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Gourmet Meat, Foie Gras, Organic Produce

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D'Artagnan is the foremost purveyor of Foie gras in the world, catering to high-end restaurants and gourmands. Founder Adriane Daguin has long been a champion for the humane treatment of ducks and geese in the production of Foie gras, and D'Artagnan guarantees that their sources are organic or natural and sustainable.

The beautifully designed website is user-friendly with many photos of each product, most with accompanying recipes.

There's no doubt that D'Artagnan's products are superb, but they are also exceedingly expensive. If you want to sample some of the finest meats, poultry or Foie gras, be prepared to pay for it at D'Artagnan.

The Best Fois Gras

D'Artagnan prides itself on delivering the world's finest natural and organic meats to top chefs and gourmands, and their selection is undeniably impressive. D'Artagnan originally focused on providing top quality product to restaurants and expanded to high-end consumers through their website. Like other online purveyors, D'Artagnan sells organic beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. However, D'Artagnan's fois gras is without a doubt the finest you'll find in the United States.

Daguin argues that inhumanely raised ducks and geese result in an inferior product. D'Artagnan's fois gras comes from ducks raised in the Hudson Valley, and one look at their offerings certainly bolsters Daguin's argument that her ducks are lovingly raised.

D'Artagnan offers both processed and unprocessed fois gras and fois gras products, like terrines, mousse, and "French Kisses" (prunes stuffed with fois gras mousse). Their Ultimate Wagyu Burger Recipe Kit ($46.99) includes slices of fois gras and black truffle butter with two Wagyu patties.

Poultry and Game Birds

Since I last reviewed their website, D'Artagnan has significantly added to their menu of organic poultry.

They're famous for their duck, and indeed, they have a wide variety of cuts, including charcuterie. D'Artagnan's organic and free-range chickens are indisputably the best I've ever seen on a website. They also make a variety of chicken sausage.

In addition to the fine poultry, D'Artagnan offers a good selection of game birds, including squab, quail, guinea hen and Scottish partridge, grouse and wood pigeon -- very rare for a U.S.-based business!

Organic Meats and Wild Game

In the past couple of years, D'Artagnan has also expanded its selection of grass-fed, pasture-fed and Wagyu beef with every cut you might want to cook. Berkshire pork is from heritage-stock pigs, and their lamb is Australian. They've included bison and buffalo on the menu, although their cuts are rather meager.

Humanely raised local rabbits, venison, and wild boar make up the wild game category, and although the selection isn't extensive, it's fairly representative of the cuts that are most often requested.


Pricing is the stumbling block for my whole-heartedly recommending D'Artagnan. Overall, they charge at least 25 percent more than other online purveyors of meat, poultry, and game. At one time, D'Artagnan was one of the only distributors of such excellent products.

But now much smaller — and less famous — companies are competing with equally superior meats at better prices.

Many online purveyors try to tempt first-time or skittish buyers with well-priced or discounted sampler packs, which usually offer a selection of familiar meats, like bison or wild boar, with less familiar or more gamy meats. This is a good way to introduce people to both the taste, quality of the product, and the company. D'Artagnan's clientele, however, is obviously well-heeled and expense isn't a problem, as long as what they're purchasing is the best quality.

The samplers and, most egregiously, gift baskets offered by D'Artagnan are no bargain. Packages are marketed as "kits," for example, the Cassoulet Recipe Kit, which assembles the ingredients (duck confit, duck fat), including the beans and bowl, for a whopping $196.99.

  When I first reviewed this website, a 5-ounce duck leg confit cost $8.99. Today, D'Artagnan is selling the same product for $11.99, and that's with a 15% discount for game day. ($13.00 per leg normally.)

Shipping and handling are not included. The D'Artagnan samplers and kits might be great for an unusual holiday or birthday gift, but for any other time of year, they're a bit of a rip-off.

Overall Assessment

Without a doubt, D'Artagnan stands above most fine foods and specialty meat purveyors. The four-star- restaurant quality of their products is undeniable. D'Artagnan is also one of the most expensive purveyors, and you will pay premium prices for their premium product.

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