Dance Steps for Father-Daughter Wedding Dances

Father and daughter wedding dance
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The father-daughter wedding dance is one of the great wedding traditions. There are amazing and meaningful dance songs, but you and your daughter might need some help dancing the steps so you look elegant and well prepared. These resources will help you be ready for the big dance.

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    How to Dance the Waltz

    Waltz dance
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    Whether at a daughter's coming out party or at her wedding, there will be opportunities for fathers and daughters to dance together in formal and informal settings. If you need to learn the waltz for such an event, this step-by-step process will help you master the basic step and not be embarrassed as a dancing dad.

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    How to Dance the Quickstep

    Dancing With Your Partner Can Be Fun

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    When a dad without a lot of dancing experience needs to dance the quickstep for a wedding, debutante ball, or another event, this quick tutorial will help him learn the basic step and not embarrass himself in the process.

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    How to Dance the Fox Trot

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    While some fathers are able dancers, many are not. And having to dance with your wife, partner, or daughter at an important event can seem overwhelming. After all, men hate to be embarrassed. These simple instructions for the basic fox trot step, when practiced, can help ease that anxiety and help a father learn how to be ready for dance events.

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    All About the Tango

    Tango dancers
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    A bit more sultry than the other dances on this list, the tango will be helpful to any dad and daughter needing to know more about the tango.

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    What Is Swing?

    Swing dancers
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    Swing dance is a lively style of social dancing in which a dancer often lifts, spins, and flips his or her partner. Considered both hip and cool, swing dancing is a favorite among social dancers of all ages.