4 Daily Cleaning Chores List

What You Need To Clean Each Day

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While these four chores won't make your house perfectly clean all the time, they will make a huge difference. Taking just a few minutes a day to accomplish these four simple things will take care of most of the cleaning you need on a daily basis. Be sure to customize based on your family. If you have a small family who mostly eats out, dishes on a daily basis may not be a priority. Modify your daily chores to reflect the needs of your family. Use the following as a guide.

1. Clean Dishes

Why Clean Dishes Daily

Maybe you've never seen what happens to a sink full of dishes left to sit, but it isn't pretty. Smells, stains, and odd fungal growth usually go with forgotten dirty dishes. Cleaning dishes daily is the best choice all around. If you can't manage to actually wash the dishes, at least make a rule that dishes will be scraped, rinsed, and stacked on a daily basis. This will prevent mold and insects from invading your home.

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2. Wash Laundry

Why Wash Laundry Daily

Not every family needs to wash laundry daily, but many of us find that at least a daily load of laundry is necessary. With work clothes, school uniforms, soccer practice clothes, and sports uniforms, our families can generate a lot of dirty clothes. A daily load can help prevent a mad dash to find a baseball jersey in the bottom of a hamper. If you have a really large family you may need to up your number of loads a day. Luckily, laundry is something that even school-aged kids can do with minimal supervision once they are trained.

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3. Tidy Up

Why Tidy Up Daily

Doing a little clutter control on a daily basis keeps your home ready for company at a moment's notice. A few minutes of picking up each day also prevent your home from turning into a disaster zone that will take hours to plow through. A tidy room makes a big difference in our motivation to tackle bigger projects. Use the 15 Minute Cleanups as a daily help to keep your main rooms ready for visitors. Try instituting a quick-pick-up session before bed. Make it more fun by trying to beat your best times or racing against other family members.

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4. File Papers

Why File Papers Daily

If you don't file daily, you risk piles of papers on every surface in your home. Between junk mail, letter offers, school papers, and receipts, paper can overtake our homes before we even realize it. It only takes a few minutes each day to prevent a major pileup. If possible set up a mail center with a shredder, trash can, and mailing supplies. Check the mail once a day and deal with each item as you open it. Shred it, trash it, respond, or file depending on where the paper needs to go.

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With these few chores completed on a daily basis, your home will be ready for company at any time. You'll also limit your need to deep clean and keep your home clutter free and sanitary. While it might not seem that you've done much each day, you'll have accomplished the necessary chores to keep your home running more smoothly. Once you've tackled your daily chores, brush up on what to do weekly, monthly, and seasonally.