DC Super Hero Girls

Move over boys, there are some new girls in the toy aisles. Meet the DC Super Hero Girls. While some might call them the DC Super Hero Girls dolls, please don't. They really are just awesome action figures who happen to be teenage girls!

Not to long ago I started to really wonder why there was little attention to girls and women in the superhero toy aisle. I've always known about Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl, but before DC Super Hero Girls action figures, the toy shelves were...MORE mainly stocked with boy action figures. Who doesn't love the amazing, super powers of Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and all the Star Wars characters, but the girls were outnumbered, by far. 

Once I started really looking, the answer was simple. When superheroes first made their way into the world, it was usually through stories in comic books. Many of those comic book companies were founded in the 1930's, with the stories becoming popular years later, followed by the movies we know and love. During that time in our history, it was accepted that really only men were athletic, elite, strong, amazing, and powerful beings. Many women were thought of as beautiful Barbie dolls, not superheroes. 

Thankfully we have lots of people willing to take a stand for equality and rights. Many have worked hard to voice their opinions, to change old beliefs and create new ideas every day. Many companies are finally figuring out that not all girls want to play dolls or toys that look like a Barbie doll.

Everyone, whether they identify as boys or girls, has something to offer the world. And while maybe there are some girls who wanted to play with girl superheroes, maybe there are some boys who would like to play with female super heroes, too.  

Different than most superheroes, which have made their way into the spotlight through live-action movies, meet the DC Super Hero Girls, Wonder Woman, Katana, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Bumblebee.

The DC Super Hero Girls are now featured in their own story. The teens attend Super Hero High. During their time there, they work hard to use and learn about their special super powers.

The show inspires viewers to feel confident to do anything, be empowered to take chances, put aside any self-doubt, reach inside for "power" and seize the day. As a parent, these are all great values any child can benefit from feeling confident with, no matter what their gender is.

Kids who are interested in the show can watch episodes of DC Super Hero Girls online, or on television through the Boomerang channel, a sister channel of the Cartoon Network. 

Some people might call them the DC Super Hero dolls, but they really are action figures who just happen to be teenage girls. The toys have strong, muscular bodies. Each action figure has multiple points of articulation, which means they can be moved and placed in different poses with their accessories. Every character has an accessory that shows others their unique super powers. 

 Buy the DC Super Hero Girls action figures online through Amazon.com.

  • DC Superhero Girls

    DC Superhero Girls Action Figures

    The DC Super Hero Girls action figures are 12 inches tall. Each action figure is bought separately. The toys were inspired by the classic DC Comics characters and each girl arrives with an accessory that features her special super power. Current figures include Wonder Woman, Katana, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Bumblebee.

  • DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Shield

    DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Role Play

    For kids who are active and like to role play, more than just pretending to be their favorite superhero on Halloween, check out Wonder Woman's shield! 

    Aside from Barbie, DC Super Hero Girls will join Mattel's collection of fashionable action figures and dolls that include  Ever After High and Monster High.

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