An Interesting Way to Discover Current Craft Sales Trends

Find Out What's Hot, What's Not in the World of Crafts

Many crafters want to sell their crafts. Keeping up with trends and knowing what is currently popular can be difficult. As Heidi Klum of Project Runway fame says of the fashion world "As you know in fashion, one day you're in. And the next day, you're out." That mantra can also be applied to the crafting world!  It can be quite challenging, keeping in touch with the ever-changing whims and whimsy of the arts and crafts purchaser.

One way to keep tabs on the pulse of crafting...MORE trends is to see what is popular  on Etsy. Esty is a website phenomenon that has grown into the world's largest online collection of craft shops. According to,  "...the e-commerce website specializing in craft and vintage items generated revenues worth 273.4 million U.S. dollars, up from 125.02 million U.S. dollars in the previous year." Those are serious sales numbers!

Etsy is a very good source of information if you need help keeping your craft projects on trend.Their best selling items page is a fantastic guide to discover what items people are currently buying. You should use this web page not as a place to copy designs, but rather as a springboard for artistic inspiration. Are scarfs now selling off the charts? Make some with your personal twist! Do whatever you can to keep in line with current sales trends but still add your personal stamp making your products stand out from the rest. People are always drawn to beautiful designs that they haven't seen before. is another website that has useful Etsy statistics. This site is open to Etsy shops that have sales of 1000 items or more.Shop owners register with the site and allow to have access to their sales statistics. You can find out daily, monthly and yearly sales facts for shops registered with the site. You can find out the daily 10 sellers, top sellers summary, top sellers by country, top sellers by category and various types of other lists. This a valuable source of information to help you plan your own craft sale strategies. Although not endorsed by Etsy the stats and lists are interesting nonetheless.

To give you a general idea of what the site has to offer, on the day that this article was written listed these the top ten Etsy shops in the handmade category. The top ten list might be different when you read the article so be sure to check out to see what shops are offering the hottest craft items today.

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    Prettygafikdesign is an Etsy shop that sells digital clipart, owned by  Sarah O'Leary  of Montreal, QC, Canada. Sarah started her shop out of sheer frustration when economic downturns forced her to close her previous business. She decided to open an Etsy shop and hasn't looked back since.  She focuses on cute digital clip art, stamps, and papers. Paper crafters will find her products useful and inspiring.

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    Sweet Kawaii Design

    As of the time this article's publication, Sweet Kawaii Design came in second on the list with  a whopping total of 204,490 sales. What were people buying at this shop? You won't believe it! Sweet Kawaii is located in Portland Oregon and focuses solely on cute stickers! Stickers for day planners seem to be all the rage now. Make sure to check out the cute colorful designs.

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    Think Pink Bows

    Think Pink Bows, located in Orem, Utah specializes in children's hair accessories, rompers, and leggings. These pieces have beautiful colors and lace which add a sense or romantic appeal to the products. Your children will look like little angels when wearing these products.

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    The Velvet Acorn

    Heidi May the owner of The Velvet Acorn has been in business since 2010. She sells knitting and crocheting patterns in the form of PDF downloads. She has the loveliest photographs of children wearing her products. The kids look so cute wearing her knitted and crocheted items that they inspire  you to create some for your children.

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    Rivermill Embroidery

    Rivermill Embroidery sells digital embroidery patterns for download. The company has a 5-star rating with 19,044 reviews. Rivermill is the go-to place for reasonably priced embroidery designs! They sell 1,479 items in their shop, so you have plenty of designs to pick and choose! Your clothing and other items to be embroidered will certainly be unique when using Rivermills embroidery designs.

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    Scribble Prints Company

    Scribble Prints is located in Austin Texas and sells stickers for weekly planners. They are brightly colored and will help you stay on track when using a monthly, weekly or daily planner.

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    Libbie and Co

    Libbie and Co sells life planner stickers. They are labels which are to be used with planners. Do we see a trend here?

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    Posh Peanut Kids

    Posh Peanut Kids has been on Etsy since 2011. The owner Fiona Sahaki is a former hairdresser turned seamstress after the birth of her children. She sells childrenswear and accessories that have a beautiful romantic vintage flair. You will find lots of lace here!

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    Layered and Long

    Layered and Long is owned by Chrissy Lavdovsky, a former clothing boutique owner who specializes in personalized gold jewelry made with love. The pieces are simple in design and quite elegant. The shop has over 247 products to choose from.

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    The Sage Goddess

    The Sage Goddes is a magical practitioner who follows Native American and Minoan traditions. Her shop sells gems, crystals, perfumes, candles, and more. Everything needed for those interested in the magical arts.

On the day that this article was written the most popular craft items sold were childrens accessories and stickers for planners. Make sure to check out the Etsy page of popular items and to find out what people are purchasing today!