The 11 Cutest Bathroom Accessories to Get Your Hands On

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Rattan hamper in cute wallpapered bathroom.

Product: NEAT Method / Image Treatment: The Spruce

Before crawling under the covers and after reluctantly ripping them off in the morning, you start and end your days in your bathroom, often blurry-eyed and brushing your teeth. It’s a small space, but an ultra-important one. While there isn't much you can do with the nuts and bolts of a bathroom’s design—like the layout and amount of natural light—without a renovation, there are plenty of small, relatively inexpensive decor pieces you can add to your online shopping carts today.  

Here are 11 cute, chic bathroom accessories that will provide your sweet little space with color, organization, and serious fun. 

Open Spaces Storage Gems

Open Spaces Storage Gems

Open Spaces

Your cotton swabs will have never looked better than when displayed in one of Open Spaces’s oh-so-delightful storage cubes. The colorful acrylic gems are deceptively brilliant. They’re designed to be stackable, saving you precious vanity space all the while keeping your essentials organized and within arm’s reach.

Key Feature

The lids are designed with a slight dip, so you can also keep your jewelry safe while you’re washing your hands or scrubbing the sink.

Ruggable Malta Multicolor Bath Mat

Ruggable Washable Bath Mat


Goodbye, boring bath mat. Ruggable’s new line of washable bath mats adds a dose of much-needed color and pattern to any bathroom, all while outshining any of your old bath mats with their seriously smart functionality too. They’re absorbent yet dry super quick, so they’ll never develop any questionable moldy, mildew-y smells, and the non-slip pad both keeps it in place and provides a cushy spot to stand. 

Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

Hedgehog Aloe


Plants are a must for any bathroom, but not every one of our little green friends can thrive in such a humid environment. You don’t need to be an overattentive plant parent to keep the spiky succulent hedgehog aloe alive in your bathroom, though. If anything, give it less TLC than your first instinct may be—then it’ll provide you with color, texture, and oxygen with nearly no effort on your part.


Hedgehog aloes prefer bright light, so this one is best for bathrooms with plenty of natural sunlight.

World Market Cotton Macrame Basket Plant Hanger

World Market Cotton Macrame Basket Plant Hanger

World Market

We’ve already established that plants are a must-have in any bathroom, but if you’re lacking shelf space to house one, look up. Take advantage of vertical space by placing a planter in a macrame hanger, adding a vintage boho-style vibe to your space.

Schoolhouse ​ Woven Plaid Shower Curtain

Schoolhouse ​​Woven Plaid Shower Curtain


The fastest way to brighten your bathroom is with a playful shower curtain, like this punchy plaid design. The familiar pattern paired with the slightly unexpected hues makes for a lively addition to any bathroom. It’ll last for years (and years) too since it’s made in Portugal with high-quality cotton.

HAY Shade Bin

HAY Shade Bin


The best decor items are equally fun and functional, like this garbage can—proof that even trash can look cool. This geometric bin is fully utilitarian, since it’s made out of durable and easily washable polypropylene, and includes a matching lid, which keeps all of your tossed tissues mostly out of sight. Now comes the hard part: narrowing down which of the seven color options is your favorite (we vote for blush).

NEAT Method Rattan Hamper with Liner

NEAT Method Rattan Hamper

NEAT Method

Even dirty towels deserve an elegant home, like this rattan hamper. It’s lined, so you never have to worry about the rattan snagging your washcloths, and the lid keeps your bathroom looking tidy too. While this hamper holds plenty, at 16 inches in diameter and 20 inches high, it doesn’t take up a remarkable amount of floor space either. Win/win.  

Uncommon Goods Zig Zag Soap Dish

Uncommon Goods Zig Zag Soap Dish

Uncommon Goods

We’ve all been there, witnessing a beautiful bar of artisanal soap degrade to a pile of muck after it sits in a puddle of water. But no more—this hand-made zig-zag design allows soap to dry quickly all while keeping your vanity looking clean and stylish.

Brooke & Lou Scalloped Toothbrush Holder

Brooke & Lou Scalloped Toothbrush Holder

Brook & Lou

Every little design detail counts in a bathroom, even a toothbrush holder. Why would you settle for a dull, forgettable home for your toothbrush when you could opt for this elegant porcelain one instead? The scalloped scale pattern gives a subtle nod to the aquatic theme of a bathroom without being too obvious.

ONSEN Hand Towel

Onsen Hand Towel


We ask for a lot from our hand towels. They need to provide a plush feel, be equally as absorbent as they are quick-drying, stand up to repeated washings, and ideally provide a pop of color and texture to your bathroom’s design. This Onsen hand towel, with its waffle weave and lush hues (forest and ochre are our favorites), checks all of those boxes. May you never reach for a wet, musty towel again.

Uncommon Goods Swivel Bath Tray

Uncommon Goods Swivel Bath Tray

Uncommon Goods

After a long, hard day of Zoom meetings, the best antidote is a relaxing soak in a tub. With this bamboo swivel tray, you can keep all of your essentials—a book, glass of wine, a candle—within easy reach without fear of accidentally taking your paperback for a swim. It suctions to the inside or outside of any porcelain tub, and since it swivels, you can easily move it out of the way as needed too.

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