Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Top Ten Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipes

A full afternoon tea just wouldn't be complete without at least one great tea sandwich recipe. Cucumber tea sandwiches are a classic type of English tea sandwich. Explore variations on cukes-and-bread with these cucumber tea sandwich recipes, including recipes for cucumber-mint finger sandwiches, cucumber-dill tea sandwiches and more.

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    Cooling cucumber, refreshing mint and an easy no-cook recipe make this an ideal summertime tea sandwich. Lindsey Goodwin

    Fresh mint gives these easy cucumber tea sandwiches a more summery flavor. Try them with Moroccan Mint green tea or with an iced spearmint or peppermint infusion.

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    Dorling Kindersley

    This recipe puts two popular finger sandwich ingredients (salmon and cucumber) between two slices of bread. Although this recipe is for salmon and cucumber sandwiches, you can easily modify it to make finger sandwiches by using white bread, using less sandwich filling, removing the bread's crusts and cutting each full-size sandwich into four small triangles.

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    These cucumber tea sandwiches are incredible easy to make. Lindsey Goodwin

    Kids adore this simple cucumber finger sandwich recipe. It can be prepared in advance and chilled overnight for later consumption, making it a great kids' party finger sandwich recipe. If you like this recipe, be sure to try this Cucumber & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich Recipe.

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    David Marsden

    These delightful open-faced finger sandwiches from Gourmet Girl are made with fresh dill, creme fraiche, white pepper and garlic powder.

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    This cucumber-radish tea sandwich recipe from Martha Stewart includes cream cheese, a mix of herbs and wheat bread.

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    Martha Stewart

    This cucumber-dill tea sandwich recipe from Organic Authority features fresh dill, seedless Japanese cucumbers, dry mustard and whole wheat bread.

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    Hao Ling

    Stuffed olives and Worcestershire sauce set this open-faced cucumber tea sandwich recipe apart from your more classic, English-style cucumber tea sandwiches.

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    Red horseradish root is the secret ingredient in this spicy cucumber-dill finger sandwich recipe from The Food Network.

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    These Veggie Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches were made with English cucumber, carrot, watercress, red onion and horseradish, but you can use whichever vegetables and herbs you prefer. Lindsey Goodwin

    This versatile tea sandwich recipe can be prepared will all kinds of vegetables -- cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, watercress, carrots, you name it! A high ratio of English cucumbers to other vegetables gives the veggie cream cheese a lighter flavor.

    This recipe is immensely popular with kids!