11 Dark Academia Bedroom Ideas You'll Want To Copy

Moody Bedroom

Ayesha Usman Design

If you’ve been on top of style trends lately, you’ve likely heard of Dark Academia. It’s a subculture that’s been all over TikTok and the internet at large, coveted for its moody aesthetic inspired by gothic architecture, libraries, tweed outfits, and preppy nostalgia.

The idea has influenced lots of fashion looks — and has even found its way into interiors more recently. Think: dark swaths of paint, antique decor, and literary accents. The result is unique, mysterious spaces that look like they’re out of a storybook. Craving some inspiration yourself? Check out these 11 Dark Academia bedrooms for style tips and tricks.

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    Balance With Warm Tones

    Moody Bedroom

    @zephs_house / Instagram

    The first step in creating a Dark Academia bedroom is to (as the name says) really go dark. This bedroom is coated in matte charcoal-hued paint for an easy base to play off of, matched with a dark rug and side table. Though, the black is cleverly balanced out with warm and metallic touches — as seen in the spice-toned bedding and gold sun artwork above the nightstand. This statement piece, along with drippy candles, helps create that whimsical feel associated with Dark Academia.

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    Incorporate Vintage Touches

    Dark Academia Bedroom

    @mycosy_littlecorner / Instagram

    Vintage items help evoke the nostalgia of Dark Academia, as it has that slight wear and lived-in feel of decades past. This bedroom deviates ever so slightly from a full black treatment, instead painted in a deep green. A wooden headboard creates depth and textural contrast. A complementary nightstand, along with other earth-toned accents, keeps things cohesive while still creating a mysterious vibe.

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    Opt For Grandeur

    Dark Academia Bedroom

    @oleg_klodt_design / Instagram

    Another key element of Dark Academia is its grandeur — you want to create an almost picturesque scene. This bedroom by Oleg Klodt Design, for example, fits the bill with lofty ceilings and luxurious materials like velvet. Rather than painting, the studio opted for a moody two-toned wallpaper for visual movement. And, of course, don't forget the Academia in Dark Academia: the bedroom is complete with built-in shelving to put copious books on display.

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    Create A Sense Of Fantasy

    Moody Bedroom

    Design by Ayesha Usman / Photo by Sumaira Amber

    Designer Ayesha Usman created a fantasy-like escape in her daughter's bedroom, using a Harry Potter theme as inspiration. After all, what gets more Dark Academia than Hogwarts? Elements of gothic architecture, seen in the ornate headboard along with a dark yet whimsy wallpaper treatment, totally capture the school's magical essence. Don't forget some soft, glowy lighting to top off the ambience.

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    Introduce Woven Elements

    Black and Orange bedroom

    @my_1755_story / Instagram

    Tweed, a rough woven woolen fabric, is a staple of Dark Academia fashion that can easily be applied to interiors. For instance, in this bedroom, lots of woven elements which replicate the look are layered over each other — seen in the rug, blankets, and pillows. It's all set against a black bed frame and walls, staying true to the darkness, while contrasted with pops of white in the bedding and drapes for relief.

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    Use Opulent Fabrics

    Moody bedroom

    @helena_specht_ / Instagram

    Opulent fabrics with high sheen — like silk and velvet — are a sure way to create a mysterious vibe with dark tones. This bedroom goes all out, applying luxuriously soft fabrics to the blankets and pillows. Dramatic sconces decorate each side of the bed, along with elaborate inky-black artwork and wallpaper for extra flair. Don't miss the satiny sheet in green underneath — an underrated moody tone that always works well with black.

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    Apply A Modern Touch

    Black bedroom

    @brookesandersdesign / Instagram

    Perhaps you want some Dark Academia inspiration, but don't want to go all out. Then, you might want to take notes from Brooke Sanders Design. The studio incorporated Dark Academia's color scheme and married it with modern accents for a fresh look. For instance, a woven rug and obsidian walls stick to the theme. Meanwhile, a contemporary clean-lined bed frame and sleek sconce embed it in the present.

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    Go Monochrome

    Moody bedroom

    Matri by Fennobed / Photo by Riikka Kantinkoski

    A monochrome look always makes a statement. This bedroom layers various tones of grey for a shadowy, soothing palette. Organic touches mix with manmade, like clay artwork sitting atop a metal nightstand, for added visual interest. Note the plaid runner across the bed — that classic pattern offers an instantly schoolboy, academic look.

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    Get Cozy

    Moody Bedroom

    @oliveandmax / Instagram

    Dark Academia spaces benefit from feeling cozy — after all, the subculture evokes images of reading by flickering fireplaces, snuggled in a dark corner. This bedroom has all the hygge elements of a cozy space — complete with charcoal-dipped wood paneling, gingham pillow covers, and carpeted floors. Pops of browns and neutrals break through the darkness while still allowing for warmth to come through.

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    Add Eerie Lighting

    Spooky Bedroom

    @afterlifecrypt / Instagram

    There's definitely some spookiness associated with Dark Academia, too. It draws from goth aesthetics and architecture, attaching a certain mystery to the trend. This space fully harnesses the spookiness, utilizing white fluorescent lights against dark decor to cast eerie shadows. Plus, a work study in the bedroom always helps bring the academic part of Dark Academia to the forefront.

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    Elevate Natural Materials

    Moody bedroom

    Design by Suzy Evans / Sarah Linden Photography

    Old-school touches — like a worn inscribed chest at the foot of the bed and carved wooden frames — make this bedroom feel like a time capsule. With a statement stone wall contrasted against exposed beam ceilings, the space has an extravagant yet earthy feel. A sculptural ebony bed frame adds to the Dark Academia maximalism, while various brown accents bring in some welcome warmth.