5 Essential Curb Appeal Tips to Stage Your Deck

Outdoor deck with black dining table in middle surrounded with wooden benches

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

As homeowners, we all love to relax outside, and tips for staging your deck is essential for beautiful curb appeal. Whether you’re considering deck decorating ideas by adding color and textures for a welcoming appeal, or you want to stage your deck with a grill and entertaining spaces, it’s essential to make your patio deck area inviting as well as safe throughout the changing seasons. Take a look at these 5 curb appeal tips to help potential buyers visualize entertaining, relaxing and enjoying their outdoor home with these patio deck ideas. If these are out of your price range, curb appeal ideas that are cheaper do exist.

Begin With a Clean Deck

Before you start considering deck decorating you will need a clean deck. Remove dirt with a pressure washer and sweep off debris regularly. If you have large trees that shed leaves or branches, tend to fall on your deck make sure you remove them as needed. During the warmer months of the year look to a suitable water sealant for your wood deck to protect from the harsh sun, humidity, and severe rains. Depending on the age of your wood try to stain your deck at least twice a year to build up a good seal that will resist the changing temperatures and will help repel moisture. Treating your deck and cleaning it will ensure buyers see you taking care of an investment for the outdoor home.

Keep Climate and Seasons in Mind

Depending on which geographical area you are located can help steer deck decorating ideas when choosing outdoor patio furniture and decor. For warmer climates that who entertain 10-12 months out of the year it’s important to use all weather porch furniture cushions and seating that adds a pop of color and softness to your deck area. Consider changing from patterned to solid colors or vice versa throughout the year to give your patio a refreshed look. For those living in colder climates consider wicker or resin patio furniture or wrought iron furniture that will look inviting even if their seating cushions are put away for the colder weather. If you experience a lot of snow throughout the winter season, keep outdoor furniture clear of snow and ice and consider placing a colorful artificial plant at your front door to add a pop of color still.

Soften Hard Spaces

Inside your home, it’s easier to bring in a softer touch because of the more delicate materials found in furniture, carpeting, drapery, and etcetera. To bring curb appeal to your deck, you will need to have the same mindset and use porch decorating ideas to make it feel welcoming. Hard spaces such as your deck flooring, the exterior walls of your home and hard outdoor furniture will not feel appealing to a potential visiting buyer. Soften up your deck floor with a versatile outdoor area rug. This will soften the area visually but will also bring texture and color into the area. Consider hanging outdoor garden artwork on your exterior home walls as backdrops and bring in throw pillows, and outdoor curtains if your deck has an unsightly backdrop. Close neighbors, a busy street, or even harsh afternoon sun can be shielded with beautiful outdoor drapes.

Consider Night Time Curb Appeal

Remember your deck shouldn’t just appeal to buyers in the daytime, it should exude appeal in the evening hours as well. Outdoor lighting in the form of architectural lanterns placed on steps leading your deck, or hung from your home’s exterior walls can create a pleasant ambiance. Walk around your home at varying times at night to light your deck based on activities that could take place in your outdoor home. A summer kitchen with grill and seating area could use table lighting and overhead lighting in the form of string lights. While a small and intimate gathering space with bistro chairs and table may only need flameless candles placed in glass hurricane vases.

Don’t Be Afraid to Custom Decor

If you are handy with a paintbrush or hammer and nails, why not add your personal touch to your outdoor deck? A porch swing made from an old bed or sofa and hung by chains for an enclosed deck is a great DIY project and adds instant curb appeal for potential buyers. If your deck flooring is dull why not add your visual interest by painting a geometric pattern or stencil a “faux area rug” to give the appearance of a focal point of your deck. Browse through the internet for “deck decorating ideas” for creative DIY Bloggers’ ideas too! They always have some excellent deck decor ideas that you can steal.

This season as you prepare your deck for sale, use these 5 tips to bring curb appeal without a lot of fuss. Remember every deck is uniquely relating to your climate, where your deck is located in relation to neighbors, views, size, and proportions. Keep all of these factors in mind while you stage your deck, and potential buyers are sure to take notice.