The Cucumber Cocktail Recipe Collection

Cocktails with Fresh Cucumber and Cucumber Liquor

Melon Cucumbertini Cocktail
Melon Cucumbertini. Bill Boch / Photolibrary / Getty Images

While it may not be one of your first associations with cocktails, cucumber is a great addition to many drinks. It's crisp, clean flavor is a delight, especially for spring and summer drinks, and it is becoming a more common ingredient as you can see in this collection of very modern recipes that include both fresh cucumber and the growing number of cucumber-infused spirits.

Fresh Cucumber Cocktails

Though many of these recipes were created in the last few years, the drink that introduced us to cucumber in cocktails is the British favorite, Pimm's No.1 Cup, and I highly recommend giving that one a try.

When it comes to cucumber, slices of the fresh vegetable is the best way to get its flavor into drinks and the recipes below rely on this. Often, slices or chunks are muddled to release the juice before adding other ingredients and shaking. Muddling is also an easy way to get cucumber juice for recipes that require it.

Also included here are drinks that use cucumber as a garnish, which is often an integral part of the drink's flavor and I've noted those recipes. 

On occasion, cucumber is used to create a mixer such as the spa nectar used in Square Organic's Organic Sensation recipe below. If you are looking for a refreshing sweetener with a light flavor, this is a great option. 

The cucumber ingredient is indicated for each recipe. Those with no notation use the fresh fruit.

Cucumber Liquor Cocktails

Cucumber-flavored distilled spirits are a newer trend and, while this list may be small, I hope to find more viable cocktails to share and add in the future.

There are a number of vodka brands that are now producing a cucumber vodka and it is a great flavor to explore because it is crisp and clean, perfect for vodka. 

The other cucumber spirit of note is Hendrick's Gin. It is one of the new style of gins whose flavor profile is dominated by cucumber and rose. It is a fantastic gin and recipes that call for it or recommend it are included in this list.