10 Ideas for Designing the Closet of Your Dreams

Customize Your Closet Like a Pro Organizer

Standing wardrobe

Meghan Gallagher

Few things in this world are as satisfying as designing a closet so it's organized. Not only does it make finding an outfit a breeze, but seeing stacks of perfectly folded sweaters and craft bins of neatly stacked stationery just brings out the Marie Kondo in all of us. But getting the motivation for designing a closet for organization can be the hardest part of the whole process. If you're currently lacking that inspiration, taking a glance at a few professionally-organized closet systems can provide just the jumpstart you need.

To motivate you to tackle your next weekend project, we've rounded up some amazing custom closets and tips on how to design a closet. Click through for our favorite walk-in closet, small closet design ideas, and DIY closet designs.

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    Create a Place for Shoes

    Closet with shoe organizer

    Maison Haven

    Optimize your closet space by dedicating a home for everything you need to store in a way that makes it easy to sort through and see exactly what you have. Here, Maison Haven created a walk-in closet system with a shelf dedicated specifically to those special occasion shoes. Consider your own storage needs in your closet and prioritize those spaces first.

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    Add Space in a Standard Closet

    Custom closet unit

    Rachel Rosenthal

    Just because you don't have a walk-in closet doesn't mean you can't benefit from a gorgeous custom closet organizing system. This wall closet from Rachel Rosenthal is proof that even a standard reach-in closet can get an instant upgrade from a top-notch organization solution. Here, custom drawers and shelves maximize your closet space to add so much extra room, and a double rail system provides two levels of hanging storage.


    Is it cheaper to build your own closet? That depends. The most expensive option is hiring a closet design company to design and build a system. If you have a strict budget, you'll find inexpensive components to organize your closet or customizable closet kits for different DIY skill levels starting around $100 and up to pricier versions.

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    Consider Your Utility Room

    Laundry room custom closet

    Maison Haven

    A custom closet isn't just for your clothes. This Maison Haven mud room design proves that getting your pantry or utility room professionally organized is definitely worth it. How many times have you opened your broom closet and sifted through piles of cleaning supplies before you found what you need? Make the most of your extra closet space with labeled bins and baskets.

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    Create a Place for Accessories

    Closet with custom unit

    The Tailored Life

    Make your closet more functional with this stunning closet from The Tailored Life. featuring a vanity and drawers that are perfect for stashing all of your accessories, jewelry, and makeup. A mounted mirror provides a place to match earrings to that dress, and extra shelving space offers a perch for all of your delicate jewelry.

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    Makeover Your Nursery

    Custom nursery closet

    Maison Haven

    Your bedroom closet isn't the only place that could use an overhaul. This adorable nursery closet from Maison Haven proves that with a few baskets and built-in shelving units, you can customize a closet with storage space in a kid's room. While a nursery closet system likely won't be as robust or intricate as an adult's closet, it can be a great way to keep track of everything your child owns (and when it's time to get rid of those items that no longer fit).

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    Re-do Your Craft Room Closet

    Craft room closet

    Maison Haven

    If you have a habit of tossing board games and puzzles into the nearest cubby or closet, this Maison Haven system is for you. Though simple, this custom closet is perfect for a hall closet or a spare bedroom. The additional shelves provide endless storage space for crafts, games, and more, and the labeled bins make it easy to toss toys into when they're not in use.

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    Use Baskets

    Organized closet with baskets

    Good Order DC

    An easy way to add extra storage and keep your closet space tidy is by adding baskets, as seen in this closet from Good Order DC. Baskets are perfect for random articles that don't have another home (think: winter gloves, sports gear, and more) and are cute enough to keep out in plain sight.

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    Add Lighting

    Closet with overhead lighting fixture

    Hayley Gonzales

    Don't underestimate the value of a wonderful light fixture. Even in a small walk-in closet, a hanging light fixture like this one from Hayley Gonzales can elevate your space and give it that custom look and feel. This is one of the easiest ways to create a luxury closet without a lot of money.

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    Don't Forget the Drawers

    Standing wardrobe

    Meghan Gallagher

    If you have a custom closet as awesome as this one from Meghan Gallagher, you won't even need a dresser. This piece features not only a lot of hanging storage space, but also offers pullout drawers for all of your folded clothes.

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    Add a Table

    Closet with a table

    Hina Cheema MD

    If you have the space, adding a table to the center of your closet (as seen in this one from Hina Cheema MD) can be a great way to add a landing for folding clothes. A side chair is also a great alternative to add a touch of space for organizing.