15 Dark Trim Paint Color Schemes That Work Perfectly

wood trim with white paint

Kathryn MacDonald for Leslie Price

If you live in a home with wood trim, you may have run into the issue of wondering just what paint color to select to allow the black walnut, wenge, or charred timber that's in your space to shine. The good news is that there are many shades to choose from, whether you wish to go dark and dramatic or opt for a hue that's light and bright. We're sharing 15 wonderful paint color options below, all of which look gorgeous alongside wood trim.

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    Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    offwhite living room


    This neutral tone—which was actually named Sherwin Williams' color of the year back in 2016—adds a cozy feel to this light-filled living space. Black, white, and gray accents pair with it perfectly.

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    Benjamin Moore Blue Note

    blue walls in dining room


    A deep blue adds a sophisticated touch to this dining room and plays to its vintage touches. Shades of green and navy complement the wall color perfectly.

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    Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray

    gray wainscoting


    If you're in the mood for a two-toned look, try painting just the wainscoting and keeping the rest of your walls white. A neutral hue is always a good pick—this gray adds intrigue to the wall while still looking nice and classic.

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    Farrow and Ball Blue Ground

    light turquoise


    There's something that's just so calming about a light turquoise blue. While we often associate the color with beachfront homes, you don't have to live near the ocean in order to enjoy it.

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    Clare Wing It

    light pink paint


    Peachy-pink isn't just for the nursery. Here, this sweet hue provides a welcome contrast to the handsome built-ins while playing off the paisley wallpaper. There's no need to go ultra-feminine in terms of furnishings just because the wall color is pink, though. As we see in this space, leather seating in both traditional and green finishes looks right at home.

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    Benjamin Moore Normandy

    blue walls and wood trim


    A sky blue is bound to make any room feel more cheerful. This shade pairs nicely with modern accent seating and furnishings. For even more of a pop, consider painting the ceiling—doing so adds major wow factor to this space.

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    Farrow and Ball Pitch Black

    wood trim and black accent wall


    A black accent wall adds a moody touch to this primary bedroom. Sleep spaces don't need to be all-white to be nice and cozy. If you feel like experimenting with a darker shade, an accent wall is an excellent place to begin and can provide the best of both worlds.

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    Benjamin Moore Peale Green

    green walls and wood trim


    The color green always looks nice and fresh and is a wonderful way to bring touches of nature into the home. This green adds a touch of British-inspired elegance to a storied looking space.

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    PPG Subtle Blue

    light blue two-toned


    This space also opted for a two-toned look, and while simple white paint adorns the top half of the room, a light, barely-there blue adds some subtle color to the bottom half. Blue is an excellent paint color to consider, given that there are so many different shades to choose from, whether you're aiming to design a room that's bright and bold or seeking something soothing and subdued.

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    Farrow and Ball Downpipe

    gray blue paint


    This deep blue is similar to the Benjamin Moore hue we featured earlier, but it has more of a gray tone to it. Either way, it looks equally lovely paired with wood furnishings.

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    Clare Seize the Gray

    light gray paint


    A soft gray looks ultra charming in this farmhouse inspired, shabby chic-style space. It supports the room's simple design while allowing the white accents to stand out and command attention.

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    Benjamin Moore Silver Gray

    light blue gray paint


    Who says you can't combine blue with orange? A lighter gray-blue paint color shines in this fun, funky living room. A little bit of contrast never hurt anyone!

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    Behr King Salmon

    salmon pink walls


    Speaking of contrast, don't be afraid to mix and match paint colors that may not generally be placed together if the hues make you happy. Here, a salmon pink looks stunning in the same frame as a deeper blue.

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    Benjamin Moore White Dove

    white walls and wood trim

    Kathryn MacDonald for Leslie Price

    White is a classic paint color for a reason. If you're feeling the urge to go traditional, there's nothing wrong in doing just that. Carrie Leskowitz, a designer and the author of Om for the Home, also approves of the look. "I find light walls always work well, anything from whites to soft beiges and taupes to pale grays," she shares. "They complement the warmth of the dark wood, and the stark contrast helps establish a modernity."

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    Sherwin Williams Lily

    wood trim with yellow paint

    Lacy Hughes

    Why not say hello to sunny yellow? Designer Lacy Hughes, the professional behind the above space, couldn't be a bigger fan of the shade. "This will not only make the room feel more open and bright, but will help the wall colors to stand out against the trim," she comments.