David Beaudrie

David Beaudrie is a former private security specialist who remains licensed in the state of California to perform security services. He has years of experience in the field and has consulted on both home and business security situations.


Beaudrie was first licensed for private security work in 2002. Since then, he assisted in a sting operation that broke up a car stereo theft ring, worked with the U.S. Marshals on surveillance to capture a suspected rapist and worked extensively with the LAPD in anti-gang activities. Beaudrie also assisted in security preparations and anti-terrorist activities for events such as the Academy Awards.


Beaudrie graduated as Valedictorian at Michigan State University and is licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento to work as a private security contractor in the state of California.

David Beaudrie

Security is all about seeing potential vulnerabilities before a criminal does and taking care of them before they get exploited. Criminals usually look for the most convenient target they can find so they can get in and out of the area quickly without being seen or captured. My goal is to use personal experience to tell you about how to make your home, car and property as inconvenient a target as possible for thieves and vandals. Not only does this help keep your family and property safer, but it provides greater peace-of-mind as well. I've always found that element of security work very rewarding.

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