is full of images and using a tool like Google image search, you're likely to find one that exactly suits your purpose.

 Since it's on the internet, you can just download it and use it, right?  Actually, no, you can't. This happens often, though, and not just in the Scouting community.  Because a Scout is trustworthy, it's likely that most Scouts and Scouters who violate an image's copyright doesn't know that they're breaking a law.


According to Graphic Design Expert, Eric Miller, "copyright refers to laws that regulate the use of the work of a creator, such as an artist or author."  These laws are in place to protect the creator.  While there are some public domain images that can be used freely and without attribution, but most of the images you'll find online have a copyright.

Legal Use of Clip Art

Even if the site says "free clip art" or even if you are purchasing an image, make sure you read the Terms of Service or Terms of Use on the website. Most of them will explicitly tell you if you can use the image and if so, under what terms.  If you are still unsure (or if there are no Terms of Use), contact the image owner or webmaster and ask.  This will ensure that you aren't violating a copyright law.

Clip Art From Scouting Sources

The Boy Scouts of America has several sources of images you may be able to use.

US Scouting Service Project has an extensive collection of Cub Scout and Boy Scout clip art and images. The site states, "We have tried our best to avoid infringing on anyone's copyrighted images. We have obtained permission to reproduce here certain copyrighted images, for the express use of Scouting and youth groups to use to further their programs."

Akela's Council Blog is a great Scouting resource, especially for Cub Scouts.  It has six posts of graphics. 

Insane Scouter has clip art organized by category.  You'll see links to thumbnails and to listings.  The thumbnail links are broken., but the listing links work.  When you get to the listing page, you'll find images for that category, but check the file format.  Quite a few are in older image formats such as PCX  and CGM.  Your computer may not have a program that will open these.

Paid Clip Art

CanStock Photo has a nice selection of Boy Scout clip art.  

123 RF has clip art that is similar to CanStock Photo, but they also offer stock photos that would work well for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Scrappin Doodles has an adorable clip art set. 

Classroom Clip Art only has a few Boy Scout graphics.

Creative Clip Art Collection offers a Boy Scout clip art set for purchase. 

Dollar Doodles has a very inexpensive clip art set for purchase.

D.J. Inkers' Scout collection includes both black and white and color images. 

Susan Fitch Design offers a very cute graphic of Cub Scouts.

Extra Mile Boys has beautiful artwork that the artist makes available to any "organization for kids supported by volunteers" free of charge for non-commercial use.  All you have to do is contact the artist directly and ask.