13 DIY Hammock Ideas

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Summertime means long days, warm weather, and plenty of time to enjoy life. What better way to spend that time than reading a good book and sipping a cold beverage in a hammock? Hammocks are a great accent piece for any backyard, and they’re functional—a win-win! 

Basic hammocks are relatively simple. Essentially, two points anchor two ends of a long piece of fabric, offering a flat surface for you to lay on. Hammocks are ultra relaxing because of the zero-gravity effect they offer that can take your stress away in an instant. Grab your book, a cold glass of lemonade, and browse this list of great DIY hammock ideas. You’ll be relaxing in no time!

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    Cozy Hammock DIY

    Hammock hanging from trees in woods.

    The Merrythought

    These bloggers know the value of a good hammock. With this guide, you can make your very own DIY cozy hammock in a matter of hours. This one is lightweight, too, so you can roll it up and bring it everywhere with you. Lounging in a hammock on a warm summer afternoon in the park sounds perfect to us.

    DIY Hammock from The Merrythought

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    Quick DIY Hammock

    A blue hammock chair hanging outside.

    A Crafty Mix

    If you’re looking for a fast and budget-friendly DIY hammock, follow this tutorial. You’ll use a sewing machine, scissors, and a drill to transform some rope and a throw blanket into an adorable hammock that will look amazing in your backyard.

    Make A Hammock In An Afternoon - Easy DIY from A Crafty Mix

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    DIY Hammock Chair

    Cute indoor hammock chair.

    A Beautiful Mess

    Bring the comfort of a hammock indoors with this adorable DIY hammock chair. They’re perfect for little ones who would enjoy their own personal quiet space to relax before bedtime. Adults can use these hammock chairs, too—just make sure your supplies are strong enough to hold your weight.

    Hammock Chair DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    Hammock Stand DIY

    Wood post with plants and a hammock behind it.

    See Girls Blog

    For just $40, you can DIY your very own hammock stand. This stand is so beautiful that it will instantly become an important, permanent feature in your backyard. This tutorial won’t show you how to make the hammock itself, though, so be sure to follow another guide to make your own or purchase one if needed.

    Hammocking Is All The Rage from See Girls Blog

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    DIY Backyard Hammock

    Blue striped hammock with pillows.

    Miss Lovie

    Perhaps the easiest (and cheapest) relaxing getaway involves a hammock set up in your own backyard. You can escape from reality and forget all your worries in just a few steps. Use soothing colors to up the relaxation factor.

    Easy DIY Backyard Hammock from Miss Lovie

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    DIY Hammock Pad

    Colorful hammock spread wide.

    Happy Strong Home

    If you already have a hammock, but it’s not as comfortable as it should be, make a hammock pad. Use this easy-to-follow DIY hammock pad tutorial to guide you through the process.

    DIY Hammock Pad For Rope Hammocks from Happy Strong Home

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    DIY Hammock Stand

    Cozy white macrame hammock with throw pillows.

    Place Of My Taste

    This project is easy and under $100 in all, so it’s great for beginners on a budget. If you’re not comfortable using power tools to cut wood, grab a partner who is.

    DIY Hammock Stand from Place Of My Taste

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    Simple Soothing Hammock

    A white hammock on a deck in front of bushes.

    Bonnie Christine

    Sturdy and simple, this hammock is perfect for lounging in with a good book and a cold drink on a warm day. Browse the fabric store and pick out your favorite pattern. Then, spend a weekend building this beauty.

    My DIY Hammock from Bonnie Christine

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    Outdoor Hammock Chair DIY

    A child swinging in a striped outdoor hammock chair.

    Life Sew Savory

    Once you make your kids their very own outdoor hammock chair, they will never get out. Hang it from a tree to keep it shady or build your own support if needed. Either way, you’ll create a wonderfully cozy spot for the kiddos in your life.

    DIY Hammock Chair from Life Sew Savory

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    DIY Hammock Chill Spot

    Two girls relaxing on white hammocks in the woods.

    The Sorry Girls

    If you’re a visual learner, you will appreciate the instructional video that comes with this detailed tutorial that shows you how to make your very own durable and adorable DIY hammock. It will even guide you through the process of making and adding a cute macrame decoration that will give your hammock with a unique look.

    DIY Your Own Hammock from The Sorry Girls

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    DIY Hanging Hammock

    A hammock with blankets hanging from trees in the backyard.

    The Design Twins

    You can make your backyard feel cozier and more like home by DIYing a comfy hammock. After a long day of work, this lounge area will be calling your name. All that’s left to do is to grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and enjoy relaxing in nature. This blog will go through everything you need to do to give your yard a proper lounge area while staying on budget.

    How to Hang a Hammock | Easy Weekend DIY from The Design Twins

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    Boho Hammock DIY

    A girl sitting on a macrame hammock near a creek.

    Camille Styles

    Hurry up and make this cute boho hammock before summer passes you by. Hang it from a few trees in your backyard and leave it up all season long so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature each and every day.

    Transformed:: Lazy Day Hammock from Camille Styles

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    Easy DIY Hammock Stand

    A wooden hammock stand outside on the grass.

    Anika's DIY Life

    Hammocks hang from two points on either end and are usually held up by sturdy trees that are the perfect distance apart. But if you don’t have trees in your yard, you can always build your own free-standing hammock stand to hang your hammock from.

    Easy DIY Hammock Stand from Anika's DIY Life