David Beaudrie

David Beaudrie is a former private security specialist with home and business security consulting experience.


  • Consults in home security and auto security
  • Licensed private security specialist
  • Performs security services in California
  • Contributed home and auto security content to The Spruce for almost three years


David Beaudrie is a former writer for The Spruce, where he wrote on home and auto security for almost three years.

Beaudrie was first licensed for private security work in 2002. Since then, he assisted in a sting operation that broke up a car stereo theft ring, worked with the U.S. Marshals on surveillance, and worked extensively with the LAPD. Beaudrie also assisted in security preparation activities for events including the Academy Awards.

Beaudrie is licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento to work as a private security contractor in the state of California.


David received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Michigan State University in 2002.

Expertise: Home and auto security
Education: Michigan State University
Title: Consultant

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