Curtains Ideas for Dividing Seriously Small Apartments

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    Create a Shipshape Small Space

    small apartment with curtain

    We small apartment dwellers know how quickly our tiny spaces can go from calm and cozy to chaotic and cramped. Sure, cutting household clutter is one way to keep things neat as a button. But did you know a few sets of curtains can add more function to your home while making it appear tidier? 

    The following ideas share how to make your seriously small apartment feel bigger using curtains.

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    Get More Bang Out of Square Footage

    curtain in room

    When strategically placed, curtains can help you carve out private nooks within rooms for particular purposes. Not only do these little niches add more function to a small place, but they also boost home enjoyment. For example, what's behind these curtains?

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    Create a Dreamy Nook

    curtain in room

     A dreamy reading nook outfitted with comfy seating, a houseplant and beautiful cloudlike pendant lightings. Against the wall is a small library. 

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    Whip Up a Closet

    women in apartment with curtain

    Smart storage solutions that maximize square footage are a must for small spaces. But while shelves, racks, and hanging systems are very efficient organizational tools, they can create visual clutter, which according to a recent study, can seriously affect your ability to focus and process information. What to do?

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    Beautifully Conceal Storage

    organized bedroom

    Curtains can help you create additional storage space, and even better, keep it concealed, which is much easier on the eyes.

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    Create Multiple Zones

    decorating living room

    Curtains can help you carve out multiple zones designed for storage, relaxing and even crafting. To do, just hang several curtains several feet from a wall.

    Shown here: The nook on the far left is for sewing, the one next to it provides extra storage space, and the alcove on the left is for reading or snoozing.

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    Carve Out a Home Gym

    how to carve out a gym

    Finding room to exercise in a small space can feel nearly impossible — unless you use curtains. They're perfect for carving out a sliver of space to work out as shown here. After you are done getting your sweat on, just close your curtains, so you do not have to stare at your yoga mat, free weights, or spinning bike.

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    How to Create a Railroad Styled Apartment


    If you live in a large-ish rectangular shaped studio, you can use curtains to create a railroad-styled apartment, where each room is lined up in a linear fashion. The apartment above uses the green patterned curtain to separate the bedroom from the dining and office area. Toward the back of the room is a gray curtain that carves out a comfortable little living room in front of a large window.