7 Must-Have Bathroom Essentials Curated by Chillhouse Founder Cyndi Ramirez

Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Chillhouse, sitting on a peach-colored couch

Oscar Ramos 

When it comes to decorating your home, your ideas for the main living spaces—the bedroom, living room, and kitchen—have probably come together seamlessly. You most likely already have a list of where you’re purchasing dinnerware sets and a bar cart, and where you’re going to place those terra cotta planters.

But what about the bathroom? While not as exciting as decorating a place like your bedroom, there’s so much you can do in this oft-overlooked space. Your bathroom can be one of the most serene, tranquil places in your home—and it is well-worth investing in. It’s where you spend a large chunk of time: your morning and nightly rituals most likely take place here. And when you’re in need of an evening of de-stressing, your bathroom tends to have all the necessary requirements to make that happen (hello scented candles and sheet masks). Really, your bathroom is so much more than a place to hang your towel.

In search of some tips for nailing an aesthetic and making a place look effortlessly cool, we turned to Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez. Chillhouse, the cafe-spa-retailer triple whammy, with its massages, CBD lattes, and manicures, is the very embodiment of R&R, so it’s clear Ramirez knows how to make a soothing space. We spoke with her to tips to make our own bathrooms feel like an in-home retreat, and she offered a variety of dreamy products that will help make that happen.

A Bath Mat That Feels Like a Cloud

A bath mat can double as a statement piece and a comfortable accent. It’s also one of the few things you can change up frequently without having to spend too much money. Ramirez says, “Nothing warms up your bathroom quite like a cozy bath mat, and I'm obsessed with this style from Cold Picnic.”

Cold Picnic Death Canyon Bath Mat, $60, Need Supply Co.

A Sleek Mirror That Does the Heavy Lifting

You most likely get a glimpse of, if not a gaze at, your reflection each time you enter your bathroom. So you might as well make that centerpiece worth staring into while checking off all your morning and evening to-dos. “My sacred nightly beauty routine occurs in the bathroom, so it’s important to have the right lighting in order to see my skin and the products I’m using. I'm a sucker for LED lighting lately and this mirror has a cool, clean vibe while giving off just the right amount of light before bed,” she says.

Miseno Frameless Wall Mirror
, $455, Build.com

A Refreshing Green Friend or Two

Take your inner botanist to the bathroom to purify the air and give it Mother Nature’s touch. “Plants shouldn't be limited to your bedroom and living room! Keep the lush vibes alive in your bathroom, too,” she says. “I love The Sill for modern plants of all sizes.”

Monstera Dolores Planter
, $62, The Sill

A Top-Notch Tub for At-Home Spa Days

While you probably shower daily, a soak in the tub is a small luxury we often forget to take advantage of. Ramirez says, “I take bath time very seriously—savoring the opportunity to be more mindful and relaxed about my wellness routine. It’s important for my bathtub to be functional, with plenty of ledge space to display my products (bath time equals mask time).”

Kohler Soaking Tub in White
, $771, Build.com

A Gorgeous Trash Can

Your trash receptacle doesn’t have to be the classic, brushed metal cylinder or plastic bin. “Trash can be chic, too! I love this ribbed glass trash basket because it adds a touch of sophistication in the most unassuming of places,” she says.

Ribbed Glass Wastebasket
, $60, CB2

A Color Palette to Calm You

Color can most certainly affect your mood. And when you’re looking to unwind, it’s important to choose a shade that will help you do just that. “Your bathroom oasis should be relaxing, stylish, and most importantly comfortable. A relaxing sand hue tackles all of that while providing a soothing pop of color,” Ramirez says.

Wilmington Tan Paint
, $33, Home Depot

A Sink King Midas Would Approve Of

A bathroom fit for a queen (or king) doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive. All it takes is a couple of statement pieces to elevate your private space. “It's amazing how a little bit of attention in your hardware and metals can go a long way. I love the idea of dressing up a chic but modern sink with an option like this,” says Ramirez. “Golds can really pop against lush greenery and airy colors and surfaces, and this one is simple, yet elevated.”

Kohler Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Gold
, $598, Build.com