Curious Chef Real Kitchen Tools for Kids

Curious Chef measuring spoons and cooking tools for kids
Keri Wilmot

For kids who like to cook and bake, Curious Chef has some real kitchen tools for kids to use, that allow them to cook alongside their parents, safely and successfully. 

When kids are young, between the ages of 2-5, when playing with toys, they love to pretend. Not only do kids act out caring for their baby dolls, but many also like "cooking and baking" in their toy kitchen. As soon as kids can stand, many love opening and closing every door, rotating each knob, punching in the buttons on the microwave, re-arranging cups and plates, and organizing the play food in the refrigerator.

Eventually though, kids will grow out of wanting to pretend to cook, and ask to help. Before long parents might find their kids in the kitchen at their feet. Some kids teeter on the edge of a barstool on their knees, reaching across the counter for whatever is in front of them, bowls, utensils or food. While kids are innocent and just want to help, it is important to find the right tools, so kids can get the job done, safely, without any accidents. 

Almost every kitchen tool available for an adult kitchen is available for kids ages 4 and up, from Curious Chef.

These kid-friendly cooking tools include whisks, spatulas, rolling pins, decorating kits, cookie presses, serrated nylon knives, apple slicers, cookie cutters, cutting boards, whisks, measuring cups, and fruit and vegetable peelers. Tool caddies also keep kids organize all of their kitchen supplies when they are not in use.

What makes Curious Chef cooking tools different than regular kitchen tools?

  • The measuring spoons have larger oval spouts to make scooping easier for kids
  • Colorful nesting prep bowls have tight lids
  • Many items have large handles for kids to hold

There are many reasons why teaching children to cook and bake is important:

  • Kids love to help. With these fun kitche  tools, while parents supervise, kids are able to participate in cooking, safely and effectively
  • Kids learn proper cooking routines, especially if parents require they wash their hands prior to cooking or how to wash dishes and clean up their mess when they are finished
  • Following recipes can help teach children about math, through couting and measuring
  • Parents can teach kids how to use knives properly, at a young age, without fearing kids could cut or injure themselves
  • Cooking sometimes helps kids try new foods. Many kids are more relaxed and willing to try and taste new foods when they help take part in the cooking and baking process
  • Do the kids know what to do in the case of a cooking emergency? It is important to teach them how to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency
  • Kids learn how to solve problems. What if they cut to many ingredients? Does the recipe taste the way it should? When supervising their kids cooking, parents can help them figure out what to do in different situations

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